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Studying the art of Advertising, I have obtained a vast skill set of design and advertising.
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Oversaw in-house team to conceptualize, develop and launch new site within first 60 days of employment. Acquisition team, partnering with colleague on program design, delivery, content and structure.

Utilized innovative sourcing and candidate development strategies through social networks (e.g. Leveraged market intelligence to create business development opportunities in emerging markets. If the style looks bland you may end up with something that resembles ‘Peter Kay’s, Rola Cola’ where the taste fits the name. Our business image consultants work alongside our clients and advise on the right (typeface and colours etc.) elements that will complement the style of your products or services.

A logo done badly with too many cooks and you may come in for some scathing criticism - think 2012 Olympics Logo. SEO verus adwords for Promotional Products Importance of keeping your Company Branding Fresh History of Promotional Chocolates History of Promotional Lanyards Top Posts & Pages Why Promotional Keyrings are so popular About Us Contact Us Blog Our NewsletterSign up to our regular newsletter Email* Please enter a valid email address.

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