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Seria is a new premium template made with Bootstrap, a full-featured responsive coming soon landing page that you can use to present your upcoming site or product and begin collecting subscribers before the launch. Note technology rapidly evolves and this tutorial is over 3 years old, as a result some of the practices used in this tutorial may be out of date. Activate the layer styles dialog box on your shape layer by double clicking on it or by going to LAYER >> LAYER STYLE >> BLENDING OPTIONS in the menu. In the middle of the shaded rectangle from step #14 create a new text layer and type in your countdown text like we have below, alternating between 18px for the words and 46px for the numbers. Unfortunately it will probably be awhile before we write the tutorial, and I don’t know of any tutorials that explain how to do this.
It’s actually created with the ellipse shape tool, using outer glow, gradient and stroke layer styles. One of the most depressing things for a new, excited blogger is to start publishing posts and nobody is there to read them.
The truth is, without marketing your content you have zilch chance of reaching your blogging ambitions if your goals include someone else reading your blog.
When the New Blog went live, it had over 100 followers on the each of the main social media platforms, over 100 email subscribers, and over 300 visits to the blog the day it went live. Anyway, let me show you the process the owner of the New Blog used to get the followers she did before her blog went live. Before you get started building your followers, you’ll need to complete the first 5 steps in my How to Start a blog Series. You don’t have to be on all social media platforms, pick the ones you would like to focus on and start there. Create a cover picture for Twitter and Facebook that shows what type of blog you will be launching soon. Now that you’ve created social media accounts for your blog, you need to create a Coming Soon landing page for your site so that there is something for people to see when they come to your blog. The last part under the settings section is to add your newly created social media accounts. Connecting with other bloggers is key to establishing yourself online – especially with blogs that compliment or write about the same things as you. Blogs in your niche: these are blogs that write about similar topics that you plan on writing about.
Complimentary blogs: These are blogs that you think your target audience will enjoy reading. Tips for finding blogs: Search in Google or Pinterest for keywords that represent your main topics. I’m a big excel fan, so I created this excel sheet for you to use to keep track of the blogs you follow. Now that you have a great collection of blogs to follow, it’s time to start interacting with them. Also, by sharing their posts on your social media accounts, you are already starting to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. If your design concepts are ready to go and you need a front end developer to help bring them to life, I can help!
Below you’ll find the full list of features, the live preview link and the purchase link.

Activate the gradient tool by typeing G, makeing sure the black to transparent gradient is selected and that the gradient tool is in radial gradient mode.
Can you direct me to resources how to code this so it works…or do you have a timeline already when your part 2 (the coding) will come out?
It didn’t just happen by chance, it took a lot of work to gain followers and get people excited about the debut of the New Blog. For the free version, there is only one template available – but you can add your own colors and even a background image, so it works perfectly.
I recommend keeping them in a text or excel file and then importing them following these instructions: easily import email address into MailChimp.
Once your site goes live, you will be able to use MailChimp to automatically collect and add emails to your lists. They don’t have to write about every topic you write about, but at least one of their topics is the same as one of your topics.
Think of who your ideal reader is and then think of what other types of interests they may have. When you follow blogs on Feedly, you’ll know when they publish a new post, making it easier for you to comment or share their latest and greatest articles. Basically, Twitter lists are a filter that allow you to see Tweets from the people you add to the list. If people like the content you are sharing from other blogs, they’ll be excited to see what you are going to be posting on your blog too.
Before the New Blog went live, 6 of the top 10 traffic referrals to the site came from comments. Once you have your landing page set up, share your new blogging adventure on your own personal social media accounts. Not all of your friends and family members may want to follow your blog, so don’t overwhelm them on your personal page. There really isn’t a magic number for how long you should promote your coming soon page before you go live. For the first two weeks after going live, you should really focus on connecting with others and promoting your new blog and posts.
I started my site almost 2 years ago and have gotten hung up with the technical side and procrastination. This was super helpful as we are just about to launch our blog and were unsure how to promote it. I am still in the researching phase of starting my blog, and you hit on some of my main questions. I also have a private facebook group for new bloggers, or those who haven’t started blogging yet. I had a coming soon page and directed people to my Facebook page where I was sharing useful information and free tools and downloads that I was discovering and wanted to share. It can leave you feeling like “I HAVE ALL THIS GREAT INFORMATION AND I PUT ALL THAT WORK INTO PUBLISHING IT AND THERE IS NOBODY TO READ IT!” Then follows the thoughts: is this worth it? This is why I recommend you work on gaining followers before you even publish your first post! Now that you’ve installed the plugin, a tab title SunshinePlugin will show up  in your left sidebar.

This means that when you are logged in, only you will be able to see the site you’re building but everyone else will see the coming soon page.
There is an option to connect to MailChimp in the pro version, but like I said it is unnecessary if you don’t want to spend the money. Sharing their content is a great idea because you know it’s already popular online and other people will resonate with it.
Once you find one or two blogs, you can see who they follow and interact with regularly on social media to find other blogs in your niche or blogs that compliment both of you. You want to start getting these blogger’s attention so that they come to your landing page to see who you are.
Do a few pushes to get them to follow your new social media accounts and then once you go live share your blog related posts on your blog social media accounts. If you have to worry about promoting and about about writing new content, you’ll burn out quickly.
I'm here to help you with the technical, social, and business sides of blogging so that you can focus on the most important part of your blog: your content.
Once they put their emails in a subscribe, should I get an email notifying me someone signed up? Here is the post that I had the New blog read before she got started on commenting on other blogs. You are helping me to feel more confident as I launch a blog that will hopefully reach a lot of people on the topic of hope. I am all for saving money – especially since you’re just getting started, so we used the free option. Without connecting to MailChimp, you will get an email every time someone subscribes with their email address. Try to find a mix of up-and-coming blogs, mid-size blogs, and the Pro Bloggers in your niche.
But, a pro blogger might not notice you because they have so much going on and so many new bloggers trying to get their attention. You can also choose to make them public (so that everyone can see them) or private (so only you can see them). New content is essential for building a following and keeping readers interested so keep the new content coming once you go live! So I’m setting up my new blog, so my question is what kind of information and downloads you have put on your facebook page before your blog launched? Interacting with newer blogs and mid-size blogs will increase your chances of being noticed and shared in return by that blogger.
I’ve got a facebook page too, but I thought I should post kind of the same things when I post my blog too.

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