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The competitive edge in our services is the access we provide to popular "hard" adventure sports without the budget constraint of typical travelers. The sales strategy is to create long-term relationships with customers through superior service.
We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan. We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create automatic financials for your own business plan. Adventure Excursions Unlimited will have several milestones early on: Business plan completion. Start your own business plan »Your business plan can look as polished and professional as this sample plan. Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We have operator offices in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar so please contact us if you need a trustworthy DMC in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Quaestor's competitive edge is our positioning as strategic ally with our clients, who are clients more than customers.
Quaestor's sales strategy will be based on systematic person-to-person contacts through referrals, direct mail, telemarketing and the Internet. The table below lists important program milestones, with dates and managers in charge.
I just wrote my first business plan in 24 hours using LivePlan and it's beautiful and complete.
In order to reach its goal of becoming the Pacific Northwest's premiere adventure travel agency, ATI will adopt the following strategy:Establish ATI's reputation as a differentiated, specialty provider of adventure travel.
The value proposition of ATI's services comes from ATI's experience with and love of adventure sports.
During ATI's first year of operation it will hold a grand opening and will organize and sponsor several athletic events.
ATI's distribution strategy will focus on the target market in the Woodville area to whom it will sell directly.
For individual and corporate clients who wish to participate in adventure travel, ATI is the premier adventure travel agency in the Pacific Northwest. Strategic alliances for promotion have been developed with Body Works Health Club, Woodville Whitewater, The Great Wall climbing gym, and several area retailers.
AAP is completely service minded, customizing personnel packages and offering the most it can to both employers and employees. When a business is contacted and expresses interest in contingent employees that the company can provide, the following procedures will be followed: Consult with client and create a follow-up plan. When an employee seeks to work with the company, the following procedures will be followed: Complete the professional's form in the database. The pay rate data will be determined by changing market factors including business demand.Our experience shows that the following is true in regards to pay and bill rates.
The company has an outstanding client list and an incredible number of qualified employees available.
Quaestor Services' financial plan is based on obtaining a loan by January of 2005 of $15,000 to cover the start-up expenses. Based on the realistic sales projections and efficient cost control measures in place, Quaestor will achieve profitability in the second year of operation. Due the fact that Quaestor is a new start-up company, the cash flow for FY2005 is somewhat exaggerated by the instant influx of new capital.
With the adventuring traveling industry steadily increasing, AEU sees a unique opportunity.AEU's main objective in its marketing and sales activity is to make the impression on prospective customers that AEU offers a higher level of service relative to any other provider of hard-adventure tours. That is, most travelers are looking to spend less than "hard" adventure sports without the budget constraint of typical travelers. The financial sales forecasting tool is very intuitive and makes writing a business plan more fun. With 500 complete sample plans, easy financials, and access anywhere, LivePlan turns your great idea into a great plan for success.
Quaestor is dedicated to working closely with each client and educating them on the importance of value over price.Build long term relationships. By building a business based on long-standing relationships with satisfied clients, we simultaneously build defenses against competition.
A list of potential prospects has already been compiled and will serve as a launching pad for marketing the products and services. It should be noted that although sales triple in the second year, all revenue has been forecasted very conservatively for the three year forecast. The milestone schedule indicates Quaestor's emphasis on planning for implementation and the measurement of these activities. This will be accomplished through a diverse marketing communications program at ATI's target market, utilizing various media. ATI's employees are confident in their ability to meet the needs of their customers because they share the customers' enthusiasm for the activities ATI offers.
Its marketing strategy will reflect this goal as it builds its reputation in the Woodville area. Events will include an off-road triathlon, 10k race and 5k fun run, and a mountain bike race. Information has been located detailing profiles of both hard and soft adventure travelers, where they live, work, what they do, etc. ATI's experience with and enthusiasm for adventure travel is displayed in the exceptional service, value, and advice it provides for the customer.

Complete the contact, client, and job sheet in the database.Print one of each and forward a copy of the job sheet on yellow paper to the employment specialist.
