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The term ‘author platform’ is gaining more notoriety in publishing today and it’s a term used to describe your awareness building and promotional efforts being made to create exposure for yourself and your work.
I believe it’s paramount that writers understand that it’s not just for those who are published either self or traditional that need one, but that it’s a critical part of building your own awareness as an emerging, to-be author. For those that are still seeking a traditional publishing deal, you need a visible platform and good book marketing plan as evidence that there is demand and your books will sell.
I’ve heard first hand from an editor at international publisher, Hay House, who said that emerging authors really do need to show a strong presence and that they are willing to put in the time and effort into marketing. So now that you understand it’s vital you work on building your writer or b, let’s cover what your promotional platform can consist of. Most of you probably already know that your author websites are considered the hub of your promotional platform and everything outside of this such as, social media, forums and events work at drawing viewers and readers deeper into your web, with the purpose of landing at your website or directly buying your book. This is where your directly interacting with others through topic related forums and blog commenting.
Even in today’s ever increasing technological world, real world events can play a huge part in your platform and promotions. At this point, you’ll now have an understanding of what this ‘platform’ thing means that people keep talking about and it’s importance for your success. Yes Charmaine that’s what I see many writers do and they become glum about not selling books.
Absolutely Theresa, I too believe it’s important for writers and authors to talk more with each other and encourage and learn from one another. Nicky your most welcome and a big thumbs up for already having put many of these things into action, well done! Sometimes, the most daunting thing is to find something to contribute to and then get the proper words to pour out, but isn’t that actually always the worst? Wow, what a terrific graphic you have created to illustrate the various components of platform building and book promotion!
I would like to add that in addition to a platform building and promotional plan, a comprehensive book marketing plan also includes things like defining goals and target audiences, setting a competitive price, writing a strong sales copy, designing a great book cover, and developing a budget and schedule. Written by Rob Eagar Advertise Your AnniversaryMay 4, 2016 Posted by Rob Eagar No CommentsTomorrow, I leave for Paris on vacation. Tengo el placer de compartir mi nuevo e-book gratuito, hace unos meses que no sacaba nada debido a la saturacion de trabajo, a pesar de ser los e-book, una de las estrategias de contenidos mas efectivas de mi blog ?? Si quieres aprender a crear uno, te invito a leer mi post sobre creacion de e-books en 10 pasos. Este nuevo e-book incluye todos los pasos de forma detallada para crear un plan de marketing desde cero. Introduccion al plan de marketing, un resumen de tu plan y un espacio donde hablaras de tu empresa.
Analisis mercado, en esta parte tienes que analizar la situacion actual de tu empresa en Internet y la de tu competencia para hacer comparaciones que te sirvan de inspiracion.

Publico de la empresa, mas alla de datos demograficos te explicare las cosas que tienes que saber para conectar mejor con ellos. Gracias por tu repuesta, pero mira que Actualice la pagina fui al link y no funciona me sale esto 403.
Hola Vilma por algun motivo el ebook no puede ser abierto en Windows 8 porque presenta un error.
Buenos dias Vilma, he intentado descargame el ebook Como crear un plan de marketing desde cero pero presenta un error. Excelente Vilma muy buen articulo e E-book , se aprecia mucho el esfuerzo que ponen cada vez que escribes cuidate un monton. Hola Yuri, recuerda revisar todas las bandejas de entradas de tu correo: SPAM, promociones y etc. Create a web wide and strong enough and you’ll be more successful capturing readers, building relationships and exposure for yourself. If your an author your platform forms the basis of reaching potential readers and selling books. As the publishing economy is rapidly changing, publishers marketing budgets have constricted even further making less room for new authors. You’ll find agent and active blogger Rachelle Gardner has also publicly supported this through her blog. Make sure you have a professional looking site that oozes a strong professional tone, looks smart, has well written content and is well laid out. Now depending on your specific audience and book, you may find that only a select two or three really work for you. These additions to your writer or author platform are valuable yet often misunderstood or simply unknown to writers and authors. Here you can share what your reading with others, have others discover your books, run giveaways, give and receive book reviews and more.
From book signings, writing groups, book clubs, expos, school visits and workshops all offer more awareness building to those who don’t spend time online. What you focus on from Press releases, radio, newspapers or blog guest posts will really depend on your goal, who your audience is and how you’ll best reach them. If you have a platform up and running, then I hope there were some ideas here you perhaps haven’t yet considered that might be worth trying.
I am sitting here thinking that I know exactly what I need to do but actually going out there and doing it?! I also discuss with clients the importance of establishing a website hub long before they publish.

I’m in the process of creating my platform right now and am looking forward to doing a great job. Me he descargado el documento pero me pide password para descomprimir y no lo veo por ningun lado.
Quiero comunicarme contigo, ya que necesito tu orientacion para potenciar productos que tengo y que no he sabido mercadear. If you haven’t yet published a book, you need to begin building your platform so you can network and form relationships, build confidence and then use it as a launching ground when your book is ready. Today more than ever before agents and publishers are seriously looking to those who have an established platform or brand and those already selling books and this acts as a huge filter for them when making decisions. This is not a single page, free hosted blog that has no image of you which screams ‘ I’m just a hobbyist, don’t take me seriously’. Have a look at these, see which ones you might enjoy and benefit from and start off with one or two.
These events offer you the opportunity to get real feedback and direct people back to your online site for more content, information and find where to buy your book. When seeking traditional offline media coverage you’ll need to find a hook that is going to be attractive to reporters by offering a controversial angle or offer a great benefit to the readership of that particular media outlet.
For those who are just starting out, this should give you a better idea of how your promotional platform works how to flesh out your book marketing plan.
And I know what I want to say but the words are in my head in something like a picture and that does not just print out, unfortunately. Acabo de revisar el libro y es una valiosa joya para lograr objetivos de comunicacion y marketing desde cero, con los ejemplos que muestras y las plantillas es mas facil hacerlo. No me ha sido posible descargar el ebook Como crear un plan de marketing desde cero porque presenta un error. I love this diagram and now feel I have some direction to head in(Previously I have been simply fumbling in the dark!) Thank you!!
All the best with your pursuits and if you find time to invest in setting up a blog for yourself make sure you let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.
Plus, the day we leave is my wife’s birthday (Don’t ask, I’m forbidden to mention her age).

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