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You don’t want to overwhelm your reader with ads, but you also don’t want to use so few ads that no one notices them.
A more commercial blog can likely handle more ads in different places, whereas a blog with more personal content should perhaps use the ads sparingly.Are video or sound ads a good idea?In most cases, no. Many internet users are multi-tasking, and that may include watching a video or listening to music while they browse the web.
An ad that just turns itself on when you log onto the page can be an unwelcome interruption. Flashing ads are also a good thing to avoid.Should I use affiliate ads?Affiliate ads are a slightly newer choice in blog advertising.

These are a great way to incorporate advertising into your actual content without having to place a physical ad. This type of advertising is also less obtrusive and makes it easier for your reader to decide whether they would like to visit the other site or not. Whether or not to use affiliate advertising is going to depend on the content of your blog. If you are regularly reviewing or discussing other products, it’s a great way to fit in advertising.Choosing advertising for your blog can be a tricky task. It’s a great idea to have a friend, family member, or someone else who is not familiar with your site to review it before you it goes live.

Once your site is up and running, pay careful attention to reader comments regarding your advertising.
Knowing your audience is probably the best way to decide what types of ads to put on your blog. If your blog has more specific subject matter, for example a pizza delivery site, it might be wise to find sponsors or pair up with other, similar websites.

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