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Small business online advertising can often be difficult for small businesses still getting on their feet. One of the best and most profitable ways for small businesses to advertise online is through pay-per-click marketing (PPC), a branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). WordStream has been featured in USA Today as an aid in helping small businesses use Google AdWords to their greatest advantage. The article reports on the trend of Big search engine platforms (Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc.) whose bottom lines depend on selling ads linked to search results. These search engine platforms pour millions of dollars into initiatives to help small and medium sized advertisers make the leap to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. So what's the "correct" way to use PPC as part of your small business advertising strategy?
Begin with solid keyword research: Keyword research is the core component of effective online marketing and using keywords in advertising. Organize and group your keywords: Keyword grouping allows for more strategic online marketing for both PPC and SEO campaigns. Commit to Advertising Online: To see continuous benefits, you should regularly test, update and improve your small business online marketing campaigns. The best small business online advertisers continuously research and improve their keyword lists.
While small businesses can easily be overwhelmed by the intricacies of how to use Google AdWords, WordStream offers comprehensive online advertising services for small businesses wanting help with PPC online advertising. Learn how WordStream, a leading online advertising company with unique PPC management solutions, can play a role in your search marketing strategy. A small business marketing strategy can help you identify who your customers are, measure your company’s position compared to competitors, and track the performance of your marketing actions.
Which online marketing techniques will help you increase traffic and differentiate your product from competitors? WordStream Advisor’s automated alerts will notify you of areas in which immediate action can be taken to yield better results, and make suggestions on which areas of your account can be improved. Google AdWords is great at providing ways for you to spend money, but the vast array of features and data can be difficult to analyze. Our goal at WordStream is not just to help you attract more paid or organic traffic; we strive to help you generate more quality leads which you can cultivate to transform into sales.
Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. Add your gmail account that has all your safelist emails.  Put username and the password for that account. There are hundreds of ways to advertise your business but today, I am going to focus on How To Advertise Online.
But the secret is to find keywords, people are actively searching for that does not have a large competition for.
You will get a lot more results if people are searching for what you have than trying to spam everyone that does not even care what you have to offer. Also when you blog, your blog post will be on the search results for months and years to come. There are also advertisers that will charge you an arm and a leg to advertise your business and you will still come up empty-handed. The Empower Network Has All The Cutting EDGE tools and training to turn you into an advertising pro in a few weeks! The best way to advertise a photography business online is the way that returns more profits than the money or time invested. Before I set off on this epic adventure to teach grand lessons on advertising, I sought to find out why you’re not already.
1 in 5 Google searches are related to location[2] – great for photographers who are primarily local businesses. As the 10th most visited website in the United States (36th worldwide), Craigslist can’t be ignored. Yelp, as well as Google Places above, is a business listing site offering information about each business from contact information to hours of operation. Google’s AdWords system offers sponsored search results at the top of search results pages, along the right of search results, as well as in hundreds of thousands of websites within the Google Content Network. A wedding photographer might create a behind the scenes video from a shoot at Venue X, then promote that video to people searching for videos about Venue X. A wedding photographer will have a hard time getting someone to book a wedding in a single click. I have virtual offers for my business: a free PDF download for those who Like me on Facebook or a free email class for blog readers. Only subsets of people in these categories are likely to hire you, thus don’t throw away money targeting the outliers.

