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Geralmente e escrito por empreendedores, quando ha intencao de se iniciar um negocio, mas tambem pode ser utilizado como ferramenta de marketing interno e gestao.
De acordo com o pensamento moderno, a utilizacao de planos estrategicos ou de negocios e um processo dinamico, sistemico  participativo e continuo para a determinacao dos objetivos, estrategias e acoes da organizacao; assume-se como um instrumento relevante para lidar com as mudancas do meio ambiente interno e externo e para contribuir para o sucesso das organizacoes.
O Business Plan tambem e utilizado para comunicar o conteudo a investidores de risco, que podem se decidir a aplicar recursos no empreendimento.
Agora que voce entende por que voce precisa de um plano de negocios e voce passou algum tempo fazendo sua licao de casa escolhendo as informacoes que voce precisa para criar um Business Plan, e hora de arregacar as mangas e colocar tudo no papel. Iremos descrever em detalhes as setes secoes essenciais de um plano de negocios: o que voce deve incluir, o que voce nao deve incluir, como trabalhar os numeros e os recursos adicionais.
Dentro do esboco geral do plano de negocios, o sumario executivo vai seguir a pagina de titulo. O objetivo da analise competitiva e determinar os pontos fortes e fracos dos concorrentes dentro de seu mercado, estrategias que lhe dara uma vantagem distinta, as barreiras que podem ser desenvolvidas, a fim de evitar a concorrencia de entrar em seu mercado, e quaisquer fraquezas que podem ser exploradas no ambito do ciclo de desenvolvimento do produto.
As operacoes e plano de gestao e projetada para descrever como as funcoes de negocios em uma base continua.
Os dados financeiros e sempre na parte de tras do plano de negocios, mas isso nao quer dizer que seja menos importante do que na frente de material, tais como o conceito de negocio ea equipe de gestao. Embora isso possa parecer o caos, e realmente o oposto, o plano de negocios constantemente atualizada e o que faz ordem a partir do caos. If you are like me, you read email, participate in social media and research information regularly via your mobile device. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Robert Jasper -Business & Marketing Expert The Art of QualityConsulting ORLANDO…a Brand of Technology Applications International LLC. Proven and Market tested Strategies for business owners and entrepreneurs -used successfully many times –Ask for examples. However, a stiff insure page complicates this particular simple activity by curtailing the page from quickly flipping wide open and spreading flat.
Uma analise do mercado forca o empreendedor a se familiarizar com todos os aspectos do mercado para que o mercado-alvo pode ser definido e que a empresa pode ser posicionado de modo a angariar a sua quota de vendas.
O plano de operacoes ira destacar a logistica da organizacao, tais como as diversas responsabilidades da equipa de gestao, as tarefas atribuidas a cada divisao dentro da empresa, e exigencias de capital e as despesas relacionadas com as operacoes da empresa.
Voce deve atualizar seu plano de negocios a cada mes, a cada semana e todos os dias; sempre que as coisas mudam, voce atualiza o seu plano.
Torna-se um processo de planejamento de longo prazo que define a sua estrategia, os objetivos e os passos que voce precisa tomar constantemente e estar ciente dos resultados desses passos. According to Pew Internet research, 63% of adult cell owners now use their phones to go online and 34% of these cell internet users say that they mostly go online using their cell phone.With this growth, if the first impression a buyer has of your brand on their smartphone or tablet is not the experience they expect, you can potentially lose a customer before you even know they are interested.
They both include a unique as well as exciting income opportunity with the prospects for high expenditure returns.
Aggravating your investor what individuals suddenly is required to divert 1 hand in the uncooperative business decide to answer the iphone as the software rings meant for attention, leaving the free offer to wrestle using the cover and offer the plan’s sites flat.

