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Strategic Corporate Finance are specialists in corporate business sales, corporate acquisitions and management buyouts. Our approach with company sales is based on detailed research to identify strategic purchasers with the ability to make acquisitions. Our corporate acquisitions service involves finding suitable acquisitions through detailed research, making the initial approaches, valuing the target companies, negotiating commercial terms, raising any finance required and project managing the acquisition through to legal completion.
For management teams wishing to acquire the companies that employ them, please see our specialist management buyout (MBO) website which gives expert advice and guidance on MBOs.
Whether you are considering the sale of your company, the acquisition of a competitor or contemplating a management buyout, we can make it happen. Over recent years we have been awarded six Dealmaker Awards in recognition of our deal origination and deal execution expertise. Whatever transaction you have in mind, we are committed to providing you with proactive advice and hands on support so that your transaction can be completed efficiently. Please call us on 0114 324 0430 for a free no obligation discussion or alternatively you may wish to attend one of our events.
Visual identity and strategic branding for Sydney consultants business in the form of company naming, logo development and corporate brochure design.
Incept Labs are a company based in the Sydney CBD that specialise in strategic innovation consultancy for large corporates.
Percept were hired as branding consultants for this new Sydney venturea€™s visual identity design. We then progressed to working on their corporate logo design which visually represents the unique way in which they work. Percept were heavily involved in the strategic positioning of the company and used design as the tool to conceptually communicate with their target audience in an effective way.
We have assisted numerous Indigenous organisations to develop a strategic plan to drive performance. Our strategic planning workshops are tailored to best meet the needs of our clients and develop organisational capacity to engage with all stages of the strategic planning cycle. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The last 12 months have seen a significant decline in the prices of oil and commodities and the Canadian dollar relative to the U.S.
In a number of cases, Canadian companies with assets and operations in foreign countries used the CBCA to effectively, efficiently and quickly restructure their debt obligations through a solvent plan of arrangement process in respect of the Canadian parent company only, and without any foreign proceedings in respect of any of their foreign assets, operations or affiliates. We expect that the coming year will see the continued effect of the decline in oil prices and the Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. While Canadian CCAAs and CBCAs do not allow for cram-down of one class on another class, CCAAs and CBCAs do, of course, allow for cram-down on the minority within a class, once the two-thirds approval level is met within the class. Similarly, with its lack of cram-down fights, lack of official creditor committees and lower number of court attendances, coupled with oversight of the parties and the process from a court-appointed Monitor, the CCAA continues to be an efficient and highly flexible tool and forum for achieving the multi-party consensus necessary for a reorganisation of a significant, distressed company.
The CCAA was comprehensively amended in 2009 to, among other things, better align the CCAA process with the chapter 11 process under the U.S. The debtor company may now disclaim agreements and the counterparties to disclaimed agreements now have a process to object to the disclaimer. The definitions, tests and remedies for preferences and transfers at undervalue have been amended, including providing the court the authority to void transfers at undervalue.
The provision of a complete code for the recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings in Canada.
The authors would like to thank Sydney Young for her valuable contribution to the preparation of this chapter.

