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As I think I may have done marketing messages to death in this eZine, I'll be focusing on Marketing Strategies in several upcoming More Clients. A Marketing Strategy is an activity that gets the favorable attention of an ideal client for your service and builds enough trust that they will want to explore doing business with you.
One of the biggest areas of confusion in marketing is which marketing strategy to use and in what order. There are four primary ways to build trust that are represented in the first column: Visibility, Credibility, Intimacy and Reliability. The combination of Visibility through written materials and Credibility through presentations is often enough to get an ideal client into a selling conversation.
This is why all Independent Professionals should also take advantage of opportunities to network, meet with prospects face-to-face, follow-up with teleclass participants by phone, attend conferences, brainstorm and mastermind, etc. Your efforts to provide quality, consistent work, to keep your word, to follow up as promised and to communicate clearly and confidently can also be seen as marketing strategies. After all, it's Reliability more than anything else that is responsible for clients referring new business to you. In the next few weeks, I'll discuss specific marketing strategies in all four of these categories.
The More Clients Bottom Line: When you think of marketing strategies, you need to remember that their ultimate purpose is to build trust. I am working with marketing in Denmark and is searching for inspiration in the digital world. The Carnival of Trust is held monthly and highlights the top blog posts touching on the subject of trust in business, politics and society. When we attach to our agenda, when we dominate the talking, when we move to quickly to solution - we come across with a high self-orientation.
A drip marketing strategy is a type of email marketing automation that involves sending pre-written emails at specified time intervals after an email address has been initially captured into your mailing list. A drip marketing strategy should behave symbiotically with your other inbound marketing strategies. Next, you use their email to guide them down your conversion funnel with a steady stream of irresistible follow-up emails.
Good examples of a strong value propositions include having a detailed e-book or whitepaper on something your business could be considered an expert in. Users who submit their email addresses will begin to receive follow-up emails after getting the first value proposition.
They should provide relevant, informational tidbits that are just enough to keep the recipient waiting on their toes for your next email. Every 2nd or 3rd email should include a clear call-to-action beckoning the user to visit your site to complete a desired action.
Sometime after the 5th or 6th email, it would be a good idea to throw in a second strong value proposition equivalent to the first you gave the user that signed up for your mailing list.
Choosing an email platform to set up and conduct your drip marketing strategy through is a crucial part of executing a drip marketing strategy. If you’re planning on sticking with a basic drip marketing strategy for the foreseeable future, an email platform that offers simple time-based autoresponders would probably be good enough for you. However, if you would want to quickly expand your email marketing strategy using more complex targeting and automation, you’d probably want to go for one of the email platforms geared towards that.
Make sure to compare pricing plans and feature sets for different platforms in order to choose the one that best fits your needs and growth strategy. Now that you’ve got a general idea of what you’ll be needing to start out, you need to finalize the last piece of the puzzle to start executing your drip marketing strategy. One of the most common ways to build your mailing list is to have an exit intent popup on your website.
Another method is to run an ad campaign on Google and Facebook targeting your desired audience via keywords, demographics and interests and directing them to a targeted landing page.
In both cases, once users submit their emails with the form, they’ll immediately be able to download your first value proposition.
There are a myriad of more creative and targeted ways to capture email addresses from your target audience. A drip marketing email strategy can be an extremely effective way of staying in front of your target audience and delivering messages that are highly anticipated and valuable.