It boasts a brief headline opening into the line that includes the essence of your business.
O plano de negocio e um documento vivo, no sentido de que deve ser constantemente atualizado para que seja util na consecucao dos objetivos dos empreendedores e de seus socios. Voce tambem deve fornecer informacoes sobre todos os varios mercados dentro do setor, incluindo novos produtos ou desenvolvimentos que irao beneficiar ou prejudicar o seu negocio. Arriving in the am mail, each snugly bound schedule lands to the desk from the same future business buyer. Both blueprints are contending with many hundreds other paperwork, worksheets, cell phone calls, and articles for any investor’s particular attention.
93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. And, they compete during time, because each of them, seen for a couple of seconds, is frequently heeded and also passed together and rarely returned to by investor.
Not considering the small business name or the actual, the buyer and seller must right now open the master plan so that they can learn a single thing meaningful for the business project.
Online visibility is a must, so every small business needs a strategy that increases their visibility when someone is in need of their products or services.Although your web presence begins with a well-designed, mobile responsive website and integrated blog, it is much more.
Once you have your baseline visibility, then add marketing activities that help increase and optimize your presence on social media and online directories.6.
Simplicity in marketing will become the normSimplicity in marketing will become the normMany marketers feel that today’s buyers are web-savvy, mobile-enabled researchers capable of sifting through the complex information about a product or service in order to make a purchase decision. In reality, buyers are looking for trustworthy information that helps them easily and efficiently weigh their purchase options.
Too many options and messages can paralyze decision making, encouraging the buyer to look at your competitors.Keep your marketing simple. Focus on creating websites and marketing materials whose design is clean and message is clear to attract more people to your business.What small business marketing trends will effect you?Evaluate where you are with these areas for your business and add to your plan where necessary. Get ready for 2014 and have the best year in your business yet.What small business marketing trends do you think are critical to your success? The integrated marketing plan becomes popular againIntegrated marketing plan becomes popularAlthough I’m not a huge fan of complex marketing plans, I do believe having a plan is more important for small businesses than they realize. Content marketing dominates small business marketing strategiesContent marketing dominates small business marketingToday’s buyers are smart – we no longer want to be sold and we are sure going to know a lot about the possible solutions to our problems before we make a purchase decision.
Even if your industry is self-explanatory in many ways, investors and vendors who do not necessarily understand your perspective will need a plan before they will trust you with their business.Fortunately, there are many tried-and-true tropes that you can use when you are formulating a marketing plan that will translate between industries. In fact, according to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) almost 60% of the purchase decision is made before prospects reach out to vendors. Here are some of the best resources available for you to anyway and why you should use them.Government SourcesResources such as those provided by the Small Business Administration are among the best resources that you can use to formulate your marketing plan. This means the buyer is finding content from expert sources to help them determine the best solution to their problem.Almost 80% of marketers with company blog report ROITo position your business as an expert resource, you need to create content that speaks to your audience, helping them determine the best route to take.
Because everyone is trying to get contracts with the government, the marketing plans that they put a stamp of approval on create many trends in the world of business plans.Government sources will also help you to cross over your business plans into the public sector if you so choose.

What this means for small businesses is that you need to have a blog if you don’t already have one and you must keep adding new, fresh content regularly. Government standards for business plans are usually much higher than those of private companies depending on the company that you are trying to influence.
If you can pass muster with the government, odds are that you will not have trouble within the private sector either.Smart InsightsThis website has one of the most extensive libraries of tips on business plans and marketing that is available online.
42% of consumers look to blogs for information about potential purchases; 52% say blogs have impacted their purchase decisions. According to Hubspot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing, almost 80% of marketers with a company blog have acquired new customers.3.
Case studies get reinvented into content marketing storiesIt’s hard to continually produce content that is relevant to your audience. The true value of this site is the ability to find absolutely anything that you want to at the drop of a dying.
Most small businesses have plenty of satisfied customers but few use these experiences as a source of rich content that will help others understand how you solve a problem better than anyone else.But did you know that for B2B marketers customer testimonials (89%) and case studies (88%) have the highest effectiveness rating for influencing potential buyers? And 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses and 73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more.Most of us underestimate the value of what we do really well because what we do for our clients may seem so simple to us. Whatever holes you have in your business plan will easily be filled when you find articles from highly reputable sources in a timely fashion.ImforzaImforza is a go-to website for online entrepreneurs that are looking for funding from outside sources. We are taught that things of value must be difficult, therefore what we do which is easy for us has no value.Just remember that your ideal clients are willing to pay you to do what you do best because it solves a problem or fulfills a need, regardless of how simple it may seem to you. Your existing clients and customers can often provide inspiration for your most powerful and engaging content spoken in the language your customer understands.4.
Among the resources are many business plan samples that span over a number of industries and time periods.
Marketing activities evolve from mobile enabled to mobile optimizedMobile enabled evolves to mobile optimizedA year ago in my post on small business marketing trends for 2013, I said that mobile support was mission critical and that mobile responsive design would be the most popular small business solution.
No matter what industry you are in or how intimidating your potential investors are, Imforza will give you the ammo that you need to impress them with the right statistics.
You will also learn how to format your business plan to speak directly to C level employees who do not have time to go through a great deal of work before they make a decision. She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content.
Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.

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