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This is the second installment of our viral marketing for nonprofits series in which we apply Jonah Berger’s 6 STEPPS of viral marketing to nonprofits. In his book Contagious, Berger contends that high-arousal emotions drive people to spread the word and take action, while low-arousal emotions do not. Our client Futures Without Violence usually receives between 20 to 50 shares on every post. Instead of sharing content that makes people happy, share content that gets people excited. In the post above, Feeding America shares exciting news about a partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts and Incredible Edible Egg. By posting this image of a fat squirrel on Fat Tuesday, NRDC successfully leveraged humor — a high-arousal emotion — to generate more shares than usual. Michelle is a tech enthusiast with a big passion for sustainability and poverty alleviation.

Here, we explore the five best emotions to leverage in order to get people to spread the word about your nonprofit and take action. If you want people to talk about your organization or share or take action on your social media posts or campaign, it’s important to leverage physiologically high-arousal emotions: awe, excitement, anger, amusement, and humor, instead of low-arousal emotions such as happiness and sadness. Awe, excitement, anger, amusement, and humor fire people up, while happiness and sadness leave people feeling content.
Happiness is a low-arousal emotion whereas excitement is a high-arousal emotion that fires people up. Our client NRDC shared a post about the Pebble Mine that evoked anger, and it drove over 400 people to spread the word. Prior to Media Cause, Michelle worked with several celebrity foundations with tech start-up GlobalMojo, including the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and the Avril Lavigne Foundation.
While feeling content is not a bad feeling, people are simply less driven to talk about something that makes them content.

By sharing a visual with a shocking statistic — 1 out 3 teens know a friend who has been physically abused by a partner — the post generates a sense of awe and increases the likelihood of people spreading the word.
Because excitement is a high arousal emotion, people will take action and share this post, as we can see by high number of shares on this post.
She currently volunteers with Power to the People to bring solar electricity to rural villages in Nicaragua.
By leveraging amusement and sharing a photo of Boo, the world’s cutest dog, the post received over 6,000 shares.
Michelle holds a BS in Marketing Communications from Emerson College and currently resides in the SF Bay Area.

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