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Since holding our online BRAND CHATTER Webinar, we learned that our audience was having difficulties with their online brand awareness.
Sometimes people think that marketing is mainly a lot of creative ideas that spike up here and there.
So here we have a bit of an extended explanation of our infographic, which we hope you will share and make good use of. Use wording that is easy to remember – not too lengthy, not too technical and not lingo that only people in your industry would understand.
Be consistent and predictable in your delivery – believe it or not, when you post regularly, especially on a certain day and time, people get used to looking for your posts. Have a goal to create interest and sharing, not just to be there – if all you do is post about your company, then you can expect people will get bored.
But then, it’s not just about saying it plain and simple – you need to be unique and creative about it. WPEngine - very fast hosting, and good support for the creme de la creme of WordPress hosting. Aweber Opt-in Email Marketing - recommended by KISS Metrics owner as a tool he used to get 1 million visitors to his site in 10 months. WP Affiliate Platform which integrates with both WooCommerce and Shopp's WordPress e-commerce system, and others! While the concept of personal branding has taken off corporate branding seems to go in and out of favor. There has been a good deal of discussion around whether having a strong personal brand is beneficial or detrimental to a company.
I immediately started writing a comment… which turned into a page which then made more sense to create a blog post. In Vegas, the Wynn and Encore Hotels are great examples of big business, big brands diving deep into social media. With employee social media policies in place and actively engaging online with their customers, you might think the Wynn’s big hotel brand is enough.
Empowering and encouraging passionate employees to step up and build the brand sounds scary, however, it works. A personal brand is a perception in the minds of others that must be developed, nurtured and managed by younger partners and rising stars—the notion that there is no one else in the marketplace quite like them. One difficulty for a brand and an employee is the question of what happens when they decide to move on from one another? Not every employee with a Facebook account needs to be involved with your online marketing. By acknowledging employees’ personal brands, you will open doors to creating a dream team of online marketing.
Communicate a common vision that allows the employee to act online and with their brand for a win-win scenario. About Lyndi ThompsonI love leveraging online marketing tools to bring ideas to life and in front of great people.
I am a new mom, wife and online marketer living outside of Seattle on a small electric farm. When I am not plugged in helping startups achieve their next milestone, you can find me exploring the "real" Washington. The recent Business Buzzword Bingo postings from Seth Godin and Johnnie Moore reminded me of a Starbucks Marketing Bingo game Paul and I used to play back in the day (circa 2000). AboutI believe passion and a sense of purpose fuel successful marketing messages, whether delivered via a product, a service, an experience, or a presentation.

So we developed an infographic for you to keep handy as a simple, yet effective reminder of how to be successful with your online branding strategy. This means that you put thought into what you are saying, making sure it will resonate with your target audience. Do you use a technique no one else uses?  Do you provide something as an ‘addition’ to your service or product your competitors don’t include in their offering?
Scott Berkun, an author and speaker, set up The Daily Post when he worked at Automattic, so his team would be forced to use the technology they were developing for other people. We get it, and that’s where it’s important to first consider, ‘What is your message?’ – what is the main thing you want to get across to people?
Debt Collection It goes without saying that in tough economic times bills start to pile up and often go unpaid.
Since I was eight all I can think about was how to sell things and help my friends do the same. They are high energy,  excited to be apart of the company culture  and often have have very strong personal brands. It’s fantastic to have a fan base, but how can they tell their friends and family if you don’t make it easy? They have all the right tools in place, they are staffed to be able to respond across multiple social media channels and are engaging well. From marketing, customer service and even sales, all of the rough edges that a brand might be worried about will be polished out by regular communication between company and employee. Their personal brand will stand at the forefront of influencing all types of stakeholders in the niches your firm serves via their experience, expertise, thought leadership, honesty, integrity and capabilities.
Someone who has a strong personal brand and leaves could have a major impact on the corporate brand.
Hiking areas like Snow Lake, riding my horses in the wilderness and volunteering for non-profits. My background includes a decade working deep inside the marketing departments at Starbucks Coffee and Whole Foods Market. For some reason the blog took off and generated a lot of traffic, and he attributes part of that success to the name of the blog itself – it indicates when and how frequently readers can expect to get something new. This is a balance because you do not want to go completely off topic and share content that is not related to what you do, but on the other hand, you don’t want to be selling yourself in everything you say.
For example, a “No Parking” sign – we can easily not see or regard a sign like that, especially if it’s small and inconspicuous.
With the growth of the Internet and social technology tools, personal branding activity and opportunities have exploded.
While debt collection is not an especially pleasant business, it’s one that generally does well during economic downturns.
I put together this site just to provide some straight forward help with Internet marketing and business in general.
Some brands go as far as having a celebrity – recognizable and relatable to endorse, wear and evangelize the brand. These kinds of employees are pillars of knowledge, and experts connecting outside the walls of the company. Even a luxurious 5-star resort like the Las Vegas Wynn takes the time to create enthusiasm.
Mostly because they are expensive and hard to sell being a small fish in a big sea company.
I am frequently referred to as “a fire hose of fresh marketing ideas,“ taking BIG ideas and converting them to actionable strategies with a focus on the customer and conversion.

The article was an elaboration on a webinar hosted by Sandy, with further additions of references by myself. If you are only blasting information about your company, or jumping in to hold a contest to get more fans, you are likely going to experience little, if no effectiveness.
It is important to set up a methodology that will work for your needs, and by that we mean a method that will attract your audience.
Another example is Whiteboard Friday at SEOmoz – their entire community knows to expect a great, 10 minute video or quick SEO tip every Friday, which keeps people interested and coming back to their site. One way around this is to create content themes – an area where you are an expert and can consistently show your expertise by covering an array of topics that are useful for your customers and audience to know about. But if the garage doorway to a warehouse says “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever park here” it will surely catch our attention, and we will never park there. There is a gold mine of brand, company and culture evangelists right under the nose of big brands. Among general tweets and discussion, the Wynn takes the opportunity via Twitter to seek out hotel visitors and recommend everything from entertainment to meals to drinks.
At Nerd Dinner, Scott demonstrated a free web development tool called Web Matrix: an easy way to start an ecommerce website. Maybe they talk to customers all day giving them great insight into every day customer concerns, questions and needs that could be met online. To do this takes consistency, planning and considerable thought into how your plans and actions will take shape and achieve your goals.
They are the people the company has already hired, learned to trust, trained and empowered to build the business – Employees. When someone is passionate, has experience with the company and is empowered to represent the brand well then that is a strength and an asset.
This is not just the case with online brand awareness, but with all marketing a company does.
It’s not enough to just be the “first” at something, if your competition has stolen market share away from you since you started – show how you have remained at the top of your game with something unique that you do or offer. Scott wasn’t sent from Portland to Bellevue to show off Microsoft tools, he was there attracting nerds, seriously nerds, developers from all kinds of companies, backgrounds and interests. The conversation needs to happen on how the employee plans to communicate about how and why they are leaving. His positive and passionate energy lends itself so well to organizing these events I met people that traveled over 100 miles to be at Crossroads Mall eating in the mall food court. Shauna Causey did an excellent job doing this when she announced she was leaving Comcast.
Arming visitors with this information leads to accessible retweets and information sharing, all with the click of a button.
When a young accountant expressed a need to know how to create an ecommerce site Scott without hesitation stepped up.
He has a strong personal brand online, even runs his own non-Microsoft radio podcast – Hanselminutes. When he speaks of his employeer it isn’t all flowers and unicorns which to me makes the often mysterious Microsoft a little more human and maybe a even a little more relatable.

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