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The fact that you have come to this site means that you are interested in studying for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. After earning my CCNA, I pursued and earned also two Professional Level certifications, the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and the Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP). Based on my own experience, attending an instructor-led class is the best way to guarantee your success. TIME INTENSIVE: During the training duration (usually 5-days) the instructor will try to cover everything from start to finish. The picture below shows the study efficiency of video training compared with the conventional book study method.
Just make a search on Google or look around in Certification Forums and ask other people about Udemy and Chris Bryant and you will verify what Ia€™m telling you here. The first thing that impressed me from UDEMY Cisco Video Training was the instructor, Chris Bryant.
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Player cbt nuggets ccnp free video cisco ccnp cbt nuggets free cbt nuggets player freeFree cisco cbt player free cbt nuggets mcse 2008 free cisco ccnp cbt nuggets freebanjo kazooie full game Ccna cbt nuggets ccnp route cbt nuggets ccna wireless cbt nuggets ccnp free videoHello. My journey in the certification world enhanced my networking knowledge tremendously, but has also taught me about the best ways to study and how to tackle any certification exam successfully.
Research has shown that within 1 hour of studying, the average user retains 63% more information with video training compared to book study. There are a few good CCNA Online Training packages out there but I will recommend the instructor that I have personally used for my CCNP certification and passed all exams with scores over 950. Chris is a CCIE certified professional (CCIE #12933) with over 15 years of experience in teaching Cisco courses.
You have made an important decision in your career because earning a Cisco CCNA certification is the basis of your professional development in the networking field.
I was working as a junior network engineer in a Cisco Integrator company and my boss wanted me to get my CCNA since this would help both me and my company. With this study method, it is like having a personal tutor 24-hours a day, you can watch the video trainingt over and over again, you can go back and review something you didn't understand at the beginning, you get visual examples that stick in your memory and so on.

He truly knows Cisco Networking, but most importantly he knows what knowledge and material you need to learn in order to pass the exam guaranteed. So they decided to invest on my career by sending me to a CCNA 5-day instructor based training which cost my company around $3,000. He goes into the appropriate depth to make sure all topics required to pass the exam are fully covered. That was a lot of money back then for an introductory course, but it definitely paid-off big time. I cannot stress enough how valuable a Cisco CCNA CBT Video Training Package can be in your study efforts. The training you will find in the CCNA videos is as good as the best training that you will find in any instructor based class.

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