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Your brand holds the key to the success of a business in a competitive market that no longer relies in distinguishing products or services based on quality and functional benefits alone. Presence of a brand champion (typically the CEO or founder of the company or any of such stature) and an army of brand ambassadors (key personnel).
To achieve “consistency”, the content of the brand communication should ideally be developed once, then tailored slightly for each medium. Sharon Lim specialises in Brand Communications and her list of clients includes Hu Lee Impex, Shao Fook Engineering and Chemilink Technologies Group, amongst others.
StrategiCom is a global B2B brand strategy consulting firm headquartered in Singapore with 11 offices and 110 consultants & researchers around the world. We are passionate about opening minds and shaping perspectives of people and organizations as they create communications for their global audiences. We seek to shape perspectives that your multilingual communications is a valuable element of your brand assets, not a commodity.
To answer these questions, we look at the critical processes around the creation of an organization’s source publications and translations.
From here, an organization can determine their processes to eliminate or revise messaging that has not been approved by their corporate office or that which may be a risk to their brand reputation or identity. As we dive deeper into brand love, we need to set up the Brand Love Curve as a core foundation that we use in every part of this book. Positional Power so you think “who needs love?”:  There are brands that have captured a strong positional power, whether it`s a unique technology or distribution channel or even value pricing advantage. Brands who capture love, but don’t impact the life ritual: There are brands that quickly capture the imagination of consumers but somehow fail to capture a routine embedded in the consumers’ life.
Stagnant market shares: When you’re a liked brand, gains you make are offset by losses on something else. High private label sales: If you only focus on the ingredients and the rational features of the product, the consumer will start to figure out they can get the same thing with the private label and the share starts to creep up to 20% and higher.
Brands at the “Like It” stage get complacent. You need to disrupt the marketing team to focus on driving passion into the work. Here’s a workshop we run on creating a beloved brand. We hope it provokes you to think differently so you can see how you can unleash the full power and profitability of your brand. We offer brand coaching, where we promise to make your brand better by listening to the issues, providing advice that challenges you, and coaching you along a strategic pathway to reaching your brand’s full potential. For our brand leader training, we promise to make your team of brand leaders better, by teaching sound marketing fundamentals and challenging to push for greatness so that they can unleash their full potential. The most beloved brand of today is Apple, which has created a cult-like status to drive towards the masses, giving the brand a bond unlike any brand in our history. Apple also wields the most power in the market, with consumers lined up behind every new launch, the media giving Apple over 2 billion worth of free media each year and a retail store network that has twice the sales per square foot of any retailer in the world. Here’s a workshop we run on helping brand leaders make better advertising. We hope it provokes you to think differently so you can see how you can unleash the full power and profitability of your brand.
The more LOVED a brand is by consumers, the more POWERFUL and PROFITABLE that brand will be. In a crowded branded marketplace, where we see 5000 brand messages a day, consumers connect with BIG IDEAS that help simplify brand messages in ways that is easily understood and remembered. Boring brand leaders get stuck in the analytics, but a good brand funnel system should allow  you to measure and track brand love. Brand funnel becomes thicker as the brand becomes more loved. We use where you are on the Brand Love Curve to focus your brand on what strategy to guide your next move.
We hope we’ve shown you how brand love can carry throughout every part of running your brand. Yes, the Donald Trump brand has clearly captivated America, dominated the media, polarized the electorate and rallied those who hate politics.
Interestingly enough, this ad is a replacement for another emotional ad, using Joe’s voice telling another story. Politically, Joe is likely the backup plan should Hillary Clinton stumble. But these are beautiful ads.
I went to see Al Ries speak a few years ago and he challenged all marketers to get your brand down to one word. For a long time, we’ve thought that brands just exist to convey a degree of consistency in the consumers mind. I am always pushing everyone to focus: focus on a tight target, own one main benefit area that no one else can own and then shout it from the mountain top. I am yet to see any other brand that is so focused against one word like Volvo is with safety. Car and Driver reports safety as the #1 benefit that consumers are looking for in a new car.
In TV ads, we got so used to seeing the crash test dummy ads re-enforcing Volvo’s ownership over safety. That speaks volumes to the obsession they’ve had for the past 70 years and to the obsessive focus for the future of Volvo! May 19, 2014 by Titus Leave a Comment Any marketer should be able to answer this question any day, any time, anywhere. Mashable suggests that digital teams formulate their messaging based on the brand story, the consumer sentiment and perception and trigger emotional connections with the brand.
