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Do you feel a lack of confidence, clarity and direction as you work to be more profitable in your business? The Profit Game Plan is a simple & proven system to help you attract more leads, close more sales and to score more profit with a high level of confidence. I’ve taken my two biggest passions (outside of my family), business and baseball, and combined them to create a simple and powerful process that will bring you consistent success. The Profit Game Plan System is a proven formula to bring massive growth to you and your business. Like any good sports coach knows, it takes a combination of strategy, skills, and mindset to be a winner. Winning the game of business is nothing more than understanding your strengths and weaknesses and learning to execute a game plan to the best of your abilities. Make the decision to Score More Profit now and  call Paul Mead to discover how to bring massive growth to both you and your business.
The Profit Game Plan Puts You In ControlDiscover how you can bring massive growth to you and your business with better focus, direction and confidence from your personalized Profit Game Plan. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. IDEA POOL - This post Making the Right Moves with an Effective Game Plan shows how you can use this product in your next presentation.
The editable feature of this Business Game Plan PowerPoint Template allows you to personalize the slides to suit your presentation. Download any PowerPoint Slide product from 24point0 knowing there is a professional support team behind each product. For years, young professionals and families turned up their noses at Bay Ridge, a working-class area of southwestern Brooklyn, because of how far it is from Manhattan.
It’s located on the southwestern curve of Brooklyn, about a 45-minute commute to Lower Manhattan. The neighborhood was developed more than a century ago as a seaside retreat for wealthy families. As rapid rail transit arrived in the outer boroughs, so did the Irish, Italians, and Norwegians. While the Scandinavians left in the ‘70s, the Irish and Italians retained a stronghold for some time. Today, Bay Ridge is a melting pot, filled to the brim with Lebanese, Greek, Eastern European, Russian, Chinese, and Arab communities. Bay Ridge took the lion’s share of Brooklyn’s new development sales in the first quarter — nearly 20% — and sold more new two-bedroom homes than any neighborhood in the borough. Aside from the prices, it’s easy to see why Bay Ridge is becoming so popular with all types of people.
Daniel Levins moved to Bay Ridge eight years ago when he could no longer afford Manhattan real estate. The largest park, Owl’s Head, contains rolling hills, walking trails, a playground area, a skate park, and stunning views of the New York skyline. Emily Atkinson, a Bay Ridge native, and Zoe Bortz sit in the glow of a fast food restaurant on Bay Ridge’s Fifth Avenue.
The quick-service menu walks the line between old-school Italian and earthy-crunchy: serving both arancini — rice balls stuffed with fresh risotto, reggiano cheese, and parsley — and raw kale salad with beets. Caluccio says the best selling items in the store are the made-in-Brooklyn fare, like the Sfoglini pasta and Nero Black Gourmet Coffee. When the shop received early coverage in blogs and local press, commenters wrote that The Coffee Lab’s hipster influence would destroy the community.

