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As many Knoxville internet marketing experts know, e-mail marketing is an incredibly effective way for businesses to increase their conversion rates. As a digital marketing company with years of experience in the online advertising sector, the professional techies of Greenlight know the type of email marketing copy writing Knoxville business owners want and need.
Because of our customer-centered philosophy, our content development process involves conferring with you to learn exactly how you want your products and services represented.
After we write award-worthy content for your company, we’ll format it according to common rules and regulations.
If you are a Knoxville business owner who is serious about experiencing continual growth and expansion, you should know that increased conversion rates can help you accomplish this objective. Any list of content writing resources would be remiss to not include Copyblogger, one of the most authoritative resources on the subject.
In this 16-minute Tedx Talk, Lawyer-turned-writer Jean Tang discusses the need for “copywriting as fresh literature” in a world of boring sales-focused words. From the experts at Copyhackers, this checklist can help you self-edit and optimize both sales sheets and any other kind of web content you’re creating.
The team of highly respected experts behind Content Marketing Institute’s blog has been at the cutting-edge of digital marketing copy for years. Every successful writer needs at least a basic understanding of how today’s consumers engage with web pages. The truly brilliant Neil Patel shares much of what he’s learned writing for the web in this free, 30,000 word guide to the art. When writing for the web, the use of links throughout your copy adds a new dimension of depth.
You probably know a great deal about your brand’s ideal customers, including their personality. Whether you’re writing an ad, an eBook, or a blog, it’s easy to slip into meaningless business jargon. For more on the topic, I recommend 15 Unbelievably Powerful Pro-Tips for Writing Rockstar Blog Titles. Content writing superstar Alastaire Allday believes that effective content creation isn’t about a set of skills.
Communications explains how to take your eBooks from mediocre to stellar in this free, 44-page resource.
With a humorous sub headline of “or Knowing Why Users Hate You,” leading SEO agency Portent’s eBook has a unique sensitivity to search optimization best practices. For decades, advertisers have relied in the AIDA model - Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This blog is exactly what it sounds like - a collaborative forum for discussion and debate among professional writers working in all industries. It’s easy to browse the archives of Gary Bencinvenga’s beloved newsletter, which specializes in short, “bullet-like” tips on how to best sell with words.
Matt Ambrose’s blog isn’t updated nearly frequently enough, but his archives are absolutely worth your time to peruse. Jasmine Henry is an experienced content marketer with an educational background in analytics and informatics. Accept the sacrifice to make a copy hammering: Writers who are pro-creative (don’t read a double meaning) may not agree with the proposition that a substantial part of their creative output holds nothing for the target audience. Don’t count on consumer imagination: Your use of abstraction in copywriting can cause the readers’ distraction. Use persuasive story-telling: The idea of using story-telling manner in your copywriting may entice you so thoroughly that your copywriting ends up being an inconsequential sequence of events.
Exclude some customers: It is for the sake of making the ads more acceptable object-oriented that you must see through the consumer market and decide which customer is likely to benefit from the product and which does not fit into your expected customer profile. You are about to discover the secret of how words can put people into a buying trance where they are so riveted by your message, that they are eager to purchase your products and services!  Imagine what this could do to your business and your finances. That’s why they started their business — to coach clients, create software programs, build houses, plant gardens, design kitchens, fix clogged drains, take beautiful wedding photos, train animals, help people with their health care, tutor children, assist the elderly, and to make the world a better place! Most business owners, however, are completely in the dark when it comes to the world of copywriting and how important copywriting can be to their business and to their bottom line.
Powerful Copywriting will make you “Stand-Out” from the Competition, Attract Your Perfect Customers, Inspire People to Take Action and Give You the Edge that You Need! Smart Business owners hire great copywriters.  Hands down, this is the best investment you can make in your business! This meeting began the start of our working relationship.  I helped transform Jackie’s business with strategic blog posts, engaging autoresponders, and most importantly a sales page for her Life Design course that converts visitors to customers! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you hired me for your copywriting needs and you suddenly started attracting your perfect customers, getting the attention you deserve, making more money and most importantly changing lives! Woman, Take Hold of Your Power – 50 Ways Women Give Away Their Power…and How To Get It Back! Stay up to date with the latest content on IHAVEANIDEA, from new Agency Profiles, to interviews with top creatives and more.
