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Some woodworkers like to leave their mark on their work using a branding iron, but at roughly $190 per iron, it can really be quite an investment.
I started by drawing up a couple of logo ideas in Inkscape, a free vector graphics application. There are a great group of folks in all walks of life at this primarily woodworking-related forum. In this easy Photoshop tutorial you’ll learn how to design a very cool-looking branding iron effect, using the type tool, a few shapes, and a fair few layer style effects.
Note: This is one very old PhotoshopStar tutorial created by Eli that was updated as i was receiving a lot of requests about it. Get the Horizontal Type Tool out and write your desired text, preferably something short, if you can. Now you’ve got your tool and settings set up, create a new layer (underneath your text layer), then draw a shape the suitable size, a just so it hangs around the outside of your text. Finish off this step by merging your two layers together (the text and shape layers), so the whole shape is on one single layer. After you’ve locked the transparent pixels, fill your shape with a red color, the color used here is #ac2009.

When you’re pretty much all finished with your shape, go into the Transform Mode (Ctrl + T), and size your shape down to about 60.0% of it’s original size. You can as well go ahead and create a new layer right beneath the Shape layer, then, create a Radial Gradient the goes from Transparent at the center of the document to Black at the corners, and change the layer’s Blend Mode to Soft Light. And now we’re pretty much finished with this tutorial, I hope it was sufficient for you all! I exported by design from Inkscape and imported it into Alibre Design, which is a fantastic parametric 3D modeling application that happens to be available for free in a feature-limited version. I am a custom rod builder and would be interested in buying one to put my logo on cork grips.
Any size will do, but for this tutorial the size is 600 x 300 pixels, with the default resolution of 72.
Start by filling your shape with a red color, do this by clicking the little icon near the top of your layer’s palette that ‘locks the transparent pixels.
Press Ctrl + T to go into the Transform Mode, and hit Enter when you’re done to get out of it. This step is optional, in which we’ll erase away a bit of the shape to give a bit more of an interesting effect.

This fun and functional BBQ branding iron lets you brand outgoing messages on every piece of meat that leaves your grill. Start by creating a new layer, then merging your shape and blank layer together, this is basically applying the layer styles to the pixels, so they’re not really there anymore. With every letter of the alphabet, plus extra letters and spacers, you can spell out almost anything; the possibilities are endless.
All you need is this customizable BBQ Branding Iron.This BBQ Branding Iron includes a set of 55 interchangeable aluminum letters and 8 blank spaces for spelling out almost anything. Metal branding iron with wooden handle Includes every letter of the alphabet, plus extra letters and spacers.

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