Smart Insights uses a mix of offline & online, suggesting meetups, events, a consistent content factory and participation in trade competitions (startup competitions, for example). The Digitia guide to creating your digital strategy – road-map from market to results, with examples and suggestions for each step. As the ultimate brand champion, business owners must stand at the forefront of the company and take charge of developing and executing the brand communications strategy.
Apart from conducting regular training, devote time for frequent dialogue sessions, display posters with the corporate position statements, utilise notice boards, and circulate internal communication (newsletters, emails, written memos, etc.).
A “good story” embodies three essential Cs of brand communication – clarity, consistency and constancy.
In the absence of these qualities, it is nearly impossible for the brand communications strategy to succeed because each ambassador will be telling a different “story”. Sharon has been actively involved in various franchise development, intellectual property management and branding projects for clients such as Old Chang Kee, Fragrance Foodstuff and Griffin Kinetic. By making organizations aware of the impact that culture and values have on the language in their communications and connecting that with their overall strategic business goals, we can bring the global community a little closer together. It’s important to be able to identify gaps in the processes that can be improved and prioritize objectives throughout the whole Content Lifecycle. To build a business case for your multilingual communication strategy, it is necessary for your Language Service Provider to understand your organization’s business objectives  and to demonstrate that effective communications can move your organization toward achieving those objectives. Drill down further to technology assessments and determine the role of technology in the channels for communication and how terminology will be managed to centralize control of that messaging. We have 8 metrics to determine this and among these, we quantify the number of documented communication strategies for each target market, the number of markets in which messaging originates with corporate, the percentage of content reuse in translation, the number of languages with terminology centralized as well as the client’s change of perception in commitment to a global strategy. This retro trend has become an international phenomenon and is affecting the entire marketing mix. First, 20 subjects were asked to discuss the products and brands connected with a pleasant moment in their lives.

In the consumer’s mind, brands sit on a Brand Love Curve, with brands going from “Indifferent” where consumers have no opinion to the “Like It” stage where consumers have a rational connection up to the “Love It” stage where consumers start to crave it and develop an emotional connection and finally up to becoming a “Beloved Brand” for life, where consumers are outspoken fans with a deeply emotional cult-like connection to the brand. A brand like Wendy’s has changed their advertising message every year over the past 10 years. The only consumers remaining are those who like their burgers, not the brand. Brands like Microsoft or Walmart or even many of the pharmaceuticals products don`t see value in the idea of being loved. Whether it’s Krispy Kreme, Pringles or even Cold Stone Ice Cream, there’s something inherent in the brand’s format or weakness that holds it back.
Your brand team is content when they hold onto their share, content to grow with the category. Apple is based on the Big Idea that Apple makes technology so simple that everyone can be part of the future. Apple is now a huge mass market corporate brand, with a market capitalization of $700 billion, 3 times the value of companies like Coke, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer and IBM. I believe he is the marketing genius of our generation–albeit equally flawed in how he treated people. What it did very well was express the brand’s vision for the future, even if that vision was ahead of its time. As much as this was advertising, I believe it an even better internal message to the culture and organization that he wanted to build and how he saw their role was to change the world at the impact level of the world’s greatest leaders ever.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
Not just boring people, but boring minds. Marketers in the new world need to be fueled by their passion and put everything they have into their work. Boring brands sell products, while beloved brands create big idea that are own-able in the consumers’ mind and heart and served up in a motivating enough message that changes consumer beliefs and behaviors. Boring brands get stuck talking about themselves all the time, almost forgetting about the consumer.
It’s not just about driving particular numbers but about moving them from one stage to the next.
Great marketing should attract attention, be about the brand, communicate the story, and stick in the consumers mind. What I like best about Trump is that his campaign has a Big Idea: Trump has a focused 7-second Big Idea brand message, that’s easily explained and understood.
This ad ran during the Democratic Debate last night and again this morning during the morning newscast. This ad uses one of Joe’s speeches, telling a story of his dad and how the lessons he learned impacts his fight for the average working American. The challenge here of getting what your brand stands for down to one word would be the ultimate.
Volvo first started the safety angle in the 1940s and became completely obsessed in through the 1960s long before consumers cared about safety when no one was even wearing seat belts. In fact, as safety became a priority with consumers, regulators looked at what Volvo was doing as the standard and then made Volvo’s advancements mandatory across other companies. The IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) had 3 Volvo models in the 10 Top Safety Picks, the most of any car brand. As consumers face 5,000 brand messages every day and having a simple Big Idea allows the consumer to connect with it.