Most home building companies focus on a geographical area of between 25 and 50 square miles.
Online search is the primary method used by consumers when they want to find a local service. Ask everyone who stops by your booth to leave a business card or sign your visitora€™s book and collect addresses to add to your email marketing database. Network with local plumbers, electricians and hardware stores, as well as anyone else that is aligned with building and construction in the area.
The trick is to become recognized locally as an expert in your field, so that when homeowners are ready to start building they know who to contact. By developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes these and other options, you can make sure you set time aside to do the things that will ultimately bring you the business that you want. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
This forms the foundation of your marketing as it simply gets your name and message in front of your ideal clients on a consistent basis. The solution is to move to the next stage of building trust, by increasing Credibility and that's through presentations.
Talks, intro workshops, keynotes, teleclasses, webinars, podcasts, CDs and video all build your credibility.
When you meet and connect with someone in person, you convey things that can't be communicated through the written word or through presentations. It's actually the one that the majority of Independent Professionals rely on more than any other. No matter how well you do with the first three, you can undermine all of those efforts if your degree of performance falls short. These marketing strategies can be broken down into four distinct categories that build this trust step-by-step.
We think you have tapped into a very real concept here and think it helped to make this month's Carnival great. Green, self-orientation is the most powerful of the four components (the others are credibility, reliability, and intimacy).
I am just beginning to learn about the technology that I can use to produce podcasts and YouTube materials and other multi-media materials. If people understand what you believei in and if they see that you believe in something, I think it helps build trust. The purpose is to send targeted emails with strong value propositions that keep leads interested in your product or service for eventual conversion.
It shouldn’t be the only method you rely on to get leads or the only method of email marketing to engage in.
In essence, it’s what you’re giving your target audience in exchange for their email to be added to your mailing list.
Your value proposition must to be relevant to whatever the user is looking for or interested in. It can’t be a weak or fluffy piece of content that tells the recipient something they already know or something they could find with a 5-second Google search—and it must be relevant to what the user was initially looking for or interested in. You can download templates from Graphicriver to level up the professionalism of your content. These follow-up emails also need to have strong value propositions, but they don’t need to give something as valuable as the first value proposition.
If you’re selling a product, then potentially throwing in a nice discount or bonus offer could be enough to tip the user in your favor.
If you’re a business with consultative experience, a free consultation could get you on a direct phone call with the lead. This value proposition, like the first one, should be on a professional and presentable template. There are generally two types of email platforms on the market right now: email blast-geared and newer, automation-geared platforms. This type of popup appears when a user shows an intent to leave your website, it’s a last ditch effort to get them to stay. This is where there would be a simple form and information regarding the benefits of your first value proposition.

This could be done when they hit the submit button, being redirected to a download page or receiving an immediate email with a download link.
But these two methods are the most simple to implement for a basic drip marketing strategy. This helps you stay in front of your target audience while slowly convincing them to take the desired action. If you choose a more advanced and automated email marketing platform, you can trigger messages to be sent based on a variety of criteria and user behavior.
For the best results, make sure that it’s an integral part of your overall inbound marketing strategy and you’ll be well on your way to seeing the changes you’re looking for. Anything further away becomes expensive for both builders and customers, in terms of transporting materials and labor. That means ita€™s vital to make sure your company is listed in all search engines that offer a local component, such as Google Places, Bing and Yelp.
HubSpot recently posted a great list of 50 business directories to use for local marketing.
Set up a table and a display with a computer presentation showing some of your successful projects.
You might suggest an option the homeowner hasna€™t considered, and at the very least you will have made a new connection. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Just think, do you buy a product or service after seeing an advertisement or someone's Twitter tweets only a few times?
When you are at that point, it is relatively easy to set up selling conversations with ideal clients.
It should be another crucial cog in the machine to generate valuable leads that have already shown interest in your products or services and have therefore shown positive intent. A drip marketing strategy begins with a give and take, first you give the user a valuable piece of something and then you take the email address they give you in exchange.
The number of follow-up emails you should use varies, but it’s good to have at least 10 follow-up emails ready by the time you launch your first campaign with 3-4 additional emails added every month.
In fact, some of these older platforms have recently been adding more and more advanced automation features. The pop-up should offer the first value proposition you have in exchange for the user giving you their email address.
If you need assistance building a drip email campaign for your business or organization, drop us a line or send us a shout out and we’ll help guide you!
This makes reaching your target market so much easier, because you can implement combined traditional and inbound marketing strategy that focuses on the local area really well. You can build up client reviews and testimonials as well as being searchable for potential customers. Join local community organizations and attend networking events with the members whenever you can. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
Examples of these triggers could include someone who opened or did not open one of your messages, if they visited a specific page on your website—or if they did or didn’t click on a link in an email within a specific amount of time. Pass out business cards with your name and contact information, your website or blog address, and include details of your specialties on the back.

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