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The Agency is a luxury real estate brokerage founded by Mauricio Umansky, Billy Rose and Blair Chang in late 2011. Upon its launch, Wicked+ was tasked with creating and executing a comprehensive and integrated marketing plan, including overall branding, traditional and online PR, web design, advertising and marketing collateral, content strategy and creation, copywriting, and SEO. Wicked+ is now an indispensable component of how The Agency markets itself and its multi-million dollar listings, many of which are among the highest priced homes in the U.S. The Agency Daily: We develop and execute an editorial and content strategy designed to drive significant traffic to the company’s website and reinforce its brand positioning and competitive advantages. By structuring pages throughout the site to target keywords related to the luxury real estate market and combining that with link-building efforts that include content creation, social media, public relations and internal referrals, Wicked+ has positioned The Agency as one of the premier luxury real estate brands while still only in its infancy. Studying the art of Advertising, I have obtained a vast skill set of design and advertising.

The goal was to quickly establish The Agency as a worldwide leader in the luxury real estate marketplace and build an aspirational lifestyle brand through innovative marketing strategies. Our earned and owned media strategy amplifies the reach and frequency of The Agency’s marketing efforts, as well as increase one-to-one engagement with global contacts. Although the property wasn’t the focus of the story we seized upon the opportunity to make it the focus by writing a blog post about it, and then pitching it out to the media. The targeting of long-tail, more specific keywords continues as The Agency’s website expands its reach, consistently drawing more and more traffic to those deeper pages. We develop initiatives to actively grow The Agency’s audience and the reach of shared content, as well as find meaningful ways to engage with fans.

News and Curbed, picked up on our story, driving tens of thousands of hits to The Agency website and significant exposure for the property. The list price(s) ($30m, $45m, $112m, etc.) require that we reach extremely high net worth individuals.

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