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I was inspired to put this together after I published my Twitter tools post, earlier last week. Facebook has been getting a lot of different types of opinions this year, some say their advertising platform is rubbish, while others have come up with ways of using Facebook as a DDoS (denial service) tool. I’m not here to dive into the depths of Facebook, to try and uncover lousy ways of approaching things.
Woovent takes the default Facebook Events panel, and turns it into something magical, with additional features and a completely new look.
For each event, post your pictures related to the event in a few clicks and share them with all guests.
Keeping track of such data by default might prove to be more difficult than you may initially think, and Kit. GoChime customers have used the service to increase the average reach and engagement on their email lists by 3x and achieved up to a 16x ROI on ad spend.
Can you imagine walking down a street, full of gadgets that display the social statistics for that business, and then you make a decision based on those stats?
It’s a limited edition toolbox, which as it appears is already sold out, but we should expect to see an influx of these any time soon. It was announced mid-April, and actually seems to have received a lot of positive feedback already, despite some of the concerns from control freaks. I suppose it enables you to know which of your business mates is around, and you never know where the next ideas is going to come from, so why not invite them for a coffee, if they can spare the time? Deskhop will enable you to have direct computer-to-computer experiences with your friends, through Facebook.
Up until the discovery of this tool, I had never thought of creating my Facebook profile into a website, but once I looked around, it didn’t seem like that bad of an idea. I think a lot of these tools are forcing to use forward thinking, which is absolutely a great thing. Once we get past that stage of shyness, we can begin to interact with our clients and customers on a new level. The content written by this author is still frequently updated, but due to some changes in the past, all new content published by this author is being done so under a new username. Node.js or most commonly know as Node, is a JavaScript platform that allows you to build large scale web applications. Coding in Python is not hard, in fact - it has been acclaimed as the easiest programming language to learn for a long time.
Ruby is one of those programming languages that have been around for many years, twenty in this case. All readers of CodeCondo are entitled to our free web development and web design courses over at Eduonix, our sister company. Sites like Craigslist and Oodle are just a few of 100’s of FREE classified sites where your salon business marketing efforts can really spotlight your salon services, promotions, events and products.
Marketing your beauty business whether it is a hair salon, makeup studio, jewelry design, color studio or day spa could not get any easier.
As with any online site, the idea that you can build your Business Blog and then people will arrive in their hundreds will find you sadly unimpressed with the results that you receive.
However, the upside is that this does not need to be as arduous as it might seem if you have set up and are using a Business Blog as we have been discussing, then many of these elements will be in place for you already, particularly with regard to the Search Engines. I have divided the marketing into three areas for the sake of clarity, although they should all be working in conjunction with each other. As a start point and as an overview, I recommend considering the elements outlined in the diagram below.
Not all of these tools and techniques will be applicable to every Blog or every circumstance it is therefore important to assess which are going to be most effective and then focus on them. While it has been mentioned throughout this course, it is worth repeating that the fundamental element which all of the following methods build on is relevant, well written content. By maintaining the focus in your blog, you will continue to attract your target audience and, by continuing to supply information which meets their needs or addresses business issues that they have, they will read your posts, come back on a regular basis and recommend your blog to others. You are then in a position to turn to the other marketing and promotional methods that are open to you for your Blog. All blogs should have at least one RSS feed and over time possibly more as you segment both your content and your blogs readership.
If you find that you have to create your own RSS feed, then I would recommend that you try Feed for All which is quite straightforward to use. With your RSS feed set up and in place, you can focus on subscribers and ensuring that they get the best from the RSS Feed. RSS feeds are an excellent and easy method to help readers to find you and your content so use them wherever you can.
There are also web directories where you can submit your RSS feed and where the content from the RSS can be searched on both for general subject area and in terms of the content of individual posts as well. There are an increasing number of directories which are dedicated to blogs and which can offer a good way to get your blog referenced and linked to.
Being found in these directories will help not only encourage visitors to your Business blog but also help with the Page Rank element of Google.
There are some main Blog Search Engines which are important to be indexed in luckily, this can be done rather more simply than is the case with the mainstream Search Engines by pinging the relevant web servers (see below). Pinging, in terms of blogs, is where you send a short automatic notification to the blog servers (such as Search Engines) to tell them that you have posted new information on your Business Blog and that they should come to index it! Pinging can be set up to happen automatically within the Blog system itself in most cases and this is by far the simplest way. As there is a great deal of overlap in the servers that they ping, it is not necessary to uise them all so select your preferred service and use that. These are tags or phrases which are added to a post by its author to indicate the main elements of its content and so should give an accurate reflection of what areas the post is talking about. Including tags in a post will allow you to attract people who are searching on specific areas with tags rather than through general search methods, and used correctly can be very effective for both author and reader. Right from the start, I have been encouraging you to dip your toe in the enormous number of blogs that are out there and following some than most interest you or you find most relevant. When you post a comment, most blogs request your name and your website address then when you submit your comment, it appears with your name which forms a link back to your site.
However, if you add value to the post in your comment, then there is a greater likelihood that people will want to follow the link from your comment back to your own blog to read more of what you have to say. When you write articles which reference other blogs, then you should always credit the original source and place a link to it within the text of your post.

