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Considering the growing competition for talent, leading companies began to apply the same focus and consistency to their employer branding.
One of major findings was that many companies now placing the responsibility for the employer brand with the marketing and CEO, rather than HR and recruiters. 40% wants employer branding for secure long-term hiring needs, and 31% considers it important for building a global reputation. Companies must ensure that every function within the organization understands the value of a strong employer brand to the success of the business and the role they need to play in sustaining a consistent brand experience and reputation!
Because of the rapid pace of change and innovation that is inherent to this unique space, travel technology companies must increase their focus on branding the company, not the solutions.
One of the most vital components of a successful company is an effective branding strategy that creates deep interest and loyalty among its targeted consumers. A common mistake that can be made by tech companies is strongly prioritizing what can be quantitatively measured, such as human-computer interaction design, yet missing the essential keys to brand building that need to focus on values and positioning.
Microsoft branded the Windows Phone as a premium product that could compete with the iPhone, however, because it was so late to market, the company initially sold it at discount prices in an attempt to gain market share away from the very passionate tribe of Apple customers.
For Apple, the massive success of the iPhone can be attributed to clear branding that focuses on the emotions of its customers. Effective branding for travel technology companies can be achieved by communicating a clear message that illustrates the experience that a person has when discovering, using and sharing its products. To make a travel tech brand stand out from others, compelling storytelling is the most powerful and actionable marketing technique. In the past, travel technology companies were less concerned about branding than consumer product companies.
On the other hand, the concern among companies about finding and retaining the best talent to achieve their growth-goals is also picking up.
Moreover, the survey included CEOs and heads of employer branding, marketing, HR and recruiting in 18 countries. In fact, 60% of the CEOs said this responsibility lies with the CEO and 40% of marketing leaders agreed on it. As per the reports, the lack of confidence in HR’s ability to oversee these objectives might also be a factor for the shift of responsibilities.
Although this is a clear focus in many industries, the branding of many travel technology companies speaks primarily to the functionality of products, while failing to connect with the emotional aspect of their target audience.

While there may be rare circumstances of tech companies that manage to achieve some success with little focus on traditional branding, this possibility is becoming less likely over time as the market becomes increasingly crowded and educated.
Success comes from ensuring that a tech company's brand is perfectly aligned with the way that users experience their products. Although few organizations would doubt the power of a strong narrative as an effective marketing and brand building strategy, in theory, many tech firms fail to place enough emphasis on storytelling and creative positioning to differentiate themselves from the growing field of competitors. One of the keys to successful tech branding is ensuring that the image of your company and products is properly aligned with the expectations and impressions of a distinct target audience.
For consumers, this resulted in a lack of product identity, which many believe to be one of the primary reasons that the Windows Phone was unable to successfully compete with either its low-priced or premium competitors. The company's refined storytelling approach has created a brand personality that is consistent across all of its products, thereby developing a deep connection with its clients around the world and solidifying its place as a market leader. Consumers must feel personally connected to all aspects of the brand, which extends far beyond the technology itself to become a part of their lifestyle and identity. Some may believe that brand storytelling is about the company, but it is actually about the customers and the value that they receive when engaging with the companies products or services.
However, with commodification of technology, more and more hi-tech companies are seeing branding as a means to emotionally connect with customers. Multiple survey reveal that in the year 2015, 36% of global companies reported talent shortage.
Building a strong employer brand first became a major focus of activity between 2004 and 2008. Nowadays, people trust a company based on what its employees have to say than on its advertising done for recruitment. It implies a strong indication that employer branding is expected to gain greater strategic importance. Especially in small to medium-sized companies where HR is still regarded as administrative, many more CEOs appear to be taking a more active role when it comes to their employer brand.
A successful brand is a driving force that has propelled some of the world's most game-changing billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs - from startup phase to the top of the food chain. In the end, the purpose of your brand strategy is to develop a sense of preference within your target customer segment. A valuable example of the problems that occur when failing to meet this goal can be found with the Microsoft Windows Phone.

Today's consumer also expect more from your brand and that is why multi-platform engagement and content marketing have become is so important. The most influential brand stories prioritize customers as the stars to develop deep human interest by being persuasive and also appealing to emotion. Bring the technology back to the consumer and help them discover how it fits in their life. We are experts at combining strategy and tactical execution in a way that doesn't just maximize a company's potential; it redefines it. Previously, Alan has held a number of executive level positions with Start-Up companies such as Newtrade Technologies, (acquired by Expedia), Hotel Booking Solutions (acquired by IBS Software) and TrustYou. Employer branding was mainly outward facing and advertising driven, and fell under Resourcing and HR. Although the company has obviously experienced massive success with many of its products, its phone was never able to gain significant traction.
By investing in creating customer awareness and a technology ecosystem, companies can develop a profound human link to their brand that can transcend commoditization and grow alongside new offerings as the tech landscape evolves into the future.
By delivering relevant, proven and effective marketing services and public relations rooted in the skills of our people and tested through real-world experience, we help our clients gain visibility, raise their profile and ultimately increase their sales revenues. By accurately identifying the values and style of a tech company's audience, marketers can develop a branding strategy that makes consumers genuinely care about what they have to say, thereby creating a long-lasting connection that gains traction and market share. Alan has also been very involved with other industry associations most notably AHLA, HEDNA and HTNG.
He is also a presenter and has been a guest speaker at World Travel Mart, ITB, HITEC, Online Revealed, The HOT Conference.
With over two decades of experience in the travel and hospitality technology world, Alan specializes in helping innovative travel technology companies achieve winning performance and dramatic growth.

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