Here is a Cannes winner this year from Euro RSCG Bangkok, and here is an example from JWT Mexico. 3.      Words need to be translated, and that’s too inefficient in today’s globalized world.
The great Samsonite print ad above from JWT Shanghai can be used anywhere in the world, without making a single change.
India’s illiterate population is around 300 million, roughly the same population as the entire United States. The Uniqlo web site you enjoyed clicking through, the instruction manual for your iPhone, the email you got from American Airlines…these things don’t write themselves – they have all been carefully crafted by a copywriter. It’s simpler, more specific, easier to share, and ultimately a more lasting brand statement than any visual alternative.
When you distill a powerful thought down to a finely crafted set of words, these attain a power far beyond letters on a page, and they become inherently “viral”. Web sites, blogs, tweets, SMS, emails, kindles, iPads, Facebook, – the new platforms for reading and writing are endless, and growing exponentially. In my humble opinion, the highest form of advertising touches you on an emotional level (among other things!)…I believe that stories, well told, are the key to conveying these emotions and linking them to a  product or brand… and I think that ultimately these stories must rely on words to be expressed properly.
A copywriter might focus on a few sentences or a headline, or even a tweet, working like a craftsman to get you to take action. We live in a visual world, but there is no such thing as a competition between words and images. Acknowledgements: Many thanks to my good friends B Pinaud, B Smit, A Xavier, B Neuman, C Walker, for their invaluable input.
We live in a lazy generation where reading calls for a certain amount of concentrated effort … naturally, most abhor it ! Hi Bridget, thanks for reading, and thanks for posting!I totally agree…but the genesis for this post was the sinking feeling I got every time I saw yet ANOTHER stereotypical print award winner. When faithful customers or prospective clients are continually receiving information regarding the great products and services you offer, they are much more likely to make a purchase. By familiarizing ourselves with your brand, we’ll incorporate the tone and style that is most fitting to your company. Being able to catch and keep the attention of your audience is a gift, and winning their intrigue with excellent wording and relevant images can help you build the type of loyal customer base that takes your conversion levels to new heights. The key to increased conversion rates is maximizing returns from each marketing sector, including the internet.

Whether you’re looking to improve your own skill set or make the jump into one of the world’s most exciting and rewarding careers, we’ve curated a list of resources we know and trust. Written by Brian Clarke and expert guests, it includes frequent insights on marketing best practices.
His 10-minute Ted Talk is sure to help you create more rich illustrations in your content writing. What you can expect is no holds-barred commentary on technique, the state of the industry, and much more from award-winning copywriter John Carlton. Grammar Girl is pretty much the de facto resource for marketers, authors, and other professional communicators. It’s a great starting place for any time your content needs to be direct, punchy, and persuasive. I am an experienced journalist and copywriter who is doing a ton of self-education right now to up my copywriting game. It is about a communication and relationship-building mechanism by speaking to the audience in a persuasive manner. Despite the wide recognition of the miraculous capability of creativity in web copywriting and content marketing, creativity can be notorious in undoing the whole effort of yours. They attempt to make the content cosmopolitan in nature appealing and catering to one and all at the same time. They neither understand nor are interested in understanding how you conceptualize your product. When the copy writer is concerned with making the ads dramatic, he must induce the customer with the belief that the product is meant for him exclusively, and not for others.
The whole concept is about how you motivate the readers about the benefits that your product will give to them.
They’re representative of the modern taste in design, favoring clean lines, full bleed double page images, impactful visuals that telegraph the benefit, minimal logo and tagline at the bottom right. Either they actually shrunk the day to 20 hours, or perhaps we hear this so much that we’ve ended up believing it.
The same goes for this Yellow Pages ad, by Creative Juice Bangkok – that is picture power, and it’s taking over the world. In this ad for CASIO, the intent is to show that the Casio G’zOne Commando is rugged and fits your daily life…oh wait…you already clicked on the hyperlink, so you already know. People will remember jingles for decades, they will repeat headlines and slogans, recount the stories of our tv spots to their friends…but very seldom are they able to properly describe images. Upon first view you might fixate on the distinctive imagery, on the cinematography, the mood. What first registers is the gritty Detroit imagery, the camera angles, the celebrity, the restrained power of the soundtrack. Take the mobile phone, historically a tool of voice communication, which is now increasingly a means to absorb and share information through reading and writing. Or he might deal with big narrative ideas, working like a storyteller to create something with a lasting emotional impact. In the end both must work together to achieve their maximum expression, and good creative teams must know this instinctively. I’d love to know your thoughts, particularly if you’re a copywriter, or if you think I’m crazy. They’ve “been there and done that”, and I’m lucky to be able to tap into them for their opinion. It’s true, you copywriters have the power to resist the obvious, to turn our expectations upside down.