Once again, the quality of the post that you write will then determine whether people consider it worthwhile to have followed the trackback and visited your blog so try to ensure that you are adding something to the original or taking it in another direction.
I have previously described blogs as websites with special characteristics which set them apart and make them so very useful. The topic of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in blogs was covered earlier in the course and so I wont go over old ground again here except by saying that the main Search Engines consisting of Google, Yahoo and MSN are still the most widely used method of finding new information on the web. Business Blogs are great for this because they have excellent structure, contain focused content, and are regularly updated.
Search Advertising, or Pay Per Click advertising, is just as applicable to Business Blogs as it is to websites.
Calculating ROI on any advertising done would be highly sensible, but it should be remembered that since a good blog is generally sticky (that is to say, it is better able to retain the visitors that it attracts), there is a greater likelihood of recommendations and return visits, so these should be factored into the calculations for a truer picture. Posting articles to online article sites is a good way to both raise your profile and create additional inbound links to your Blog. You can use the subject matter in your posts to develop several articles which can then be submitted to these article sites which store and display the articles by category they can then be downloaded and used by others. Participate in online forums which are relevant to your business the benarl business forums are good because they are divided into subject areas and so you are able to discuss elements with other people who are also interested in the subject matter. In addition, most forums allow a signature area at the bottom of your comments where you can link back to your Business Blog good for Search Engines but also very good to help direct people interested in the forms subject matter back to your Blog as well. Not strictly online as such, but you should always make sure that the signature that you have on your email contains your Blog address in the same way that you include other details such as your website address and other contact details. Rather than cover the area in great depth here, I will outline some areas that you should consider employing. Make sure that your Business Blog address appears on your personal and company stationery such as business cards, letter heads and compliments slips.
Likewise in your brochures, flyers and leaflets, you should take the opportunity to give the recipients a direct link to further information on the subject. On your stand, on the flyers that you distribute and in any presentations that you give, you will have the chance to focus peoples attention on your blog. Whether this is done in conjunction with an email marketing campaign or not, a blog is often an excellent place to direct people for passionate views on the product or for a centralised information source for a conference you are running, for example.
You could also issue a Press Release outlining the fact that you have decided to create and develop a Blog and giving the reasons behind it and the benefits that your customers can expect to gain from it. We now have a Business Blog which should be being marketed and promoted to all of the relevant target audience that we identified when we planned the blog and hopefully even further afield.
It is therefore an appropriate moment to look back and check that some of the key areas that we intended to put in place have not been overlooked, and to make sure that we have not committed some of the mistakes which can so often creep into blogs. Better Business Blogging is always written by Blog Consultant, Mark White, and is designed to help all businessesto use corporate blogs and social media marketing to develop business. No matter if you are just starting out as an eager MC or commanding your own thriving Ambit enterprise, if earning income and opportunities is what you've always wanted, Ambit has got your number. It may seem like a no-brainer, but this basic building block, when utilized and reinforced throughout your downline, will be the driving force behind high-impact results. More than just an incentive to build deeper, more productive teams, the 7-level system can be the key to having the lifestyle you've always wanted. Effective Business Presentations are crucial to Ambit's success – not to mention in reaching your own personal potential.
Throughout the month of March, when you spend $30 or more online at the Ambit Store, you get a free Ambit License Plate Cover! Our primary focus is to work closely with clients and help them succeed in setting and meeting their marketing goals. I had fun putting together some of the new, and cool stuff that has been entering the market, and this list was not an exception.
You can watch a really great discussion about that particular statement on the Hacker News website.
I’m here to present you with 10 Facebook tools that you can use for both business and marketing efforts. Why not go for the Facebook Wi-Fi feature, which will enable you to open up your very own Wi-Fi hotspot to those who’re also users of Facebook. The biggest feature at the moment, seems to be the ability to take an album of photos and create a collage out of a previous event, where the photos were being taken. You may also activate our photo collector to get all the event’s photos that were posted on social networks. Many businesses are already using GoChime to synchronize their outreach services with the social world, mostly Facebook. It seems that the team is still ironing out a couple of things, but the coverage and sight is there – see for yourself. We’re already aware of the fact that many successful online business are so, only because of the support of social media. I thought the same thing, but then I introduced myself to the FAQ and, that cleared up a few things. You could use Memeoirs to document the growth of your business, how it evolved and what kind of people you had to reach out to at the early stages, to gain the necessary momentum. Bubble Chat is designed with attention to clear and intelligent use by people, young or old. The wonderful  and most exciting news about using this business marketing tool for your salon is that it helps to get your salon, website or blog top ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To make it successful, you will also need to spend time in promoting and marketing your blog. The main aspects that we will be looking at are the online methods, both those specific to Blogs as well as more general emarketing methods, and an overview of some of the basic methods that you should also be employing offline. This is a summary which I produced to give an overview of the integrated marketing approach that I take when looking at website promotion and general business development by mixing online emarketing with traditional offline marketing methods. Good content will in itself attract visitors to your blog as people recommend your blog to others. You will not have the same attitude as you get on websites where reciprocal links are requested – the essence of the Blogosphere is its power of communication, much of which is achieved through linking.