A banner ad or a link buried among ten of my competitors does not help as much as a personal referral, an article written about me, or an article I have contributed. Small businesses looking for online advertising ideas have numerous options available to them. PPC continues to grow in popularity as an effective online advertising method because it serves as a relatively easy, cost-effective way to get your advertisements in front of a huge pool of potential customers using Google AdWords and other search engine marketing platforms to display your message. Learn about how WordStream's PPC Software and Traffic Express service can revolutionize how you advertise on Google and drive relevant, valuable traffic to your business while saving you time and money. Implementing a few best online advertising practices will ensure that your small business succeeds with PPC.
With the 20-Minute PPC Work Week system, you can discover new opportunities, optimize your account, and adjust your ad spend to align with your paid search goals. WordStream's Ad Software for Google PPC helps you make sense of your AdWords account and control your spend. WordStream can provide you with tailored suggestions for your unique online advertising needs, proving personal attention without the high costs of hiring an online marketing agency. If you're struggling to control costs and realize ROI from pay-per-click marketing, you may need a hand to break through the challenges you'll encounter while creating and implementing your small business advertising plan.
Our team of Google AdWords Certified professionals can guide you and show you the best way to market your small business online. It is really simple to advertise online, you just need to know what you are doing and what are the best methods of online advertising. First off and the best reason is you are going to be blogging about your product or service using keywords.
Some keyword have millions of competing websites fighting for the top search results for that particular keyword terms. The true secret to online advertising is getting your ad in front of the people who are looking for what you have!
Yet still, dozens of my coaching clients dump hundreds of dollars per month into ads without knowing if they work. The number continues to increase with mobile usage where 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent. Create a free local listing under Activities or Services to reach a huge local audience actively looking for people to hire.
Among the many free business listing sites available, these two are the most commonly used and trusted.
By getting very specific in the promoted message and the keywords, you can insure you only pay for targeted exposure with a high payoff. A plan usually starts with a goal in mind – what should the advertising campaign accomplish?
General brand advertising is not suitable for most photography businesses because it attempts to get your brand in front of as many people as possible, then hope to get hired far down the road. A wedding photographer doesn’t want to pay for a website visitor that is 15 years old, lives in another country, searched for low budget weddings, or is already married! A family photographer might use Facebook to target women, aged 25-45, with relationship status as married, within 10 miles of Los Angeles, CA. Every photographer’s first stop should be Google Places, organic SEO, partner promotion, etc.
So when I see a site where I want advertising, I get to know the owner (through Twitter or leaving comments on their blog or forum for a while), then try and work out a trade. By sharing good ideas I’ve been able to be featured on dozens of high powered photography sites without ever paying a single dollar. The best online advertising for one small business may very well be the worst form of online advertising for another.
And with higher click-through rates, you'll earn higher Quality Scores, which lowers your bid price and improves your rankings and visibility! We can teach you PPC, give your account a tune-up, or even take full control of your AdWords campaigns, making sure you get the maximum return on your PPC investment.
Keywords are what people are typing into the search engines to find what they are looking for. I am going to show you an example, If I choose the keyword Advertise Online there will be over 4,590,000 competing websites for that particular keyword.
When you share links to your blog in social media groups with thousands of people you will have instant traffic to your blog. You can not sell something to someone who has no intention of buying or using your product or service.
Despite Google’s $8 billion in profits (2010) I saw a television ad for them yesterday. Maps results dominate the first page of search results and both Google and Bing offer free business listings.

Promoted Video Ads highlight your videos at the top of YouTube search results pages and in suggested videos.
I see the horrible results in Google Analytics where poor photographers paid $100 or even $500 for a listing to produce one or two referring website visits.
That’s why the cologne guy always sprays me at the department store, why grocery stores give free samples, and why car dealerships promote a test drive rather than buy a car. Create an offer for a behind the scenes venue tour, a no-stress planning session, a vendor introduction party, or an album review session over coffee. Next, consider who will take advantage of this offer and how many people do you need to enroll?
Yet I have seen examples of broad-based campaigns where studios pay hundreds of dollars without making these important filters. She might use Google AdWords to target searchers close to Los Angeles with words like best, premium, expensive, or preferred. This can work for print and events too – instead of paying for advertising, get to know the reporter or promoter and give them something they can use.
After I spent 20 min doing keyword research I found the keyword phrase How To Advertise Online that only has 488 competing websites. As you can see at the bottom of my blog there are social media icons I use to share my blog post with. You will never think this video got over 150 thousand people in to empower network in just 18 months!
Google is only one company and one advertising option, but the bottom line is that online advertising can be very successful for many businesses. Positive reviews can affect the position of your photography business within Yelp and Google Places (which aggregates reviews).
A wedding photographer might seek 5 informal meetings (in the hopes to book one bride) whereas a family photographer needs 10 registrations for a mini session to be profitable.
Experiment with various advertising channels and advertisements to optimize the ad and achieve the highest conversion. Even better when your readers like your blog they will also share your post exposing it to their whole network! This blog series teaches photographers how to effectively advertise your business through the Internet with guaranteed profit. Quantity and quality of reviews can quickly establish trust and have an impact on search results. The people searching directories for a vendor are often clueless about what they want and tend to evaluate multiple vendors, wasting much of your time without getting hired.
For example, I might test Facebook Ads with 3 different offers, or 3 different texts to promote the same offer, or different demographic targets. Claim your listing, then increase the amount of feedback left for your business by asking each client to rate you. Regardless of the photography niche, use an offer that is simple for potential clients to reach a conversion. Choose Facebook if a client’s demographic interests are more important than keywords they might search to find you. Solicit ratings slow and steady over time (like after you complete each project) instead of an all-at-once approach that can get your listing removed.
Most photographers agree, if they can just get a potential client on the phone or meet them in person, a sale can be made more easily. That kind of tracking makes it easy to measure if it was worthwhile to invest $1 per new Like, $10 per contact request and $100 per new client.
Wherever you get the best response from that’s where you need to focus more in that area and scale up your advertising. When you enter your email address and join I will send you a welcome email with added team bonuses you can not afford to miss out on! If you earn $1,000 in profit for every new client it may be worth a $500 monthly investment to earn 5 new clients a month. For Google AdWords, pause the keyword campaigns that don’t lead to new clients, and increase bids for those that do. By knowing goals for growth, conversion rate, and cost per conversion you can easily calculate how much to invest and a profitable level.

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