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The end of an era is here, as Blockbuster announced this week that the last of its 300 retail locations will close. According to The Verge, the video chain is exiting the retail market with the shut down of its stores by early January 2014. Blockbuster stores have been closing over the last several years as Netflix ate away at its customer base, first through its DVD by mail program and later with its streaming service. At its height, Blockbuster operated more than 9,000 stores around the world, but in less than a decade, it's retail presence has been effectively wiped out. RIP Blockbuster.
Remember the old days, where you would wander Blockbuster Video, only to find shelves filled with empty boxes. Though the method of procurement has changed drastically, the Redbox app and kiosk offer little in the way of information on the quality of a movie. These apps help fill that informational void of needing reviews, but that’s all they do. Movie rentals have come a long a way, especially if you’re from the generation that wandered the aisles of Blockbuster and rushed a clerk at the sight of a new release. By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. Getting sales tax rates for multiple states is as easy as selecting your states from the grid below and clicking "Continue." And it's free!
It’s a great way to spend 2 hours where you can laugh, cry and find enjoyment outside of our busy lives.
Years later, the shoe was on the other foot, with Blockbuster being replaced by small red kiosks.

Whether it’s through the Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku or some other service, the cost of a rental is significantly more.
You can view the trailer and read the synopsis, but reviews are non-existent through the app. We want our movie night to be awesome, so let’s make the absolute best popcorn, or at least the best that can come from a microwave. Rentals were overpriced and your chances of finding a good movie on a weekend, were slim at best.
The difference being, now you’re armed with the consensus reviews from hundreds of users and movie critics.
With your iPhone, and the tips outlined, you’re guaranteed to find and rent better movies.
I have pulled up to a Redbox and there were 2 or 3 ahead of me and not know what I was going to rent. It offers an extensive number of user reviews that you can read and view the average rating based on a score of 0-5 stars.
It too uses your location and will let you select movies based on one location or browsing all.
For under $5, renting a movie and enjoying some good popcorn is the best value in entertainment, made better thanks to your iPhone. While searching the app, I find a movie and reserved my copy while waiting behind the folks in the line ahead of me. Gas is a negligible cost, since it’s right around the corner from me and gas prices have been on the decline.

If you find user ratings as a valid indicator, the website offers all of the functionality of the app, plus reviews.
With this app, you can narrow your search, finding movies at a specific location with a Rotten Tomatoes score over 85 and an IMDB over 8. Using the location data from your iPhone, it’ll show locations within a 3-4 mile radius. If you were to jump in the car and make your way to that kiosk, there’s a chance someone could swipe it before you arrive. Being our primary source of movies, I’ve gotten very good at getting the best from my Redbox experience. Here are my tips and app suggestions for improving your Redbox movie rental experience using your iPhone. DVDs can be rented for $1.50 a day and Blu-Ray discs are $2, a small price to pay for 1080p. If you’re absolutely opposed to using more than one location, this option is for you.
This can include hundreds of published options and is often thought of as a trusted measurement.
If you’re new to Redbox or a regular renter, there are tips that should prove helpful.

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