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Designers work day and night to create beautiful templates for us so that we can concentrate on the seo and content of our website. This template is very good for creative designers and agencies that need to create modern websites. Mainly helpful for designing corporate websites, the template is user friendly and includes features like PHP contact form and templates exceeding 5 pages. This is a WordPress theme template that provides a nice platform for creating websites that are personally inspired and require a soft and warm template.
A HTML5 template, Nova has a sleek design and features like twitter feed, working contact form, background patterns, front page slider and others to make a complete website.
This template can be used by any food corporation who sell their products online as well as offline. With big bold navigation icons splash templates provides some of the bet features which are provided by premium templates. Blustein is a fully responsive portfolio theme coded with HTML5 and CSS3 features, it uses also Bootstrap 2.1.
Powerful is a resposive template with retina support, perfect for a business or portfolio site. Glare is an elegant Portfolio and Photography site template, best suited for photographers.
This is a professional and business HTML5 template the designing of which is based on a grid framework to create business websites. Conforming to its name, the template is highly useful to create professional, business-looking websites. This is a multipurpose template and comes with several features like jquery plugins, HTML short codes and others. It is a CSS3 and HTML5 template and can be easily used for blogs, business and portfolio websites.
It is a WordPress theme template that can be used in various ways with a personal header image, logo, background and customized post format. It is a universal template that can be used for a range of websites like auto, music, business, movie, fashion, cookery, TV, travel, sport and more. When you have a website in the pipeline, then setting up a coming soon page could be a very great way to engage visitors. Setting up a WordPress Coming Soon Theme, will show a timer on your homepage which will let the visitors know when your website will be unveiled.
While you’re working on your new website design, tease your visitors with this simply chic coming-soon page. A sleek, dark, spaced-out landing page or email newsletter subscription page featuring the amazing UpThemes Framework. If you have any suggestions for awesome themes, please leave us a message below or contact us directly. Today we’ll continue with another roundup article containing 22 of the best Bootstrap landing pages, some free and some premium. Jedy is a free responsive landing page made with Bootstrap that comes with modern minimal design, fullscreen backgrounds, CSS3 animations, Font Awesome icons, iPhone and computer mockups, etc. Jesis is a perfect Bootstrap landing page for presenting and promoting your new mobile app. Sssoon is a nice free coming soon template built with Bootstrap for your new product or service. Marco is a premium Bootstrap landing page to present and promote your product, service or application. Some of its features include: responsive layout, fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX email subscription form, working contact form, font icons, pricing tables, responsive videos, testimonials section, CSS3 animations and more.
Landing Sumo is a premium bundle with 20+ Bootstrap landing pages to use in a variety of projects: mobile Apps, eBooks, restaurant websites and more.
Eventix is a responsive landing page made with Bootstrap that can be used to present your events. Pratt is a simple App landing page, really easy to use and customize, made with Bootstrap 3.0.
Drew is a premium responsive landing page made with Bootstrap with different layouts and a lot of features for all your marketing needs.
Teris is a free responsive Bootstrap landing page that you can use if you are planning to launch a new iPhone App. Sleek is a multi-purpose landing page built with Bootstrap that comes with different layouts and features.

