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UNIQLO's research and design (R&D) centers continually research analyze the latest fashions and lifestyles from around the world as well as look for new materials. UNIQLO can secure stable, high-volume supplies of top-quality materials at low cost by negotiating directly with materials manufacturers, and placing large-volume orders. UNIQLO deploys about 400 staff and textile takumi (skilled artisans) to offices in Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Dhaka, Jakarta and Istanbul. As UNIQLO expands its global reach, we have formed business relationships with partner factories in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The Inventory Control department maintains the optimum level of store inventory by monitoring sales and stock on a weekly basis, and dispatching necessary inventory and new products to fulfill product orders. Each season, UNIQLO conducts promotional campaigns for core products such as fleece, Ultra Light Down, AIRism and HEATTECH. In addition, UNIQLO is forging ahead with its strategy to open global flagship stores in major cities around the world.
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CBS can provide detailed Feasibility Analyses on projects including economic, production, site selection, market(s), capital requirements, availability of funds, governmental assistance programs and potential joint venture partners.
Market analysis and planning are critical elements for start-up as well as on-going businesses. The principals at CBS have extensive experience in patents, Intellectual property and the pathways to get them to market. In todaya€™s highly competitive business environment, companies must engage in Strategic Planning to stay ahead of game.
CBS can assist your company in creating your Mission Statement and Objectives, Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Evaluation and Controls, SWOT Analysis, PEST analysis, and much more. As we are conducting Social Media Analysis for franchise brands, we regularly get asked about using social media to find potential buyers.  It seems that the industry as a whole is getting tired of buying leads from lead aggregators that can be expensive and are looking for new ways to generate qualified leads. Follow these 5 steps to get prospects to opt in.  As they opt-in for these “freemiums” you have established a lead for your company but better than that, you have made a connection with a future buyer. Digital Marketing & Social Media Campaign ManagerApril 22, 2016What do auto-braking systems have to do with your business? UNIQLO negotiates directly with materials suppliers around the world, placing large orders to ensure steady access to world-class natural materials.
On these occasions, designers meet with representatives from the merchandising, marketing, materials development and production departments to discuss and finalize concepts for upcoming seasons.
After meeting with the R&D designers, merchandisers then apply the concepts for each season to product plans, materials and designs.

We will also look at expanding our global manufacturing base by developing relationships with factories closer to UNIQLO stores in Europe and the United States.
At the end of each season, merchandisers and the Marketing Department help coordinate the timing of markdowns and limited-period sales (typically 20-30% off the regular price) to ensure that inventory sells out. During these campaigns, UNIQLO advertises these core products' unique qualities and noteworthy features on TV and in other media. Since the opening of the first store outside Japan in 2001, UNIQLO International has expanded to 798 stores, including 467 stores in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), 155 in South Korea, and 108 in Southeast Asia and Oceania.
Of that total, 174 stores are located in China, 16 in Hong Kong, 90 in South Korea, 25 in Taiwan, 8 in Singapore, 6 in Malaysia, 6 in Thailand, 2 in Republic of the Philippines, 10 in the United Kingdom, 3 in France, 2 in Russia and 5 in the United States.
New global flagship stores in Taipei, New York Fifth Avenue and Seoul in fall 2011 have successfully boosted UNIQLO's brand appeal in their respective markets.
A solid feasibility analysis can save significant capital and reduce risk down the road, and is typically a logical precursor to creating a business plan.
In todaya€™s business environment, markets are constantly changing, becoming more global and more Internet-based. In brief, it produces fundamental plans and actions that shape and guide what a company is, what it does, where it does it, how it does it and why is does it. Have a road map to success in place which maximizes your chances of reaching your objective. Statistically, buyers are 57% through the buying process by the time they reach out to a sales person.
Who does your target buyer already do business with (bankers, accountants, lawyers, financial planners, luxury car dealers, etc.)? Once you identify your target audience, you need to consider what they look like 6 months to 1 year or more before they begin the research process of finding a new business opportunity.
Make sure as these prospects are enjoying your content you have made it easy and enticing for them to engage at a deeper level. Then UNIQLO's R&D centers prepare designs and refine samples until each product is finalized.
Our in-depth research and experimentation generates multi-layered improvements in the functionality, feel, silhouette and texture of our clothes.
Next, they decide the product lineup and volume for each season, paying close attention to a detailed marketing strategy. Customer concerns regarding quality are communicated immediately to production departments, and then improvements are made. In Japan, for example, weekly flyers in the Friday editions of national newspapers, which are delivered to most households, promote the apparel that will be discounted through Monday.

UNIQLO operations in Asia are developing into highly profitable businesses and therefore a more aggressive new store opening policy has been pursued in the Asian nations of China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, with 100 new stores scheduled to open for business in the Asian region in fiscal 2013.
Let CBS guide you through the process of starting a new business, expanding an existing one or making an acquisition.
You need to nurture these relationships too because they can connect you with potential buyers.
You are looking for people that have a decent net worth and want to be approached in a more business-like setting. Ask yourself; What keeps them awake at night?” “What kind of lifestyle do they enjoy?” “What are their motives for even thinking about owning their own business?” Start building blog posts and videos that speak to these needs.
Offer up an eBook or a Business Assessment Consultation that would help them consider what type of business might fit their skillset the best or have them opt-in for some other social media currency. UNIQLO is known and loved by consumers worldwide for its ability to challenge the conventional wisdom of clothing. For example, we source denim to specific spinning standards and dyeing specifications from Kaihara Corporation.
One other important task for our merchandisers is to decide when to increase or reduce production during a season.
CBS can do a complete market analysis, budgets, and structure distribution networks to get your products to market faster, cheaper and more efficiently than your competition. The preparation of the patent, drawings, presentation, filing method and strategic countries should all be considered along with the marketing plan and budget.
We also develop materials with our strategic partner Toray Industries, a synthetic fiber manufacturer, to create HEATTECH.
Any decisions about adjusting production in line with demand are made jointly with the product planning department. Intellectual property and patents are key elements that investors look for in new companies as a means of competitive advantage. Let CBS help you protect ideas, save money, time and get the best results from your invention.

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