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In any case, digital advertisings of 2015 are set to go up another 6% compared to this year. The United States still remain the largest spenders in advertising with 32% of total spendings. THANKS FOR CHECKING MY SITEDigital Advertising is a growing industry and there's lot to learn, discover, and explore. Filming was shot by director Noam Murro via Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, with director of photography Salvatore Totino, executive producers Shawn Lacy and Colleen O’Donnell, and line producer Jay Veal. Editor was Jim Haygood at Union Editorial, with executive producer Michael Raimondi, producer Joe Ross, assistant editor Dylan Firshein. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Tinder has somehow managed to avoid all the stigma that comes with online dating, but it is what it is. This man had not seen his mother for 21 years and his brother made arrangements for their mom to come for a visit.
Soul Pancake never fails to bring on the feels with their heartwarming videos dealing with love and family. In honor of Mother’s Day being just around the corner (it’s Sunday, by the way), Allure asked three adorable kids to create perfumes inspired by their moms’ scent and it’s seriously heartwarming. Kristen Bell gets very candid with The Off Camera Show, as she discusses dealing with anxiety and depression for most of her life. Janet Jackson released a new music video this week that has sparked rumors that she and husband Wissam Al Mana are indeed expecting a child. What's better than Prince leading an all-star jam session following the 40th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live? An avid fisherman and drone business operator Jaiden Maclean has started using a drone to help locate fish while he and his friend Byron Leal are beach fishing for longtail tuna in Australia.
6-year-old Sophia wrote a report for her class about wanting to save endangered animals like rhinoceroses. Veterinarians noticed that Lucha, one of the elephants at the Zoological Society of London, had lost a noticeable amount of weight.
What happens when a pet shop leaves male and female guinea pigs in the same cage for too long? And while that pet shop is busy dealing with its new baby guinea pigs, the YouTuber Aquachigger has his own baby critter to take care of.
In order to keep its advertising fresh, however, BMW, like any other firm, needs to come up with new lines every now and then.
Today, the automaker has announced it’s about to launch a new international advertising campaign that borrows from the past but also highlights a new focus on design.
In keeping with this new focus on design, the first television spot doesn’t actually feature one of BMW’s production cars, but one of its concepts instead, the brilliant 4-Series Coupe concept (the ad is featured in the video below, though it’s currently available in German only).
Hollywood director and music video specialist Samuel Bayer was responsible for the short clip, which features the 4-Series Coupe concept in dynamic motion--accelerating, braking and taking corners.

BMW sees the design of its products as the most important purchase reason for the majority of its customers, so focusing on design for the latest campaign was natural. The restaurant chain's new campaign showcases DXP, the specialty "delivery expert" car Domino's rolled out in October. It is too soon to say whether the cars, with their bright Domino's logos and unique look, will have an impact on sales, but they are being noticed. Promoting the car is the latest part of Domino's push to show consumers how everything from emoji ordering to a delivery vehicle with a built-in warming oven can improve the pizza ordering process. Domino's has long been a leader in pizza delivery and trying new ways to improve the process, such as its Heatwave bags to keep pizzas warm. A contest will award one of the tricked out vehicles to a store owner chosen from finalists that get the most votes from consumers in the coming months. Featured Profile BtoB marketing requires cutting-edge sophistication to reach clients in real time.
The majority of this spend will come from the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK. That’s things like social media, video adverts, web campaigns, search engine marketing, banner ads, and mobile ads. You have to see the beautiful moment when this son sheds tears of joy as he embraced his mother for the first time in all those years. In this hilarious video from XVP Comedy, twentysomething sons and daughters get honest about Mother's Day.
They were asked to look into the camera and proclaim, "I am beautiful." That proved to be difficult for some, so Julia Price and Zach Puchtel got a very special group to come in and remind them just how special each and every one of them is. His adorable and oh so fitting tribute to mothers everywhere for Mother's Day (human and canine) does not disappoint. The actress holds nothing back as she talks about the stigma surrounding mental illness and how she doesn't let that keep her from living her best life. In honor of Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel convinced strangers on the street to confess their biggest lies to their dear ol’ moms. Does this new technique give him an unfair edge, or is he just taking advantage of modern technology to make his "fishing" life easier?
The eagles were on the edge of a lake and had become entangled with each other during the fight. So the Head Veterinarian Nick Masters took a look at Lucha and determined she needed a tooth removed. Aquachigger found the baby mouse moments from certain death, so he took it home and took it in as his own.
However, this is all just a visual effect produced with tracking shots--the car is actually parked on a platform throughout the whole spot. In the images above, you’ll notice ropes are used to create the motion blur effect normally seen in real driving shots.
The first ads have already been launched in Germany and will be appearing worldwide during the first quarter of the year. It is promoting the use of the cars with commercials that humorously play off auto advertising.

There are 97 DXPs on the road after the fall launch, and demand from franchisees is strong enough that Domino's plans to build another 50 or so this year, said Chief Marketing Officer Joe Jordan.
The agency has been Domino's agency of record since 2007 and its client roster also includes an actual car brand, Infiniti. In 2012, the company launched its Ultimate Delivery Vehicle competition as another way to improve the delivery process. If they were to pool all their money together, they can either buy 1200 of those Virgin Galactic Spaceshiptwos (the one that exploded) or buy out all the digital advertising of 2015. I’m not saying that your business will fail if you decide to skip this whole online advertising thing, but then again, investing money into AdWords or a Landing Page or an Online Video could really help boost sales and awareness.
Only problem is the guy gets more than his fair share, sparking off an incredible fantasy centred on the new 2012 Kia Optima, with cameo appearances from Victoria’s Secret® model Adriana Lima, martial arts legend Chuck Liddell, bull rider Judd Leffew on a rhinoceros, and heavy metal band Motley Crue. After hearing about the little girl, the Sierra Leone embassy in Russia invited her to help celebrate the 55th anniversary of their independence. And as if we needed more reasons to appreciate them, these moms reveal why your mom deserves a few more hugs this Mother's Day.
Watch as people of all ages tell us what they would tell their mothers at their age and why.
The video covers a lot of very special "mommy moments" that we may sometimes take for granted.
It’s actually pretty amazing how blunt people get — despite mother herself standing by their side.
Check out the Purple One performing a funky version of "Let's Go Crazy" with some help from his band, the girls from Haim, Chris Rock, Martin Short, Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon amongst lots of others. You can't buy cat toys for these 350-pound kitties at your local pet store, so she has to invent her own toys. After putting out the flames they discovered a litter of furry victims living in a woodpile. They were created by photographer Uwe Duttmann and needed more than two miles worth of rope to create the effect. A commercial at the time showed CEO Patrick Doyle asking delivery drivers what ideas they had. However, even with this big raise, it sits behind the United States in dollar spent on mobile ads. For example, a simple video on your homepage helps increase your Google SEO when people search for your business. The campaign began with a 16 second teaser and 5 minute time filler featuring a flag waving Adriana Lima.
Next, watch this little boy lose it when his father tells him all jobs will be automated by the time he is a grown up. In another, an authoritative voice-over explains some of the vehicle's unique features as a guy in a white lab coat gives it a once over.

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