Despite knowing this, many employees do not possess the skills necessary to develop the type of high quality e-mail marketing copy writing Knoxville business owners are looking for. In recognizing this principle, our experts have become exceptionally efficient in drafting and finalizing email marketing copy that conforms to the aforementioned standards. As long as brands have advertised, their visibility has been due in part to the quality of their content. This resource from FutureNow will measure the “we we” status of your content, which has raised conversions 125% for their clients!
But if you find the closest analogy of this communication in formal closed-door conference, where the audience must make a nod even if one’s attention is straying, you are on the wrong path. Indulgence in imagination, sweeping generalization, vague comment can mar the copy if the readers or the audience don’t find anything worth considering. But if a copywriter means to communicate the product to a specific segment of the market, he must restrain his creative abundance and exclude things that are secondary to the target reader. Rather than putting the whole-hog of the story in your write-up, you can select a pivotal point that you feel is most important.
A customer finds it easier to grab a specific function of a product and then relate it to his or her own needs.
Professionals skilled with using words are a vital part of making this environment work in the service of brands. But those times when you can get that idea sold just right…that makes all the frustration worthwhile. Un abrazo, y mucha suerte! I started thinking words were doomed…but then I thought it through a little more, and the latent power of words became very apparent.
You can start taking your company to the next level of excellence now, so don’t wait any longer.
The audience is not tethered to your campaign and compelled to give a positive response to. But the target audience will not understand that complex idea unless it is supported with a story or event that audience can easily visualize. Many big brands hire copywriters to write reviews or articles about their products or company. Now picture an international judging panel going through tons of print work – your clever Portuguese play on words loses all its humor when translated to English.
The classic long copy advertisements brilliantly written by David Ogilvy are a tough read, even for fans of classic advertising.
I reached out to the esteemed Barry Smit (a colleague who’s spent the last 30 years knee-deep in the creative fields of Asia) and he confirms that in Asia, regional solutions are a fact of life, so creatives find themselves defaulting to pictures in order to carry the story. A generation ago there would have been a clever headline and maybe some copy to hammer home the point.
The result is “branded poetry”, and it’s what makes this seemingly visual ad so very powerful. What stays with you is the back-story, the declaration, the pride, the raw emotion of a city and a brand that has been beat down – all brought to life by the spoken words of the narrator. Call us today and let one of our friendly customer service representatives schedule your consultation.
So it is more important to focus on details and have a systematic and methodical approach in writing. You can work a little more on that narrative to make it reflect a broad spectrum of specifications and functionalities of the product. Draftfcb has a proprietary research showing that brands have an average of 6.5 seconds to engage a consumer with their message, or the consumer moves on.
But, in order to achieve this status you have to really work hard in terms of giving proper time in learning this art. There are plenty of guidelines that you can follow in order to master the field of web copywriting, and stand with other highest paid copy writers.

However, when it comes to writing for web, there is one common thing that you should always remember; Internet is a whole world itself and the web users are information seekers in it.
So if you care about this, you slowly start defaulting towards the universal visual idea that will be understood and loved, regardless of where the judges are from! According to a research, a lot of web users only look for the information that they need without noticing other things. Therefore, in todaya€™s post you will learn the art of doing successful copywriting on the web by following these guidelines.Stay BriefThis is a very important point that every writer should consider. Your readers can easily recognize your actual point if you convey the message as quickly as possible to them.
You should avoid fancy words and difficult sentences on the web so that every reader can easily understand the content.Organize Your WordsNo matter how useful your content is, it will be of no use if you dona€™t organize it properly. Giving a subhead before starting a paragraph will help the readers to know what the paragraph is going to be about.
