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Our catalogue contains an impressive range of visual and presentation products and Advantia members keep up to date on availability through our members’ portal. Next time you make a presentation slides, make sure to make it simple, visual, contrast and consistent. About UsBest Presentation is aiming to give you practical tips on how to create a great presentation. The slides are so beautiful that the point of the presentation is forgotten by the audience. We believe that an effective presentation in business is something that helps you convey your message clearly and effectively. A photo of two pretty executives celebrating success might look relevant to the subject of presentations. The 3 steps in creating a presentation are clearly illustrated without taking the attention away from the message and the presenter.

Here is a ‘beautiful slide’ that talks about the inadequacy of basic healthcare facilities in India. The next time you see a slide with a picture on it, find the hero: Is it the picture or is it the message? If a picture is used to express feelings, find if the picture illustrates the words or captures the feelings. It teaches you our proprietary approach to creating diagrams with examples and exercises meant for business presenters. Written in simple language, you’ll learn how to create amazing presentation in every occasion. We believe everyone can learn how to create a better presentation, deliver a great speech and show amazing visual slides.
Learn the real difference between ‘beautiful slides’ and ‘effective visual slides’ in a business presentation.

Such presentations may get you raving fans on Slideshare and lots of readers on your blogs. When you want your audience to feel your message, it is a good idea to use full bleed images.
However, if the objective is to express feelings, the picture should play the dominant role. That’s why if you can make a good presentation slide with good visual, you don’t need much text.

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