While completing this sheet, screen the employee for experience levels, requiring professional experience in each arena they wish to work. In July of 2005 an additional $10,000 in financing will be required to ensure business operations, marketing and stability during the first year of operation. The first year due to start-up costs and expenses will not be included in the break-even analysis. Subsequent years however show a healthy growth in cash flow, mainly due to the 84-month repayment of the start-up loan and increased sales. Industry Profile comparisons are for Standard Industrial Classification code 6411.0000, Insurance Agents, Brokers and Service as the majority of our revenue comes from insurance sales. This group has been defined as persons who have purchased, or are likely to purchase, a "hard-adventure" vacation for over $2,500.The trips planned are designed with the wealthy adventure traveler in mind.
The longer the relationship stands, the more we help our clients understand what we offer them and why they need it. Forecasted sales increases are overstated by the Whelnoan Insurance subsidies or Miscellaneous sales. In addition, each milestone is important to achieving the financial forecast used in this business plan. Provide unparalleled service to the people of Woodville in order to gain repeat business and build trust. ATI's confidence and ability translates into confidence for the consumer and a starting point towards developing long-term relationships and trust. ATI provides a differentiated offering with the management experience, capital, and commitment to make it work. Research suggests that many of our target customers, and travelers in general, are Internet savvy and many adventure travelers purchase over the Internet or buy through travel agents. Margins on all other products and services vary depending upon the provider but are expected to average 20%. Because we serve two distinct groups of people, both businesses and employees will be considered equally important to AAP.
The company will soon have one front office person, one employment specialist, as well as the proprietor who will concentrate on sales and running the business.
The negative net worth is created in the first year due to the start-up costs showing as a negative retained earnings. Adventure Excursions Unlimited intends to use the same service providers but provide more exclusive trips. Later marketing efforts may include trips geared towards corporate clients, Eco-tourism or hard-adventure trips for people who want to spend less money.
Quaestor will focus on personal and business clients that have been identified in the targeted markets. This will include providing superior service in all phases of the transaction, including timely follow-through. All ATI employees belong to local athletic clubs and will, through interaction with other members, promote ATI's services. People need to be reminded occasionally that there is more to life than building bigger barns. The milestones can be seen as progress points and will be used as a way to measure ATI's success in reaching its goals. Create a file for each employee and place all paperwork, along with a copy of the professional's form.
We own all necessary equipment and are in the process of acquiring more to make our jobs easier. Quaestor will achieve profitability in the second year.The fiscal year is a calendar year, January through December. As the balance sheet shows, Quaestor will not have any difficulty meeting their debt obligations as long as the conservative revenue projections are met. The third year of sales reflects an actual growth of 76% due mostly to the increase in insurance renewals.
At the end of six months, a Career Agent's production is checked for the number of policies issued-and-paid to determine subsidy level. Aggressively promote adventure sports as healthy and exciting activities and those who participate in them as pioneers, heroes, and true Pacific Northwesterners. During the grand opening and other events, ATI will provide literature with information about the trips and activities. However, as ATI builds its reputation as the premier provider of adventure travel, it expects to earn the ability to charge a premium for its services. ATI can provide clients with all of the arrangements they can think of and likely many they would not have thought of. Keep in touch with the professional quarterly if nothing comes up, more often if at all possible. Pay and bill rates generally are outlined as follows:Editors Most editors require between $25 and $35 per hour, and our history has shown a $10 per hour markup is acceptable.
In the third year of operations, Whelnoan Insurance subsidies are no longer available, resulting in a decrease in Miscellaneous revenue of $36,800 over the prior year.
ATI offers people the ability to get away and remember how much they love the challenge and excitement of an athletic endeavor. Negotiations with area health clubs have begun and additional promotions will likely occur through these strategic alliances. This group has been defined as persons who have purchased or are likely to purchase an adventure vacation. With the push of a button, AAP can search for a client or an employee needed.Businesses and employees will be able to communicate with AAP via both new technological and traditional methods.