It will also give a breathing space to the readera€™s eyes and they will be more focused towards the content.This technique is very helpful in gaining the trust of the visitors thus making them a permanent member of your site. No matter how good your writing is; if your content is full of words with no organization in it, reader will not bother to read it. A good way is to keep the most important and latest information on the top of the page so that, the reader sees it instantaneously. Knowing how much information can be seen before scrolling down the page is also helpful to the copywriters in deciding what information they should place first.Getting Readers AttentionGetting the attention of your reader is the most important part in website copywriting. Basically, getting the attention largely depends on three things; the headline, the sub-heading and the additional images. One example is the magazine and newspaper that has the ability to attract the customers on news-stand with their spectacular headlines. Website writers should take ideas from it and make their headlines with similar attention getting styles.Sometimes headlines and sub-headings are your only chance to draw readera€™s attention towards your story so, you should always focus a lot on these and try to make them as simple and clear as you can. Readers are more attractive towards simple language than the one with fancy words and difficult sentences because, they dona€™t have enough time to first search the meaning of different words that you have used in your writing. Remember, the headline should tell what the article is about because; it is very annoying for everyone to click on the post and find that it is not what the headline was saying.The Inverted Pyramid StyleThe visitor has clicked on your post or article, now how will you make him stay and read till the last word?
Based on this style, the most important information is placed at the start of the article and through which the article is expanded further. This method answers the a€?who,a€? a€?what,a€? a€?when,a€? a€?where,a€? a€?whya€? before everything else and the later part of article is based on the a€?howa€?.
Most of the readers dona€™t click to the second page of the article unless they find something interesting in it. This is why this style is very important and every copywriter working for website should consider it.Considering the KeywordsKeywords come very handy if you know how to use them properly. You should look for different ways to add keywords in your title and main body of the article.
Copywriters use different important terms in their article in such a way that when people search for them on the internet, they are forwarded to your article. It is very helpful when you want to mention any fact to the readers without explaining the details of it. Upon clicking the word that you hyperlinked, it will automatically take the user to the article which you referred for further study. On the other hand, your reader can get more information about the topic which you are discussing. Many websites are now using the informal style to convey a lively and natural feeling to the reader. It will also help the writer to be simple while the content will be easily readable to everyone. Websites with informal style is mostly preferred by the visitors due to its natural look and as a result the site gets popular very quickly.Write in Active VoiceThe best way is to write in active voice because, it is concise. Active voice sentences are usually more powerful than passive voice because, the subject performs the actual action instead of being acted upon.
These kinds of sentences are easy for the readers to understand, and they are naturally considered more interesting.Using MultimediaThe best way to make your content look natural is by mixing the information with photos, graphics, videos and flash so that the readers find a unique attachment with your article. Designs are modified so the reader can focus on the article without getting distracted by the website design.
While sometimes the copy is the one that has to be tweaked so that it fits with the design perfectly.
Headline that looks great on the webpage may not fit into the context; therefore it becomes necessary to make changes in it according to the design. It is very important for the designers to create such web design that can properly fit with the copy and grabs the attention of the readers. Copywriters on the other hand should realize the importance of heading and copy in designing. In the end, both designer and copywriter should work hard so that the optimal output is achieved.Understanding Your CustomerWhile copywriting, you should always have the knowledge about the audience that will read your article. When you are writing for any product, you should have some knowledge about the customers that are going to use that product.
Only researching about the product and company is not enough to generate an attractive looking copy.
Copywriters should understand the fact that their main focus at the end are customers, therefore it should be about what matters to them. Your article should convince the customers about the topic and make them to use the product which you are asking them to. Customers are the one who will buy the product with their money so the main focus of your writing should always be the end-user. One way to understand your customers is by making a survey about their expectations regarding the product or service which you are going to write about. It will help you to write a persuasive article explaining the benefits of the product to the customers. Survey is a good technique to know what your customer is thinking and how are they describing your product. Only after that, you can make an excellent copywriting for any website content, product description or any other topic.
When you carefully analyze the customer, it helps you to write the exact language that they understand.
Some copywriters do this mistake of writing in corporate language which ultimately results in customers not able to understand the article. No matter how much familiar phrases you use in your writing, if they dona€™t make sense to the customers they are worthless to use in the articles.ConclusionThe art of persuasive copywriting is very useful when you are writing for any website in order to sell products or services.
The important thing is that your writing should be unique and catchy so that readers are forced to read every last word of it.
You will obviously dona€™t want your customers to switch to other websites for the reason that your headings are not attractive and catchy.
By following this guide you can master the art of website copywriting, also if you want to share your own thoughts about writing feel free to do it by commenting below.Filed Under: TipsFollow Us!

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