They also look at platform choice based on customer research, focusing on the places where users seek information or buy the product you are selling. Although these points may appear to be free or low cost, you must take into consideration the time invested in both researching and in creating quality content for each channel & relationships with the said influencers. From their point of view, the CMO must create the right capabilities and activate them to run successful campaigns. The roles that the brand champion and brand ambassadors play are different but complementary. Furthermore, non-verbal communication elements such as dress-codes and the way employees are addressed are subtle techniques that could have an effect in encouraging brand-supporting behaviours. She is currently involved in a national Employer Branding Correlation Study conducted jointly with the Singapore National Employers Federation.
StrategiCom’s consultants, researchers and proprietary methodologies provide the catalyst for companies to transform from traditional businesses into differentiated brands. In effect, we can be a catalyst for global change… person by person, communication by communication. Management of these critical process steps can bring internal process efficiency affecting the multilingual communication strategy while also protecting the brand identity. How do these goals relate to the processes that are in place to create the communications for the domestic market? Within the Balanced Scorecard framework, this objective is within Product and Service Quality. A year later, they were interviewed again and shown pictures of the nostalgic brands previously mentioned and were asked to associate what came to their mind when they saw these visuals.
You have been able to carve out a niche and be a chosen brand against a proliferation of other brands in the category. As your new brand continues to gain momentum, now is the time to layer in the emotional benefits, look to find a small growing army who love the brand. With better work, you’ll be able to better captivate and delight the consumers. If you don’t love the work, how do you expect the consumer to love your brand. The promise to support that idea is to make things so simple, everyone can feel smarter & more engaged.
They have the Profit and Loss statement that every Brand Leader wants with high margins, relatively low marketing costs, growing market shares and quick entry into every new market.
While it didn’t sell many Macs at the time, that was likely due to issues around others parts of the marketing mix such as price and product.
The role of the BIG IDEA is to simplify the brand message with an outward expression of the BRAND SOUL, which is a collection why you do what you do (purpose) what is important to you (values) and how you can help consumers (role). To drive TRIAL you need to gain CONSIDERATION first (the brain) and then you need to move the consumer towards purchase and through the experience.
Brands at the Indifferent stage should be trying to establish the brand in the consumers mind, but those at the Like It stage that want to go to the next stage have to create a bigger following by trying find a way to separate your brand from others.
If you can’t see straight when reading a branding article about politics, I suggest you stop reading.
It’s paid for by DraftBiden, a super-PAC trying to garner momentum behind his candidacy for President. But more and more, we are also starting to realize that consistency of message acts as an internal beacon for everyone in the organization to follow. Even with a patent they could have enforced and made millions, Volvo decided to share the technology with all the other car manufacturers because they believed so strongly in it. The Euro NCAP collision test has recognize Volvo V40 as the best car they’ve ever tested, giving it the top rating of five stars in the Euro NCAP collision test. While this straight-forward approach works for experienced marketers, I’ve found that people who have little or no practice require a bit more explaining on each point of the matter, focusing especially on strategies, tools and channels. The brand champion is the “chief storyteller” who develops a “good story” carefully angled to target each of the identified stakeholder groups.

We then determine which messaging has a direct impact on their brand identity and determine the languages in which those brand materials are published as well as the level of content required for baseline translation.
In the food industry, for example, Chuao chocolatier has recently introduced a Rocky Road bar that contains salted almonds and vegan marshmallows. You have good shares, moderate profits and most brand indicators are probably reasonably healthy. Great marketers find that balance of the science and art of the brand. Ordinary marketers get stuck with the rational only. Brand Leaders need to learn how to be a visionary, creative, emotional, demanding brand driven leader, and avoid being a boring, rational, product driven manager. Once you have power, and win every negotiation point, the money will flow in, with higher price points, lower costs, more share and an easy entry into new categories. To drive LOYALTY (the heart) you need to create experiences that deliver the promise and use tools to create an emotional bond with the consumer. Brands at the Love It stage should tug at heartstrings of their consumers to tighten bond with your most loyal. I’m just a marketer so this article will only talk about political brands, not about the policies of politics. As I sat there frustrated, I realized that the effort to try to get it down to one word is a great catalyst that gets you down to a few words.
Then, they focus on engagement calendars and consistency of the communication to create digital habits. Besides developing a “good story”, the brand champion needs to convince employees that as brand ambassadors, they need to play their part in repeating this same “story” to all the company’s external stakeholders. In order to reach these young people in Generation Y, advertising with TV icons that were popular in the 80 and 90s for product categories such as candies and video games appears suitable.
