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As the esteemed American marketer, Brian Solis, recently pointed out, we are entering an era of ‘Digital Darwinism’.
Gartner research predicts that by 2015, 50% of traffic and orders to retailer websites will be from social media and mobile. I previously managed social media on an in-house basis for “the nation’s favourite retailer”, John Lewis. Perhaps the most important point, though, is that you have to embrace digital and social with open arms.
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I mentioned that, while I agreed with some of the arguments for mechanical calipers, I still liked the little tricks you could do with digital calipers.
Distance Between Hole Centers – If you have two equal diameter holes and you want to measure the center to center distance, you can measure the diameter of the hole, zero the caliper then measure the outside edges of the hole. You can easily figure out a few other clearance values you can do with the other modes of a caliper like the depth pin. I’ve also used it to convert between inches and millimeters, moving it to the desired measurement in one mode, then switching to the other. Its not a good idea to measure the ID of holes with the inside measuring side of a caliper. My calipers have tiny knife-like edges at the very tips – you can use those to measure the insides of holes with more accuracy. If you explain to them that your Internet connection was hijacked, then bad luck, Mediacom will say, because it’s your account and so you must be guilty.
While changing ISPs may still be a choice for some, changing countries may be a little bit more difficult. First up, the fine is in addition to any other criminal or civil penalties, so in the worst possible scenario, you could be fined $200,000 by the government, sent to prison, and then still be liable to be sued by rights holders for who knows how much. If you want to find out why Panama has suddenly decided to go insane with copyright laws, you won’t have to look very far.
And you just know that if not for the public reaction (which has largely remained silent in Panama), the MPAA and RIAA would love to have something similar in the US too. The decision is especially embarrassing for ACAPOR, after their publicity stunt last year where they printed out IP addresses of alleged pirates and sent them in boxes to the Attorney General’s office. As expected, ACAPOR was not happy at the decision, calling the prosecutors lazy for not wanting to work hard to prosecute the 2,000 people ACAPOR says are illegally downloading. My opinion is that the nature of copyright infringement has indeed changed with the Internet, which has definitely led to an increase in acts of infringement.
As for IP address evidence, it is circumstantial evidence at best, and cannot be relied upon solely to prove guilt. Now I’m a huge fan of Blizzard and their products, having wasted endless hours on the original RTS Warcraft games, Starcraft and its sequel, and eagerly bought Diablo III even though I was aware of the harsh DRM requirements.
Diablo III’s launch was a DRM disaster, but a financial success – will the game continue to find commercial success now that participation rates are dropping rapidly? In the best tradition of non-apology apologies Blizzard’s CEO Mike Morhaime put the blame on the launch issues squarely at where it belongs – on the accounting department! Speaking of back-patting, time to perform a mastabatory round on myself (eww) for finishing this WNR in double quick time.
If you are hunting for a nice digital camera to capture all memories in a clear-cut way, then head towards Nikon Coolpix Cameras.
In street photography as well as general photography, photographers can sometimes become more obsessed about camera gear over actually taking photos. Therefore many individuals fall into this trap and go on a never-ending chase in the hope that buying more expensive camera bodies and lenses will help them get better images.
When it comes to street photography, I like to believe that the best policy is to have the least obtrusive camera and lens as possible. Although my knowledge of cameras may be limited when compared to the 20+years plus photo veteran, I will try my best to outline the pros and cons of different cameras that street photographers use, including rangefinders, DSLRS, or compact “point and shoots”. Rangefinders are glorified for their ability to take images without a battery, being small and unobtrusive, quick in operation, and virtually silent in terms of a shutter sound. Taking photos with a rangefinder is much different than many other cameras because what you see through your viewfinder is not necessarily what your photos show up as. Furthermore if one decides to get a digital Leica rangefinder, they are most likely going to drop a huge chunk of change. It seems that nowadays many street photographers use digital SLRs (DSLRs) to take their photographs. However the downside to DSLRs for street photography is that they are relatively large and clunky, and look intimidating to the average person. Furthermore, DSLRS have great high-ISO capabilities, which make them ideal for shooting at night without having too much noise in the shots.