The RSS feed will generally be created automatically for you by your Blogging software and so your main task will be to make sure that it can be found. Alternatively, consider moving your Blog to a system which does this automatically as it will give you much more scope in the future and certainly save you time. If you wish to create the individual icons for different readers then this will help to remind people to do so.

One is to create a special RSS feed address which will allow you to see how many subscribers you have to your feed but there are others which I will mention below. Most are general directories with sub categories which function in the same way as the main web directories, though there are already some which are focused on certain particular market areas. The Blog Search Engines will generally then index the new posts on your Blog almost as soon as you have posted them. Alternatively, you do not have to ping lots of different places manually fortunately, there are some specialist sites which will help to do this for you. For blogs, the most commonly used are tags for Technorati the Search Engine then allows you to search not only in a general fashion but also by individual tags.
Ideally, once you have your own blog up and running then you should not only be reading them but also commenting on them. Nevertheless, this does mean that they can therefore be promoted in the same way as a normal website using the online methods available to us. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to submit your site to the main Search Engines Google will pick you up through links that are created either from general websites, other blogs or directories and in any case will transfer information across from its blogsearch engine. You should be aware that many web directories will only accept the home URL of a site and so these would only be applicable if you have set your Blog up on a different domain name rather than when you have integrated it into your company site. However, since you should not be aiming to sell directly in your blog, it is likely that you will need to take a more medium to long-term view to any promotional campaign that you run. Importantly, they also permit a signature which is a short block at the end of your article containing details about you as the author and where you can include a link to your blog. You can therefore reference articles within your blog during these discussions and well as develop a reputation which can be built upon in the Blog.
You should therefore consider integrating the emarketing methods outlined above with the traditional offline methods that you already employ to market your company website.
Even if it is a part of your company website, if it is important enough to set up and develop then it is important enough to highlight as a separate section in the stationery. But aside from the Five-Star Trip winners, Auto Ship magazine bundle-count and points needed to remain "active," 20 is the number of Customer points (pending or energized) required for Executive Consultants to achieve the ultimate accomplishment and honor – promoting to National Consultants. That's why we work with our Field Team and an independent assessment network to conduct unbiased evaluations and score BP performances. While many think if it as your monthly CRB and CRI payout day, success-minded Ambit achievers know the number 15 means only one thing: Free Energy.
And nothing helps make your first impression as powerful and profitable as it can be like our sharp-looking Ambit business cards. This is crucial for small businesses that must get the highest return on every marketing dollar spent. We offer total support and a commitment to communicate their ideas in a strategic, creative, and cost-effective manner.
This way, whenever someone begins to use your particular hotspot, their friends get notified through the News Feed – which should lead to more business to you. Memeoirs aims to translate some of your most personal moments from email conversations, Facebook and other media into a nice, neatly organized book.
You could show your profile from within a landing page, with custom design – rather than redirect to plain old Facebook.
Most classified ads will allow you to upload pictures, post information about yourself, create slideshows, contact information, Facebook and other social media links. This is done much more readily than elsewhere on the net but is based on merit and quality. This is one of the key reasons why you can find such up to date information using these Search Engines and a contributory factor as to why blogs are so valuable.
Its a way of getting your name out into the blogosphere as well as encouraging people back to your own blog. A trackback will automatically inform the author that you have referenced their post in your blog and are continuing the themes from their article in your own post.
Likewise, both Yahoo and MSN will do the same although as extra impetus, you should consider creating a My Yahoo page and then adding your RSS feed as a content source.
Pay Per Click campaigns, however, do also raise general brand awareness as well as company profile, in addition to delivering targeted customers. If your company has disparate areas of activity then remember that a blog needs to be focused and so you would be better advised to set up one related to each. This game-changing revamp and reboot of the Free Energy promotion is potentially your express pass to limitless possibilities and long-term, exceptional wealth. Make sure prospects have your crucial contact info and gathering websites anytime the urge or opportunity hits them. Pioneer Marketing will provides its clients with a broad range of "winning" marketing consulting services. People will reference your site and comment on what you have written if it warrants it this will create a buzz around your blog and acts in a viral marketing way. At the same time, it will also create a link in the comments section of the original post which people can follow back to your blog. Achieve Team Builder Bonuses for helping your personally sponsored Consultants gather 5 Customer points (4 in Texas) over their first 4 weeks. Download the updated flyer and our Free Energy FAQs to see how 15 people can change your life forever. Strategic planning utilizes those processes that lead to an executable marketing plan including identifying areas of opportunity, market segmentation, product line analysis, financial planning, competitive analysis, and culminate in the design of a project implementation plan. This will serve as a detailed road map for the planning and supervision of all marketing activities. Marshall's Marketing Program is ranked in the top 15 in the country and its graduates have gone on to take positions with the nation's largest marketing firms. This allows us to evaluate a variety of marketing communications tools, choosing those that are best suited to the client's requirements. We then combine those tools in such a way so as to create meaningful, effective marketing for optimal results.

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