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Run or Dye, the world’s most colorful 5K, is headed to Armory Arts Village in Jackson on August 2, 2014.
Bring all your friends and run a color-blasted 5K, where you get showered in safe, eco-friendly, plant-based cornstarch dye every kilometer! Run or Dye is being produced in collaboration with this year’s How Bazaar event in downtown Jackson.
Her latest work with the 100 Good Deeds movement gives women in Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Johannesburg the opportunity to create not only beautiful jewelry but also a sustainable income for themselves.
I took one of my best friends, Sarah, and we had a lovely time catching up and watching the flick. Little Diablo Salsa is literally made in my neighborhood here in Livingston County in Brighton, Michigan, and is 100% all natural.
Piggy Paint is water-base non-toxic, eco-friendly line of polishes and is the brain child of a mom of two. We were given the Birthday Bash Gift Set {Jazz It Up, a pink shimmer, Sea-quin, a matte turquoise and Groovy Grape, shimmer purple} to test, along with the Make It Last set with a base and top coat, which made a huge difference. If you’d like to purchase some fun Piggy Paint colors online, use the promo code piggypaint5 to receive 15% off your order! Additionally, be sure to follow Piggy Paint on Facebook and Twitter for news, discounts and contests, too! I am excited to be able to giveaway a Little Miss Firecracker Gift Set {retail value of $24.99}. Let me just start off by saying touring Hudsonville has been on my bucket list for a few years, so I was pretty sad to hear awhile back that they don’t do public tours. The company was founded as a creamery in 1895 and began making ice cream in 1926, producing just six flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Orange Pineapple and Tootie Fruitie.
Today, they produce more than 40 ice cream flavors {30 are gluten-free}, with Vanilla still being the #1 seller. In fact, this infographic is super awesome for highlighting LOTS of great things about our local milk.
I received a complimentary pregnancy pillow from My Brest Friend in exchange for the post below.
As a parent to draining little children, there is nothing like that feeling you get when you hit the pillow. But then you get pregnant {again}, and all bets are off, and sleep feels like you are already parenting a newborn between waking up uncomfortable to needing to go to the bathroom several times a night. For some ridiculous reason, I have never bought a pregnancy pillow during any of my pregnancies, and each time I regret that I never just invested in one from the start, knowing I wanted to have a few kiddos. Finally, this time I got smart and decided to just see if a company may be interested in a review in exchange for blogging about my experience.
The My Brest Friend 3-in-1 Body Pillow makes sleeping more comfortable by conforming to your body throughout the night. Find the My Brest Friend 3-in-1 pillow here, and follow My Brest Friend for other products for pregnancy and breastfeeding on Facebook and Twitter.
Let me start by saying, the LEGO KidsFest should really be called “LEGO EveryoneFest.” No, really.
From Disney Princesses to Star Wars, from Superheroes to Legends of Chima, there were so many different areas, that there was something for everyone.

In addition to all the areas for play, there were also areas set aside for fans who wanted to purchase LEGO sets. All in all, I’m very happy we had the opportunity to attend this year, and plan on doing so next year as well. Use a flat shovel to remove the grass and level the dirt in the area you want your fire pit (our kit required a circle 4’ in diameter). Place the fire screen in the center of the circle to serve as a template for laying the blocks. Position the first row of blocks in a circle around the screen, in the pattern indicated in the instructions that came with the kit. Position the second layer of blocks on top of the first, with the joints in the blocks overlapping the joints in the layer below. Continue applying construction adhesive and layers of blocks, overlapping the joints on each row, until the fire pit is complete (our kit was three blocks high). After the construction adhesive has cured, built a fire in the fire pit and use the mesh fire screen to contain any embers.
Stone fire pit kits are a popular way to add warmth to your landscape without the time and expense of building a custom pit. This kit calls for using the provided screen as a template around which the blocks are placed in the prescribed pattern. Between each row a generous layer of construction adhesive is applied, so that the next row will remain in the proper position. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader.
You can find out more about the Pavestone RumbleStone fire pit we installed in the article at the bottom of this page. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. And Run or Dye is family-friendly — kids 6 and under participate for FREE and do not require registration. The movie is absolutely breathtaking, from the scenery to the imagery of creatures that felt very Jim Henson meets Tim Burton. We’re over a week in, and there are barely any chips to her fingernails and her toes are still perfect. Being pregnant, I really appreciate this, but of course I’m glad about this for my kid’s sake, too! If you have a little girl and have never read any Fancy Nancy books, rent some from your library. In my kit, the blue and purple went on beautifully and looked fab with two coats, but I felt the pink didn’t have the best coverage, even after two coats.
Weber I recently had the privilege of attending a wonderful blogger event in Grand Rapids put on by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan highlighting some of Michigan’s best local foods that include dairy. Not only do they make seriously delicious ice cream, but I love the small environment {less than 40 employees total} and the family values the company promotes, including a 5-day work week with just one shift, which is unusual in the food industry. Additionally, deep freeze your favorite seasonal flavors to ensure the best quality months later. My personal favorites are the Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge and Seaside Caramel, while the hubby loves Triple Peanut Butter Cup.

Next, I will be sharing what I learned pairing Michigan beers and wines with local cheeses! The versatile shape allows you to adjust the support you need as your body changes by simply switching which side you use to align your hips. I am a belly sleeper, so I was especially excited about the belly wedge since I seem to need some support there.
It does need a fair amount of adjustment as I wake-up to go to the bathroom throughout the night, but not anymore than any other pillow. A nighttime of restful sleep is worth gold when it comes to pregnancies, though I can see myself using this beyond pregnancy too! Weber 3 Comments I was out of town for the past few days, so I was glad to send Bree from The Mom With Moxie in my place to LEGO Kidsfest in Novi last Friday!
The prices varied, but there was definitely something for everyone – available at every price point.
Kit fire pits, such as the RumbleStone Round Fire Pit kit from Pavestone we made, come with everything you need, including blocks, metal fire bowl, and a mesh fire screen. Even with a template, be sure to pay attention to the number of blocks needed for each row, so that you don’t run out before you reach the top. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. Each time you perform a good deed, you can move the rubber band one bead closer to the 1GD button. We put it on all kinds of things from crock pot meals to eggs, tacos, and in cottage cheese for a low-calorie snack.
It’s vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free, no added sugars, low sodium, kosher certified and of course, DELICIOUS! Fisher Music Center, which is the home for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.} Her Michigan roots made me even more excited to share this cool concept with you all! The opening scenes were some of my favorites, and the world in which Maleficent lives {The Moors}, was stunning and medieval feeling. We love trying different kinds — especially when they are locally made and we can pronounce every ingredient.
That’s why I was beyond thrilled when a girlfriend introduced me to Piggy Paint last summer! It puts me in the most comfortable position possible and sure beats the pain I feel laying on my back. She takes on fantastic, larger-than-life roles, and I had no doubt she would fill the shoes of villain Maleficent beautifully.
Custom belly wedge for maximum support while you sleep, extra soft cotton cover, removable cover for easy cleaning, extra soft filling and streamline design takes up less space than traditional body pillows.

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