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The Business Process Management Model (BPMM) project was an initiative conducted by the Division of STD Prevention (DSTDP) in collaboration with state and local health departments to define a leading practice Business Process Management Model for STD prevention. Overview a€“ A very brief descriptive overview of the concepts of business process modeling. Summary a€“ A brief summary of the STD prevention BPMM project and its objectives and outcomes.
Vision - Outlines the vision, objectives and guiding principles for Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention within CDC-funded project areas.
Organizational Assessment a€“ Observations of STD Prevention activities within DSTDP and State and Local Health Departments and recommendations offered for immediate positive impact. Overall Process Model a€“ Outlines the Business Process Management Model for Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention at state and local health departments at the Mega Process and Major Process level. Current State Description a€“ Describes current state STD Prevention processes identified within grantee organizations, categorized through the business processes model identified above.
Literature Review a€“ Examines leading practices in related initiatives in business process modeling, collaborative technology development and process improvements related to technology implementations. Leading Practices Summary a€“ A summary of how state and local STD prevention programs will conduct prevention activities in the future.
Leading Practices Detail a€“ A detailed description of how state and local STD prevention programs will conduct prevention activities in the future. Change Management a€“ Discusses change management considerations for STD Prevention departments within CDC funded grantee organizations as they adopt leading practices and integrated disease surveillance and investigation applications. Business process management is a management approach that focuses on aligning all aspects of your business operations to the needs of your clients as well as the needs of your budget and business strategy. Business process management is an ongoing practice that allows you to continuously optimize your operational efficiency, based on the ever changing needs of your clients and the market in which you do business. Business process management is a method that allows your organization to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change. A business process is any activity or series of activities performed by your team as a means of achieving a specific business goal.  From the manner that a phone message is routed to the appropriate company representative, to the manner in which a complex production function is completed, both simple and complex business processes can benefit from a well understood and documented approach that focuses on efficiencies.

When strung together, all processes combine to become critical to the organizations ability to generate revenue, and these processes often represent a significant proportion of your operating costs.
Business process management considers processes to be strategic assets of an organization that when managed and understood, can be continuously improved allowing for the delivery of value added products and services to clients. Implementation of a solid business process management practice within your organization can be extremely helpful in times of stress and change because it helps to maintain focus across all facets of your organization. Work flow diagrams help to educate, support and facilitate certain business processes where human judgment is required. Business process management provides an organization an expanded view that would not otherwise be available, allowing the organization to understand and respond to such things as relationships between processes. Business process management can make a huge difference to your organizations ability to respond to changing consumer, market, and regulatory demands. Measure the impact of a given process as well as understand the benefit of the suggested improvement. Implementation of the improvement to the process through training and educational tools and support materials. Governance – insure that the process is and remains successful, and that adequate mechanisms exist to understand when additional improvements are necessary.
Renovate a process from the ground up when the current processes simply are not addressing the clients and the organizations needs. In late 1999, as part of an upcoming project for one of my clients, I began to plan out details of the work I was going to do using Microsoft Project.
Noting some of these deficiencies, I began to design a few concepts on how a project plan should be built, starting with an idea, and ending with a finished project.
This system, now a proprietary product that I use with my clients, provides a set of ten core templates that will help you to build a project plan, get approval for development and funding, learn how to track and manage your project’s progress and status, and how to use the results of what you learn to develop new projects and plans. For more information on the SMART Project Management system or to learn how the system can work for you, please contact me. Recent ChatterThere’s a pimple forming on the left side of my nose, under the skin so I can’t do anything about it.

If you are interested in business development work, project management, or web design and development, please contact me with any questions or to request an assessment of your small business or startup. Total Quality Management (TQM) diagrams like flowchart, fishbone diagram, seven tools of management and planning help to monitor and control visually, analyze and improve business and production processes for continuous quality improvement. This business process flowchart example displays human resource management process step-by-step for visual analysis and improvement.
This initiative seeks to improve and augment STD prevention practices, and inform the development of the STD Program Area Module (STD PAM), as part of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS).
Also describes current state of organizational design, culture, external partners, technology support and political considerations within grantee organizations. When included in a process model, these relationships provide for advanced reporting and analysis. As great as the software was at that time, I realized it was sadly lacking in two features.
Over the next three years, as I fulfilled several project management roles with three different companies, the requirements for project planning became more refined, and easier to reproduce.
The goal of the initiative is to document the vision for STD Prevention programs, map out required changes for implementation, and translate the vision for the technology developers building integrated surveillance and response systems to support STD Programs. As I developed it, I also used it as a training process for management teams and individuals who needed to understand the process, but couldn’t take on full time project management roles. Process designs are done using concepts such as re-engineering, simulation, lean 6-sigmaImplementation of BPM packages: Sonic A expertise with numerous consulting engagements with leading software vendor tools assists clients with the design, modeling, implementation and roll-out of these solutions. Second, Project was great at handling complex tasks on a project for which I already had a clear vision, but it provided nothing to actually help me develop the project documentation.

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