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Delegates will share and practice Communications Processes and Tools for use in their workplace and report back what worked well, what didn’t and why not. For up to 20 people for $17,970 plus GST – all inclusive incorporating our tailoring to your needs, delivery, and all our travel costs for the two Benchmarking Partnerships Managing Partners with over 30 years experience in internal communications to do the delivery. A full 2 day and customised program tailored to your needs including detailed use of Internal Communications Maturity Framework via our facilitated self assessment and the relevant case studies of best practices, tools and templates acquired from global practical experiences. Our tailoring and preparation for our 2 facilitators (Benchmarking Partnerships’ Managing Partners Anton Benc and Bruce Searles) for our combined expertise to maximise group learning and special outcomes for you. IP is not included (apart from use by course participants for their personal use within your organisation only). Your organisation to provide the venue and catering (at your cost) including equipment like computer projector, electronic whiteboard, post it notes, flip charts and pens. We trust this meets your needs and we are very please to customise this proposal of mixing and matching the content across any of the 2 days further to suit specific requirements. What was impressive was how Anton and Bruce used information about our organisation to tailor not only the program to meet the needs of our organisation, but to also customise Business Excellence tools that we could use well after the workshop concluded.
I’ve always found working with Benchmarking Partnerships over many years and in various capacities to be a valuable high professional relationship.
Benchmarking Partnerships have provided a consistently uniform and excellent standard of Benchmarking Workshops, Business Excellence Study Tours and other services across Australia for many years, with our organisation engaging to great effect in many of these, both as learning participants and as invited speakers. Our communications approach is focused on the improvement of our internal communication mechanisms – from strategy and planning, the channels we use, to the way in which we engage with and seek feedback from employees and ultimately the way we are measuring success, identifying issues and highlighting best practice.

We need to look at ways of simplifying the following elements of our communication process so that we have clarity and understanding of how internal communications is to be used and works and where responsibility lies.
We need to become smarter at ensuring that known communications events and tactics are recorded into a pre-planned events calendar and tactical communications plan to allow more “joined up” communications and avoid communication clashes. We need to promote greater 2-way feedback with employees to generate consistently positive engagement between management and employees. We need to reduce the amount of communications that employees receive and ensure that the communications individuals receive are relevant to them and received in a timely fashion.
We need to review the existing measurement indicators to ensure that they are providing relevant and useful data. The methodology is the key communications principles and practice that the strategy will use to deliver its communication approach. There are a wide variety of communication channels that can be employed for internal communications.
We will employ both passive and interactive communication channels to deliver our communication tactics. This entry was posted in Comms Theory, My Work and tagged comms, comms theory, communications, communications strategy, communications theory, communicator, communicators, Creating a basic internal communications strategy, example communications strategy, example internal communications strategy, example strategy, internal comms, internal comms strategy, internal communications strategy, internal communications theory, internal communicator, internal communicators, ruth weal, strategy, wealie.
Lucky for you, we’ve got more than 14 years experience crafting communications and advocacy plans that are goal-focused. Your organisation to print materials provided by us prior to the workshop in electronic form for each delegate plus a copy for each Benchmarking Partnerships facilitator.

The Benchmarking Partnerships team has been attuned to my needs and accordingly have been able to develop flexible, responsive benchmarking workshops and learning solutions to support my requirements. Their combined expertise, and the ease of doing business with Bruce and Anton makes that professional association a most valued connection that has helped us with our continuous improvement endeavours. Understanding what you need to accomplish, who you need to persuade, and how you are going to get there comes before the tools, tactics and messages. We’ll help you identify what to say, and how, and to whom, and figure out the best tools to get you there.
So before you write the press release or launch a Facebook page, let’s map the course you want to take and a strategy for success.
WCVB was then, and continues today, the top-rated television station in New England.Emerson College, Boston -- Burt was the Director of College Communications for Emerson, itself a renowned communications and performing arts school.
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