There are currently a handful of high-end point-and-shoots on the market that many street photographers use for shooting in the street. The advantages of point-and-shoot cameras for street photography is that they are small, have a virtually silent shutter, and that they are unobtrusive. If you haven't heard about the SF StreetFoto International Street Photography Festival 2016, don't miss out.
That is: “the evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than our ability to adapt”. So it could be argued that to undervalue digital is to severely compromise future revenue flows. Although the brand was a late entrant into social media, its well-conceived digital strategies have turned the retailer into one of the UK’s top ten brands within it. The flats on the edges will give false readings and the smaller the hole the worse the reading. Whether the scale is part of the caliper or not, all analog calipers—verniers and dials—require good eyesight in order to achieve the highest precision. ISP Mediacom will suspend the account of anyone who has received two infringement notices, and after filling in paper work to get their account re-instated, will perma-ban the user after the next strike. I know who pays their bills though, and those that don’t want to condone this kind of behaviour should change ISPs immediately.
This is unfortunate for Panamanians, as Panama’s new copyright laws will be some of the worst yet. And more disturbingly, the fine is collected by a government bureaucracy (the General Copyright Directorate) that keeps all the cash and pays employees bonuses based on their performance (presumably based on the number of fines they issue out). The prosecutor’s office ruled that personal file-sharing, even with an upload component and even with seeding after the download component is completed,  is in fact not against the law.
It’s a problem that needs to be tackled for sure, but just not at the expense of justice and due process. And even if you could somehow tie the individual who committed the actions to the IP address, a connection to a swarm does not equal a download or upload.
Or at least that seems to be the only plausible explanation for Morhaime’s statement about Blizzard severely underestimated the popularity of the game, as the bean counters who had been keeping track of the record pre-orders for the game must have forgot to carry a number or two in their calculations. Diablo III’s massively falling participation rate though may very well put a pre-mature end to the  celebrations. Nikon Coolpix cameras are listed among some of the best digital cameras with innovative features and technology. With 4x Wide-Angle Lens, 3″ Touchscreen LCD, HD Movie, and Image Stabilization features, this silver colored camera packs everything that a tech and fashion lover would like to have in his digital camera.
The Coolpix S4000, with Nikon’s EXPEED image processing concept, Smart Portrait System, and 4-way VR Image Stabilization System enables you to get incredible pictures, incredibly easy. As there is no “best” paintbrush for a painter, there is no “best” camera when it comes to the street photographer.
Photographers who are obsessed with camera gear often feel that their images are lacking due to their equipment, when their underdevelopment of photographic vision is the culprit. However most of them are quite dismayed when they realize that when they buy the newest and most expensive equipment, their images don’t get any better.
Rangefinders are fully manual, meaning that you have to manually focus and manually control exposure through aperture and shutter speed.
It carries all of the fore mentioned characteristics and has a tradition for being built like a tank with superior optics.
There are superimposed grid lines showing the borders of how much your camera will actually capture which many photographers claim that gives them a sense of freedom and seeing entire scenes. First of all, rangefinders are fully manual, meaning that one has to learn how to constantly adjust for the changing lighting in an environment with aperture and shutter speed, while modern digital cameras can do this automatically. DSLRs are massively popular due to their overall image quality, quick shutter speed, and their ability to interchange lenses, and relative affordability. Furthermore due to the fact that it has a mirror inside, it makes a loud clicking (or clunking) sound when taking photos, which can disturb the serenity of a scene. I currently use a Canon 5D for my street photography and in order to make my camera more stealthy, I covered up my “Canon” and “5D” logo with black gaffers tape. Therefore, one can switch up his or her lenses once in a while if you want to shoot at different focal lengths.
These cameras tout larger image sensors, which gives better image quality as well as cleaner images at higher-ISOs.