This campaign easily achieves all 4, the humor grabs your attention, the iconic side-by-side technique over 66 spots serves to establish the brand and the communication of simplicity and the inevitable answer at the end of each ad helps stick the overall message that Macs are clearly better. Everyday, you need to get to the point where you say “I love it”, which is the best bar for making great work.
And those brands at the Beloved stage should be trying to continue the magic and get loyalists to speak on your behalf. The best brand leaders find ways to balance their thinking and instincts, to follow their passion.
Match them up to consumer needs and create rational benefits and then dial them up to emotional benefits. The movie uses 3 major launches to anchor the story of Steve Jobs, which triggered my thinking to look at the 3 major Apple ads that defined the brand. You need to define a very focused target market, and using consumer insights and consumer enemy to connect with consumers.
But consideration is the point you start to see that your brand idea starts to connect and move the consumer. When thinking, we recommend you ask two questions: Is it on strategy and does it have long-term potential to help the brand? Where passion meets purpose, you will find that passion is dialed up to  new level when you know why you do what you do. We can see below how you can use voice of consumer and market indicators to determine where you are on the brand love curve. We use a consumer buying system that reflects the brand funnel and provide executional options to power each part of the buying system.
When consumers experience the brand, they either accept or reject it based on how it matches up to the Big Idea. Brands at the indifferent stage should focus on managing the awareness-consideration-search, while brands at the Like It stage should be looking to separate your brand from others and close the deal at the purchase moment. Brands use nostalgic theme to expand their target market and create a link between generations. To reach people in their 30’s, the brand organizes special Halloween nights in discotheques. As it moves to the Love It stage, it becomes about turning satisfied consumers into repeating and loyal, while the Beloved stage turns loyalty into outspoken fans that then drive awareness for other consumers. For example, to launch PlayStation 4, Sony has set up a YouTube campaign chronicling the evolution of the iconic gaming console, presenting a series of videos covering the product’s 19-year history. We see the power of the most beloved brands using social media as a tool for influencing awareness among new potential users. I’m still in shock when I see loved brands continue to spend 100% of their money on awareness driving TV ads with a basic product message. Capitalizing on the emotions it arouses among consumers, nostalgia gives brands a sense of credibility, authenticity, durability and quality, as well as emotional bonding – thus attracting the interest of managers. A fundamentally sound product, staying at the forefront of trends and using technology to deliver on your brand promise. The moment of truth as consumers move through the purchase cycle and use channels, messaging, processes to make the final decision. Although marketing practitioners widely use nostalgia as a communication tool, no study has sought to define the conditions for its application in brand management.
Given its impact on consumption, understanding what nostalgia means to consumers appears to be of particular importance.
The emblematic example is that of Comptoir de Famille whose inspiration arises from second-hand trades. Counter of Family is connected with the collective memory to wake up the memories of the individuals and to promote objects which they had the feeling they have already seen at their grandparent's or who dip back them into their childhood. The third section proposes four possible applications for nostalgia in brand communication management, related to four nostalgic consumers profiles. In psychoanalysis, nostalgia is related to two poles: an object pole which considers nostalgia as a desire to go back to the womb and a narcissistic pole which states it as an identity injury. After 27 years and with an annual growth of over 20% and forays into the international arena, Comptoir de Famille brand count as the strongest success in the sector.
In the 20th century, sociologists associated nostalgia to the discontinuities of existence: individuals feel nostalgia during alteration stages in their lifes and use nostalgia to preserve their identity (Davis, 1979). Contagious passion for the products has led to the creation of 32 branded stores, including 10 branches and 22 licensed stores and franchises. In marketing, academics suggest multiple definitions of nostalgia: a mood (Belk, 1990), a preference (Holbrook and Schindler, 1991), a state (Stern, 1992), a desire (Baker and Kennedy, 1994), an emotion (Holak and Havlena, 1998).
Brands targeting this group can choose to re-launch products that were symbolic in the 20th century and are representative of a transition stage in life.
The communication strategy associated with nostalgia can satisfy a logic of differentiation, emphasizing that the brand, associated with its period, was the forerunner in its domain but also remains timeless. Typical examples are the New Beetle, Mini, Fiat 500 and DS3 that are replicas of period cars with curves and technical attributes updated.
Beyond memory failures linked to the age, nostalgia goes through the negatives aspects from different events.

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