Celic is a premium template made with Bootstrap, a fully responsive multi-purpose landing page to present and promote your product, service or application. Flatty is a free Bootstrap landing page with a flat design to present your app, website or product.
Creatorica is a cool and creative landing page based on Bootstrap to showcase your application or your own studio portfolio. LandX is a multipurpose responsive Bootstrap 3 landing page with 4 homepage styles and 8 pre-defined color schemes. It also comes with some nice features to help you launch your mobile app quickly and easily, like: fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX subscription and contact forms, Font Awesome icons, iPhone PSDs, screenshots section, video section.
Kane is a clean landing page for your new mobile app built with Bootstrap that comes with different homepage styles and color variations.
It’s fully responsive, flexible, clean, with a professional design, Search Engine Optimized and comes with an advanced framework with tons of theme options. Bivio is a premium WordPress landing page theme made with Bootstrap, responsive and with a lot of features. When starting a new blog or website, it is best to use an attractive under construction page template or theme to inform potential readers about your upcoming site.
So start displaying an under construction page on your parked domains or while doing maintenance work for your existing websites.
The theme displays a friendly holding page to let visitors know that you are busy getting dressed up.
This template is a simple one-page “Under Construction” template that allows you to keep your users informed while you work at your website. Here is a plugin for WordPress that enables you to display a customized landing page informing your site visitors that your site is undergoing maintenance or still under construction.
WP Launcher is a free premium wordpress theme, simple to use and with a single purpose: to provide an attractive, customizable domain parking theme for WordPress users. Here is a clean single-page “Under Construction” template designed to keep your users up-to-date on your site’s progress. This theme can be used in many different ways and can be customized as per the user’s choice.
This website template is perfect to use when your site is being built or down for maintenance.
Using this theme, it would not be easier to park your domain in style while you get your future blog ready.
Ice Breaker is a free domain parking theme for WordPress with four different color schemes, and easy customization through custom widgets and a theme options page. Using this theme, it couldn’t be easier to park your domain in style while you get your future blog ready. The template is available in English and German and is compatible with most browsers like Safari, Opera, IE7+, Chrome and FF.
Clear code and perfectly organized in sets PSD files make everything clear and easy to find. It’s clean, well coded and includes loads of awesome features such as a slider, filterable portfolio and an icon font with over 200 icons.
Fully responsive and works with all devices and major browsers, convenient to alter, well-designed.
The responsive layout will ensure that the theme displays in a readable way on iPhones, iPads and other smartphones like Android. It portrays a simple but beautiful theme that can be used for projects like portfolios, blogs, and photography or are personal. The template adjusts to different screen sizes like the laptop, tablet or big desktop screen. While some free WordPress Coming Soon Themes would give you a plain timer others will give you more innovative ways to let your visitors know when you are going online. Through our collection of the best WordPress Coming Soon Themes give your under construction website a very alluring unparallel landing page. It comes with a responsive layout, an elegant modern design style and has all the features you need: fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX subscription and contact forms, video section, screenshots section, FAQ section, etc.
It comes with a clean, modern and flat design, different layouts (10+ layouts), different color schemes and a lot of features.
With this theme you can set up a coming soon landing page without touching a line of code from the Options Page inside the WordPress admin panel.
It’s developer friendly, easy to customize and includes 3 ready to use color options.

You can use it if you’re planning to launch a new project or service and you want to begin creating your email list before the launch.
It also includes Visual Composer Page Builder which gives you freedom to create web sites in only a couple of clicks. The theme features a countdown manager, integration with Feed Burner and Twitter and a theme options page, among other things. It also gives visitors the chance to subscribe to the RSS feed before the site is even launched. The template has a jQuery slider containing 3 slides: You may put your social pages like Twitter or Facebook on the first page, a subscribe-by-mail form on the next page and any message that you want on the last page. This plugin allows you to display a countdown to the target date of your site’s launch and an email subscription form for those interested to check back your upcoming site. The themes include the PSD file of each design so you can easily modify in case you want to customize them. For example, you may use it as a coming soon page for your website, to showcase your product in one single page with featured image and description on the right or as a one-page website. It was built for those who might have purchased multiple domain names but do not have the websites for those domains developed yet. Just install WordPress, sign up for Feed Burner with email subscriptions (see instructions below) and you’re set! With this theme, along with WordPress and a Feed Burner account, you can have an attractive landing page to collect subscribers and Twitter followers while you get your blog set up.
Nowadays web design is so popular that many designers across the globe is coming forward with their creation and helping bloggers like you and me to choose a ready made theme from their desk.
The theme comes with four different home page and the new generation minimalist modern is fully responsive.
Some might show the time in form of cylinders, others could go for something a little different.
Since under construction page templates usually include an option for visitors to sign up for email updates, then you will be able to start getting subscribers and potential readers to your site while you are still developing it. Below, we listed 17 creative under construction page templates that you can download to customize your landing pages.
Changing Room features a color switcher (choose between red or blue), customizable “please excuse us” text, FeedBurner RSS and email support. With Ignite, you can go live with a temporary website for your parked domains, start building your launch email newsletter and get your content indexed by Google.
You get a professionally designed domain parking page—for free—that serves up an RSS feed link and a form for email updates. I would just make a static version of the flash page looks wise for the non flash (mobile) folder. According to me your website’s attractiveness is directly proportional to the revenue of your business. Whether you want to keep it simple or you want to engage the visitors in an innovative little way, we have a theme for you.
Another use for these templates is when you are planning to do maintenance work or redesign in your site.
Most of these website templates are actually WordPress themes but for those who are using a different blog platform, we also included some that are available in HTML or Photoshop PSD. Although most of these themes are premium, don’t worry because most of them are worth paying for others are free.
Instead of displaying a plain notice of site under construction or webpage not found, it would be very useful to inform your loyal readers and visitors that your site is just undergoing site maintenance and will be back soon. Installation instructions, terms of use and other important information about each entry can also be found from each source page. If you could see and edit fonts in the settings file it would be perfect or better yet just finish the template in the mobile folder.
Its free so just a suggestion but not really usable considering all mobile devices get the ugly page.

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