When the professional agrees to a position, they will be supplied with an employee policy manual, pieces of letterhead for invoicing, and will complete the IRS I-9 and W-4 forms prior to beginning work. In addition, the adventure activities will be better than average because the clients have more money.
We will likely use trade or special interest magazines, direct mail, Web-based communication, and personal selling.
Obviously this can vary depending on the needs of the client, but for forecasting purposes this is the standard used in determining the monthly revenue. At the end of twelve months, a Career Agent's production is checked for the number of policies issued-and-paid to determine a new subsidy level.
Specialty, rather than large national publications, will serve as media vehicles for ATI advertising. In addition to the Internet, methods by which we will communicate with customers will depend on the results of our marketing research. Our Web page provides information about AAP including what professional fields we serve, what clients we are working with, and what services we offer. They won't get stuck with people they don't like; they will get access to the best terrain, sections of rivers, etc. In addition printed materials will be made available to customers through travel agencies that cater to the adventure target market. In addition, it is assumed that once our services are sold to the accounting client, they will continue to generate a monthly revenue until replaced. These benefits include better health, excitement, personal growth, ear-to-ear grins, and a whole lot of fun.
ATI will likely use trade or special interest magazines, mailing lists and direct mail, and personal selling.
A second-generation Web page will provide information about employees for businesses through a password-protected area.
Income tax preparation which will yield a substantial increase in revenue as a future service, but is not considered in this forecast. At the end of twenty-four months, a Career Agent's production is checked for the number of policies in force to determine waiver of one third of the subsidies paid to the agent.
At ATI we believe in the benefits of the activities we promote, and we are confident that we can satisfy the desires of the seasoned adventure traveler and the newcomer alike.Sales projections are detailed in the Yearly Sales Total chart.
Sales will be extended into the global market within a few years of operation.Our services are seasonal. ATI plans to occasionally station sales personnel in locations around Woodville such as shopping malls.
Sales will be extended into the national and global markets within a few years of operation.
Accounting is handled electronically by the proprietor through QuickBooks, with the complex needs handled by our CPA. Recurring revenue will be dependent upon successful trips involving a variety of activities offered year-round. Accounting clients can sometimes require substantial time at first, until the clients' needs are defined and set up.
At the end of thirty-six months, a Career Agent's production is checked for the number of policies in force to determine waiver of second third of the subsidies paid to the agent.
We hope to promote out of season services through frequent customer contact and through our own publication, most likely a monthly newsletter. We hope to promote out of season services through frequent customer contact and our own publication, most likely a magazine of some sort. The office is furnished with all of the technology needed to operate on a daily basis, increase market share, and serve clients. We will review up-and-coming trips, offer highlights of past trips and try to do other creative articles, giveaways, customer profiles, etc.Most sales will occur at the retail level. At the end of forty-eight months, a Career Agent's production is checked for the number of policies in force to determine waiver of last third of the subsidies paid to the agent. Interpreters have been known to work for as little as $15 per hour and for as much as $35 per hour.
The sales that occur between customers and travel agencies will be discounted appropriately, approximately 15%. In order to be eligible, an agent must have 660 property and casualty policies and 66 life policies in force.
Transactions will occur as the result of customer contact in response to communication efforts.
Sales are based on actual results (averaged) created for the first three years of a new Whelnoan Insurance agency. In most cases, without an increase in monthly production, the monthly income will almost double due to renewals. It has been determined by Whelnoan Insurance that customer loyalty in the first year is 87%, second year is 85% and third year is 89%. Other than auto, which renews every six months, all other insurance products renew on an annual basis. Because of renewals, it is possible to double sales revenue without increasing production costs.
At the end of two full years of operations as a career agent, subsidies are no longer available. Administration-Pay rates range between $50 and $75 per hour, with a preferred markup of $25 per hour.When determining the bill rate, additional expense factors to remember above the pay rate are 15% employer taxes, advertising, and staff time to fill the position.

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