However on the other hand, many point-and-shoot cameras have shutter-lag, which can make it difficult to capture moving people without getting them blurred out.
With the digital landscape developing at such a dynamic pace, it’s no wonder some companies are nervous about taking that bold but crucial decision to go truly digital. Then build an app that operates across all systems to help showcase your optimised site and your brand’s lifestyle in the way you want it to be seen.

It’s an incredibly powerful tool that allows you access into the inner-minds of your consumers. Evaluate how your social media campaigns are impacting on overall company performance: what affect is social media having in terms of website visits, bookings, orders and – ultimately – the bottom line?
Listening carefully and really tuning into what your customers are saying on social networks, gives you an opportunity to be responsive and excel in customer service. Its OK for measuring hole centers as its measuring the difference and the error will not show up.
The laws were just pending at the time the linked article was written, but it has just been voted through the country’s Congress, apparently. Yeah, I’m sure corruption and abuse will never be an issue here [insert sarcasm smiley].
Panama appears to be pandering to US interests as part of a geo-political power play, and possibly paying the price of receiving a favourable trade agreement. Piracy is much more common today thanks to the Internet, but this only proves that the current laws, mostly written to deal with isolated cases of commercial piracy, cannot be applied directly to students, and single mothers, and everyday folk whose only intention was to save a few bucks (as opposed to commercial pirates, whose intention is to make large profits from their activities). At the very least, the IP should be monitored over time, and if possible, the amount of data transfer recorded to paint a better picture of what has actually transpired. As that’s how long some players were left without a working game that they may have pre-ordered months ago.
They have been first choice for customers who want something extra from a digital camera, other than edgy looks and technology. Nikon’s Scene Auto Selector automatically analyses scene you are taking and adjusts the scene mode for you. The camera is merely a tool, and there are different tools required for different situations and tasks at hand. Now don’t get me wrong—nice bodies and lenses can indeed give you images with better sharpness, resolution, and color, but they won’t give one intrinsically better photos. Shoot—the granddaddy of all street photography (Henri Cartier-Bresson) used a Leica for his entire career. Although many advocates of using fully-manual settings do not see this as a disadvantage, the aspiring street photographer may have a difficult time constantly adjusting his or her settings.
I feel the advantage of this is that it converts my “professional-looking camera” into any old generic-looking camera. I never hesitate to shoot my camera at ISO 1600 or even 3200 at night when capturing scenes with faster shutter speeds. If you've wanted to meet other passionate street photographers from all around the globe, don't miss your chance. And it’s vital to create a synergy between all channels by promoting your social media campaigns in all customer touchpoints.
Of course, ‘getting mobile’ doesn’t just apply to design… it also means advertising across other mobile sites. Social media organically reveals the types of insights that, once upon a time, would only have been available through extensive, costly and timely third party research.
Analysing the impact of digital and social media campaigns can help in assessing effectiveness… and therefore ROI. Social media has given power to the people, so follow this principle by opening up strategy to those staffers within the company who ‘get it’ and use it. There needs to be two separate set of laws, one to deal with commercial piracy, and one to deal with copyright infringement for personal use (since I don’t completely agree that piracy for personal use should always be legal and is always non damaging). If there are to be a penalties, then the penalty for someone who has seeded a file for 2 weeks should not be the same as that of someone who connected to the swarm for a couple of minutes before deciding not to download the file after all.
This makes the camera look less conspicuous in public, and makes people feel less anxious when you are taking photos of them. Capitalise on the opportunity for cross-media promotions by making sure digital messages are pushed in non-digital spaces like shops. Make sure your digital marketing agency has a comprehensive mobile PPC (pay per click) marketing campaign in place. This will help justify costs associated with development, internal resource and external agencies. The rise and rise of the mobile web and social media is bringing about massive change; change so immense that, although it already feels radical, it has only really just begun. Listen to conversations on social networking platforms… hear what they’re saying and work out who is saying what. People are sharing their experiences and if they are not happy with the status quo they will go elsewhere.

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