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Our staff is trained and experienced in repairing all sorts of garage doors, whether electric or manual.
We recently got a call from one of our customers that had brand new mechanical shop with concrete walls and they needed to get a door installed.
The best thing about the roll-up type of garage door is that it has such a small footprint when open. If you own a commercial building, new or old, and need to get new commercial garage doors installed call us today for help. Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it. I recommend PSR Garage Doors, Rafael installed a garage door and painted it turned out the best work. I was extremely pleased with the service and the products I received from PSR Garage Doors. I woke up one morning and freaked out when I went to my garage and the door was completely open.
I greatly recommend PSR Garage Doors, they are so efficient, trust worthy, affordable and best customer service, which now is hard to find. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I thought I was "Out of luck" with the garage door until at least mid week. I call PSR garage doors on Saturday afternoon RAFAEL answer the phone he is friendly i call because i have my door manually for long time.he install my new garage door opener and make an tune-up for free he is awesome, and quickly. My garage door would not go down due to a kink in the metal, it was stuck in the open position.
I got my garage door springs broken I call severals companies that title say "free estimate"when guys answer the phone and asking for a quote all time try to charge me $30-45 dlls.for service call.
I had many of my past house garage doors been repair and service before but I never had a Service like this one, firsthand at the free inspeccion and estimated was easy and with out pressure and after a few estimates this Guys ( Rafael ) was the one on time and courteous manner So I don't know what else to say affordable.
After having a few garage door companies come out and tell me that I had to have my lower panel replaced due to a small dent that popped a few rivets (a large expense), Rafael came out and changed some of the hinges for better ones, realigned some stuff (as you can tell, I'm not a garage door expert!), and gave the door and opener a mini-tuneup for a VERY reasonable price!
It's nice to know that there are companies that won't try to take advantage of you just to support their marketing budget!
Rafael from this company came to service my garage door which was not opening and I didn't know why. Got my garage door spring snapped in the middle of the night, next morning I look for service providers at the internet reviews & call PSR, told him what the problem was, Rafael show up at the agreed time & not only replaced the spring, he make some great suggestions about how to make the life of the springs get longer.
Sliding Glass Door – A sliding glass door, or patio door, provides door access from a room to the outdoors by means of a single unit consisting of two panel sections, one that is fixed, and on that is mobile to slide open.
Swinging Entry Door – A swinging door is one that does not slide, but is on hinges and swings outside or inside.

Commercial Door – This refers to the glass entry doors of a commercial building or storefront that swing inside or outside to allow entry into an establishment.
About UsHeadquartered in Lakewood, Colorado,5280 Window is the premier mobile provider for Glass and Screen Services, working exclusively with Management Company Professionals, homebuyers and sellers, Contractors, Investers, Window Manufactures and other decision makers and their teams. The 5280 Window Team offers speed and quality since 1979 from Boulder to Castle Rock and surrounding mountain communities.
There are a few types of glass doors available on the market including aluminium framed glass doors, frameless glass doors and sliding glass doors. Besides tempered glass, glass doors also requires many different accessories or hardware for its installation.
Hollow Metal Commercial Door (Hospital Door), View hollow metal door, ZHUCHENG Product Details from Changchun Zhucheng Group Co., Ltd.
Below is the before and after pictures for the commercial roll up garage door installation we did for them in Austin Texas. We have tons of options so we are sure to have something that will fit the needs of your commercial property.
They provided me with a very competitive bid and my new doors and garage door openers were installed within two days of my meeting with Rafael, the company owner. I called PSR Garage Doors, and Rafael answered my call, he was in the area and came within an hour after finishing another job. He also told me about the importance of maintenance on garage doors, things I did not know about. Someone tried to open the garage door while the lock bolt was engaged, and the door broke with a horrible noise.
If I have another issue or want to upgrade the door later I will certainly give them a call.
Very professional,Rafael installed two garage door opener, everything is working the way it should be. The response time was incredible and of course they always diagnosed the actual problem and don't try to sell you parts you don't need.
I called PSR and Raphael answered, discussed options and within 2 hours he was here with a new door. Unlike another companies, PSR didn't charge me tons of fees "just to look" what was wrong with my door. These are often easier to open than casement or awning windows and take up less exterior and interior space.
These too are easier to open than casement or awning windows and take up less exterior and interior space. Generally, a piece of toughened, tempered glass is used for the glass door as it is important for the safety of the users, especially if the glass door is located at a public space.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. This allows these doors to be installed in building where the standard overhead door is not feasible to use.
Mr Rafael is the owner,He is a very humble and profession person that takes careS of the business professionally. It would not open anymore, and it looked like the tension wires were off track as well as some of the door wheels.
The garage door had not been working for weeks after a storm and we couldn't figure out the issue on our own.
And to convince me, he opened the system and showed me exactly what was wrong, which was the damaged gear. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Custom Front Exterior Entrance Door Design Front Exterior Doors Exterior Door Trim Arched Exterior Doors Commercial Wood Doors Glass Entry Doors Front Door With Sidelights Modern Exterior Door Wrought Iron Front Doors Contemporary Entry Doors Entry Door StylesJoin the discussion on this Custom Front Exterior Entrance Door Design Front Exterior Doors Exterior Door Trim Arched Exterior Doors Commercial Wood Doors Glass Entry Doors Front Door With Sidelights Modern Exterior Door Wrought Iron Front Doors Contemporary Entry Doors Entry Door Styles using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. An awning window is a window that is attached to its frame by hinges on the top, thus when open the window looks like an awning.
These can be either single-hung (where only one window panel slides up and down) or double-hung (where both window panels slide vertically past one another).  Newer double-hung windows have panels that can be tilted inward or removed entirely for cleaning. Click here to find out more information on the services 5280 Window offers on storm and security doors. We supply and install glass doors, including any additional glass partitions that are required.
It is also very good for a open concept, especially if you have glass rooms and partitions with glass doors. Among the required accessories are floor patch, patch fittings, glass door handles, and glass door locks.
I am very handy and capable with tools, but garage doors and springs can dangerous without the proper tools and knowledge.
I would recommend to anyone that is looking for new garage door or has a broken garage door.
The price was affordable, Raphael was professional and I will do business with him again in the future. Glass doors used at your shop front or as an office entrance tend to create a professional looking feel to your business and increases the stature of your company.
We are so lucky to have found him and recommend this company to anyone that needs a new garage or to have their current one fixed.

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