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IMAGINE a world without your favorite car, your favorite ice cream, personal computer, smartphone or any other essential or desired product or service!
Creating customers means identifying needs in the marketplace, deciding on which needs the organization can profitability serve, and developing a product or service offering to turn potential buyers into satisfied customers.
Marketing is a vital part of every organization whether a for-profit or not-for-profit, large or small, private or public. Many CEO's of today's corporations come from Marketing backgrounds, so target your success here! Your marketing coursework will prepare you for your career with real-world client projects and experiences that will be challenging and fun, as well as, help you master the skills listed above.
Main Page Content The Department of Marketing ?provides students with the knowledge and skills required to strategically identify and develop products and services that meet customer needs.

The Sales Education Foundation ?named DePaul University among the top universities for professional sales education in 2011 – the only university in Chicago to make the cut. DePaul ranked 14th nationally among institutions conferring undergraduate degrees in marketing on students of color in Diverse Issue in Higher Education's 2014 ranking. Students learn from a faculty of scholars and business leaders who bring the real world of marketing into the classroom.  DePaul's robust internship program and career services provide an opportunity for students to apply what they've learned and forge career connections. Marketers facilitate the exchange between buyers and sellers through strategic planning that is essential to a company's success. Marketing professionals are essential to identifying customers' wants and needs and then planning, developing, promoting, pricing, selling, and distributing products and services in the most effective way. Courses are designed to prepare students for the rigors and ambiguity of marketing leadership in the contemporary global economy by providing a high degree of skill in analysis, conceptual ability, planning and control of market activity.

For example, paid internships are available at companies like Pepsi, Red Bull and Anheuser-Busch for students that have taken the course MKT 380 - Science of Retailing. It is often said that the purpose of any organization is to create customers and to create for customers.

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