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Vine is the new app by twitter, it helps you to create short 6 seconds video to post on twitter streamline.
Its simple to use all you have to download the VineGifR app on your MAC to convert any Vine video into animation.
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I recently wrote about Twitter's super now app called Vine, which lets people create 6 second video clips that can be embedded in a tweet. How to Create Vine GIFsIf you know the URL of the Vine in question, just go to it in your web browser.
If you don't already have Photoshop or a similar program on your computer, you can do a simple Google search to find some good free programs that can.
If you don’t want to share the Vine URL and want to share the actual video through other sharing mediums, then you would need to convert the Vine videos to another compatible format. In this article, we do not want to tell you how to upload videos to Vine (anyhow, here’s a tutorial on how to make your video smaller).
Recently twitter launched this video service to its user to post short videos on twitter easily. To convert the video in to Gif you need a valid Vine link to turn the short video into a GIF.

With the help of this free open source app you can create you a GIF animation of 240 x 240 pixels.
You can browse some of the latest Vine vids on the official Vine Twitter page, or just search for on Twitter to see what everyone's sharing.
Zamzar is an obvious one that comes to mind, where you just upload the video to their site for them to convert, then they email you the finished product.Now, you can turn any Vine movie into a GIF anytime you want.
This is where this website comes in, it lets you convert your Vine videos into MP4 video format. Depending on your browser, it was downloaded automatically into your download folder or you have to manually start the download.
And now the Twitter engineer Esten Hurtle come with the new MAC app VineGifR, which helps you to convert Vine videos into an animated GIF file. Once you have the video link you ready to convert those video with the help of VineGifR app. You can also check out Just Vined to see the last 20 videos posted.Oddly enough, there doesn't seem to be a way to share (or find a URL) for anyone else's video from within the Vine app itself.
The downloaded video is the original six second video which you created for Vine and it doesn’t play on loop after being converted to MP4 format. You do not need to download anything and it works for smartphones just as well as for tablets, computers or laptops!

With he help of this small free app you can easily convert these 6 second Vine videos to GIF animations, so that you can easily share it on any website. You can try this free app on your MAC, for windows user you have to wait till the next confirmation from the developer. Vine as we all know is a website where you can create and upload short 6 second videos which are played on loop. The converted video will have a download button right in front of it, as can be seen in the screenshot below. So if you want to share actual video and not Vine URL of a video you created, then go ahead and use this website to convert your Vine videos to MP4 format.
However, this is currently an unsigned Mac app, so here's an alternative method for those who are a bit suspicious of the unsigned.

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