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WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. A good business plan sets the course of the organisation and how it wants to be successful. Our methodical approach will make sure that your business planning and analysis will become a sustainable and continuous process ensuring that you always have the tools to steer your organisation into the right direction.
Contact us and we can discuss how we can help you to give your company direction and focus.
According to the US Census Bureau, one-third of new businesses fail within their first two years of operation and half within their first four years. Writing Business Plans – We help you develop a thorough start-up business plan to set the direction for your business and to help you calculate and obtain funding.
Professional Referrals – We provide a network of specialists to help you with legal matters, insurance and risk management, marketing, website development and tax preparation. Don’t be too optimistic because, if you are, your application will lack credibility and this could result in it being rejected.
Bear in mind that any investor or lender will be basing their assessment of the risk and required return on the forecasts you are presenting.
It is important to have your plan objectively reviewed before submitting it to your potential investor. Suitable people to review your plan would include your accountant, your solicitor or a trusted business colleague. Creation of effective business models is based on our deep understanding of the new venture marketplace. A business plan precisely defines the business of the new venture, identifies its goals, and serves as your firm's resume.
Businesses across Indianapolis are constantly reminded that disasters can strike at any time.
Server hard drive failures or power surges are the leading cause of network crashes and loss of data when business experiences technology breakdowns. The transportation industry relies on technology to manage waybills, truckloads and even GPS tracking of their fleet, many modern trucking companies are very technology dependent and a few see technology as part of their overall strategy to win marketshare and edge out competition.
Trucking companies who view technology as a strategic investment understand all the risks associated with their business, including technology.
When the alarm bells signaled a server crash for the trucking firm, they had a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution in place.
In this example, the company was able to be back online immediately using a business continuity solution in the cloud and, according to estimates by the company owner, saved approximately $75,000 in extra labour, lost business and other potential expenses relating to the loss of data.

Many of our clients enjoy having a technology support partner who ensures their data is completely protected from many threats including data loss. If you are unsure or your computer does not have a business continuity plan in place…call Progressions IT, we can help ensure you have the right business continuity plan in place to protect your Indianapolis business. Progressions IT provides IT support to businesses across Indianapolis and the surrounding counties.
I have had the guys at ProgressionsIT out to my office several times for a number of different IT issues I was having and they always respond quickly and know just how to get the problem resolved. Channel-on-Demand® supports a comprehensive, collaborative planning process that can extend from sales planning through to marketing planning. Depending on a client’s exact requirements, elements of Planet’s business planning functionality can be switched on or off. Organisations can maximise the chances to be successful by adopting a continuous and regular business planning process. Short term plan: first we start with analysing your current business model and financial data.
By making sure that you have the proper infrastructure, E&S Entrepreneur Advisors, LLC, of Northeast Wisconsin can help you avoid becoming one of these statistics.
Even businesses which do not need to obtain outside financing are more successful when they have a basic business plan in place.
We provide new business checklists to make sure you have covered all your bases and laid the proper foundation for your new endeavor. Supporters and investors will usually discount your forecasts anyway and if they are too conservative the proposal may be unattractive.
You don’t want to waste four or five weeks preparing the plan and have it rejected after a 20 minute scan by an investor. If possible, at least two people, not directly involved with your company can also be involved in the review. Companies who experience a significant data loss struggle to resume business operations after the loss and in some situations they even go out of business. Business owners often believe weather is the primary cause of most data and business disasters.
This was the case recently with a Indianapolis trucking firm in when alarm bells rang in the middle of the night.
These leading organizations are first to invest in solutions to prevent any interruption to business and understand that technology systems can be compared to their fleet of vehicles. This decision prevented costly downtime, serious interruption to their business and risk to their own corporate reputation.

Our Business Continuity professionals ensures all clients have a fully functional business continuity solution allowing each client to continue business operations when technical issues occur.
Are you confident in your ability to recover data from your backups and the ability for your business to recover fully when a disaster strikes?
This provides for considerable flexibility and allows for a simple starting point that can evolve over time.
Most business failures are due to a lack of working capital, but proper financial planning can prevent this.
We have assisted a wide variety of small businesses across the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin.
A common mistake is to repeat the same information in different sections, for example, don’t repeat what you’ve said in the product section in the section dealing with marketing. Servers and user workstations must have preventative maintenance programs in place to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime. A good business planning and analysis process helps you to understand your options to grow. Part of our fees for writing a new business plan may be paid for by an early planning grant. Alternatively, prepare “what if” sensitivity analyses showing, for example, the effect of a 10 per cent reduction in sales or the effect of introducing a new product three months later than planned. It helps management allocate resources properly, handle unforeseen complications, and make appropriate business decisions. We can help you to analyse the business and create a sustainable and repeatable business planning process in place.
Your business plan should be professionally desktop published, packaged, and securely bound.
Because it provides specific and organized information about the company and how investors will be rewarded, a good business plan is a crucial part of fund raising. Long term plan: we will work with you to really understand your true asset in the value proposition. Once defined we can work with you to determine how to use that asset to grow the business further.

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