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We can provide a complete sale and installation service for your fixed outdoor LED display anywhere South East Queensland including council approvals. Outdoor LED screens are brighter than indoor screens and are manufactured for weather resistance to meet water, heat and cold proof ratings.
If you are looking for events or temporary digital display solutions, we can supply truck or trailer mounted LED screens and portable LED cabinets for indoor and outdoor applications – available in single or double sided configurations.
Nethix designs and manufactures complete solutions for the remote monitoring and control in many industrial and private sectors. Thanks to the dynamic and versatile structure of the company and a very short time-to-market for the realisation of customized products, Nethix is a very competitive company in the national and international markets. Completa l'assortimento un ampio campionario di accessori e complementi quali alimentatori, espansioni ed antenne, per poter rispondere al meglio a qualsiasi esigenza ed applicazione. 3F are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of fire fighting chemicals and equipment. There is no universal medium for fighting fires and different types of fire demand different responses. 3F are at the forefront of developing technical solutions to combating fires in the most challenging of environments. Water is still an effective method of extinguishing Class A Fires involving paper, wood and textiles. 3F have developed a range of additives that greatly improves the efficiency of water in extinguishing fires.

3F has over 20 years experience in developing fire fighting foams and chemical extinguishers. Always looking for new applications of newer technologies, 3F have also designed innovative solutions for toxic gas containment, oil dispersion, coastline protection, foam breakdown, antifreeze protection, concrete expansion and particles dispersion control.
Engineers and innovators at 3F have developed a fantastic range of fire fighting delivery systems designed to work in the most demanding environments.
As part of our comprehensive range of fire fighting equipment, 3F also stock and sell CDT Triton, Cameleon and Salamandre advanced foam dosing systems.
3F have developed a range of specialised foam and water delivery lances designed for tackling fires in confined spaces such as engine compartments or penetrating hidden fires including peat fires and thatch fires.
With regional offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, 3F work with industrial partners and fire fighting organisations all around the world. The challenges of fighting a domestic house fire are completely different to those for fighting a warehouse blaze. Unfortunately water is not always freely available in the quantities required to safely extinguish large scale fires such as forest fires and heathland fires that may be in areas well away from a natural water source. Other chemical solutions used to tackle forest fires can be more environmentally damaging that the fire itself. We sell more than 30 products including standard foams, AFFF and alcohol resistant solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers designed for combating Class A, B, and F ratings that comply to EN3 standards.

The FAS Mini & the FAS Ultra are portable units that can be fitted to trucks or trailers. Unlike rigid panels, they can be wrapped around curved surfaces in convex or concave configurations (eg.
Similarly, the risks associated with a forest fire are worlds away from those involved in a fire in a petrochemical plant. Fire fighting foams produced by 3F are designed to have a minimal environmental impact making them amongst the greenest fire fighting products available on the market. For this reason, 3F have developed a range of chemical products, fuorosurfactants and foams designed to control and extinguish petrol & oil fires, electrical fires and fires involving flammable gases and metals.
In recent years, 3F have developed hi-ex foams and a new line of ecologically friendly foams.
The FAS Max is a 4x4 vehicle that can be quickly deployed in difficult terrain while the FAS Trakker is an off-road tracked vehicle designed for the most hostile environments.

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