The publication asked more than 18,400 attorneys in metro Detroit to select up to three nominees for the best corporate counsel as part of its 2014 Top Lawyers Peer Review Survey.
She supervises and advises Strategic Staffing Solutions on all domestic and international legal matters, corporate risk management, contract compliance and internal audit and oversees the company’s immigration and HR functions.
Seppala serves on the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC) Board of Directors and is an active member of its subcommittees on immigration reform, government ethics reform, elections reform and regional talent retention initiatives. Seppala received her juris doctor degree cum laude from Michigan State University College of Law and holds a bachelor of arts in drama and English from the University of Toronto. Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3) is an international, woman-owned, $238 million IT and business services company based in Detroit.
Alan Kornberg and Brian Hermann discuss the various restructuring options available in the United States and suggest discrete changes to enhance the efficiency and eliminate the ambiguity of the current legal framework.
1.  What trends, in terms of activity levels, affected industries or investor focus, have you seen in the restructuring and insolvency market in your jurisdiction over the last 12 months? 7.  Are there any unusual features of your insolvency or restructuring law that an external investor should be aware of (such as equitable subordination, or substantive consolidation)? Under certain circumstances, the Bankruptcy Code permits a Bankruptcy Court to effectively merge the estates of two or more distinct debtors (and sometimes, the estate of a debtor and a non-debtor) into one for purposes of distributing assets.
8.  Are there any proposals for reform of the legal framework that governs insolvency and restructurings in your jurisdiction? What are the key legal forms of business, and what implications does the choice of a business form have for organizational structure? General Electric’s logo has changed little since its creation in the 1890s, but the company has grown to become the sixth largest in the United States. In February 2011, General Electric (GE) reached an agreement to acquire the well-support division of John Wood Group PLC for $2.8 billion. While many executives would struggle to integrate three new companies into their firms, experts expected GE’s leaders to smoothly execute the transitions. In addition to the six product divisions, GE also had a division devoted to Global Growth & Operations. Finally, like many large companies, GE also provided some centralized services to support all its units. Growing concerns about the environmental effects of drilling, for example, made it likely that GE’s oil well services operations would need the help of GE’s public relations and legal departments in the future. In the context of business, execution refers to how well a firm such as GE implements the strategies that executives create for it. Our company disposal service involves not just marketing companies and finding buyers but equally importantly project managing such assignments through to legal completion, hands on support throughout all stages. We began with company name strategy and brainstorming, which eventually arrived at an outcome of Incept Labs. This was followed shortly after by their stationery and finally the corporate brochure design. This approach helps guide the evolution of corporate governance practices through the complexities of conflicting organizational, stakeholder, and societal objectives. What are the key tools available in your jurisdiction to achieve a corporate restructuring – are they primarily formal, court-driven processes, or are informal out-of-court restructurings possible?
Bankruptcy Code as it can be used to implement restructurings in a variety of forms, whether through a plan of compromise and arrangement, the sale of the debtor’s business or the liquidation of its assets. Have there been any changes in the capital structure of companies based in your jurisdiction over recent years caused by the retreat of banks from loan origination?

Seppala, general counsel at Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3), has been named a Top Corporate Counsel 2014 by dBusiness magazine. She is a member of the Talent Task Force, a partnership between MAC and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, lending her expertise to ensure success in retraining and education programs aimed at retaining talent in Michigan.
S3 is ranked the sixth largest diversity staffing firm in the US by Staffing Industry Analysts and 16th among the largest staffing firms in the US by Staffing Industry Report. This was GE’s third acquisition of a company that provides services to oil wells in only five months. In describing the acquisition of John Wood Group PLC, for example, one Wall Street analyst noted, “This is a nice bolt-on deal for GE.”Layne, R.
This division was responsible for all sales of GE products and services outside the United States. These support areas included public relations, business development, legal, global research, human resources, and finance. This involves the creation and operation of both an appropriate organizational structure and an appropriate organizational control processes.
Do you feel that the tools you have available are effective in terms of providing speedy, fair and predictable outcomes? In particular, have you found that capital structures now increasingly comprise debt governed by different laws (such as New York law governed high yield bonds)? How successful have they been in entering the market, and how much has market practice (or law) evolved in response?
In addition, she is a member of the Justice Policies Initiative, a part of the State Bar of Michigan’s Justice Initiative.
It is also one of five companies nationally that is a certified Charter Partner with Staffing Industry Analysts. In October 2010, GE added the deepwater exploration capabilities of Wellstream Holdings PLC for $1.3 billion. Rather than having the entire organization involved with integrating John Wood Group PLC, Wellstream Holdings PLC, and Dresser into GE, these three newly acquired companies would simply be added to the Oil & Gas subdivisions within the Energy division. By having entire units of the organization devoted to these functional areas, GE hoped not only to minimize expenses but also to create consistency across divisions. In particular, would the organizational cultures of John Wood Group PLC, Wellstream Holdings PLC, and Dresser mesh with the culture of GE?
Executives who skillfully orchestrate structure and control are likely to lead their firms to greater levels of success. S3 provides IT consulting, customized project solutions, vendor management programs and an executive search service to financial institutions, energy companies, telecommunications, government agencies and retail and health care industries worldwide. Indeed, GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt expected that countries other than the United States will account for 60 percent of GE’s sales in the future, up from 53 percent in 2010. Most acquisitions in the business world fail to deliver the results that executives expect, and the incompatibility of organizational cultures is one reason why.
In contrast, those executives who fail to do so are likely to be viewed by stakeholders such as employees and owners in much the same way Coach McKay viewed his offense: as worthy of execution. By spending more than $7 billion on these acquisitions, GE executives made it clear that they had big plans within the oil well services business.

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