So not everyone is psyched about the changes, especially if it means their rents are going up. Allison Robicelli, a third-generation Bay Ridge resident who lives in the house her grandparents bought 100 years ago, says those people are angry because they’re scared of being priced out. Robicelli, who owns Robicelli’s Bakery, made a game plan to ensure her family could weather the real estate storm. Robicelli says she, Louis Coluccio, and other small business owners get called “hipsters” all the time. Ever notice that a successful sports manager or coach has a game plan prepared for each team to be played?
An executive summary outlining ownership, goals, financial projections and revenue and profit highlights. A summary of the history of the business, including key staff members, structures and equipment owned, and other success factors. A layout of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and risk management strategies. A marketing plan that addresses products and services, promotions, distribution, websites and customer management.
A financial plan that includes revenue and profit highlights projected overheads, cash flow analysis and marginal cash analysis.
In summary, a well-defined business plan shows that the business owner has a path to success that benefits his or her business and which proves attractive to a lending agency. Tom Blake is a business coach with Action Coach Arizona and a former owner of multiple businesses. Retired Prescott Valley resident Doug Wall can legitimately be called a candidate for one of the most honored people living in the Quad Cities area. Baby Boomers are retiring at astonishing rates and looking for ways to replace their steady paycheck. Thousands of former patients and their family members in Northern Arizona will not be surprised to hear that once again MVRRH has been named among the Top 10 percent in the nation for the care they provide to patients with strokes, brain injuries, orthopedic injuries and more. Those of us in the real estate industry or those who were severely affected by the latest crash still flinch when we remember the real estate market in 2009-2012.
In fear that a late frost would damage young plants, I have been holding back planting my first crop of summer vegetables. The deck containing various illustrations of a soccer field can be used in PowerPoint presentations related to strategy planning, sales and marketing campaigns and corporate training. Trendy, pricey restaurants have popped up on the main drag, a new crowd stays out later, and rents have significantly increased. Mansions, since torn down, dotted the ridge along the tidal strait separating Brooklyn from the more suburban Staten Island. Since much of the city’s working-class revolved around the maritime industry in the 20th century, they came to work on the docks.
Their history is immortalized in the traditional restaurants, like Vesuvio’s, established more than 50 years ago. As real estate prices in trendier Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope skyrocket, young professionals and young families have set their sights on Bay Ridge.
The years between 2008 and 2011 were some of the best in Bay Ridge real estate history, says Leo Panteleakis, owner of Leonidas Realty. Both the median home sale price and median monthly rent are up 14% year over year, and rents are up 30% over two years. It’s one of the few areas of Brooklyn where you’ll find four-floor walk-ups on the same block as white-picket-fenced houses.

Last year, the Citizen’s Committee for Children crowned Bay Ridge the best place to raise youngsters. Pierre-Louis emigrated from Haiti in 2009 and moved into a one-bedroom apartment with her husband Jean, who runs a non-profit that develops health programs for children in their home country. It stretches 4.5 miles alongside the Belt Parkway and hosts frequent 5K and 10K races throughout the summer. It recently added on an Eco Dock, a $1.1 million storm-resilient dock which will be used for educational programming and recreational boating. George, a retired commercial clam baker, has been fishing at the pier every morning for 30 years.
A handful of people protested outside the artisanal sausage and craft beer bar Lock Yard and the organic wine bar The Owl’s Head when they opened in recent years. The resulting increase in demand, coupled with a decrease in supply, drives up apartment prices. As with the sports manager who has to make adjustments during the game for unexpected developments, the business owner needs to review and reevaluate the long-term plan regularly to determine if goals are being met or if a sudden event (such as economic fluctuation) changes the direction of the business. Recently, he was recognized by Northern Arizona University President Rita Cheng for “many years of service to NAU and later, as a member of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) for his unwavering support of and contributions to higher education.” Wall served on ABOR from 1988 to 1996. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to dedicate an entire day to expressing the love and appreciation people feel for their mom. They are worried about the potential of Social Security diminishing and what might happen to their retirement if it does. This is the ninth consecutive year the hospital has earned the honor, which recognizes provision of care that is patient-centered, efficient, timely and effective.
Then, implement your custom-designed Profit Game Plan and watch how much easier and enjoyable being a successful business owner can be. Ongoing customers receive premium 24-hour turnaround for those last minute PPTs you need to deliver. Stockbrokers living in Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn were losing their jobs and could no longer afford city rent. With the couple expecting their second child, they’re hunting for a three-bedroom in Bay Ridge now. Just as important is that lending organizations are more frequently asking businesses to submit a detailed plan for their organization’s growth. The key is still to develop a good plan and then execute it with the oversight to be able to make changes when circumstances change.
The NAU accolade took the form of branding the new 120,000-square-foot aquatic center and tennis complex as the Douglas J. A well-defined business plan can lead to a higher rate of loan approval and to more favorable loan rates. A lender wants to be assured the business owner is prepared for the risks and opportunities, and the owner wants to have a set of goals to reach with a method of tracking those achievements. Cheng introduced Wall, a former Flagstaff resident, to the crowd of hundreds at the grand opening. He became a lead attorney for Magnum, Wall, Stoops and Warden PLLC in the late 1950s until his retirement.

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