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Goddess braids look amazing for corporate jobs and can protect natural hair especially if you are a busy bee.
If you and a friend are interested in learning how to do Goddess Braids, watch this video by Khamit Kinks displaying how to do it. Facebook allows us to share the EY experience with people who are interested in the firm, and creates a way for interns and employees to stay in touch with one another. Visitors to the EY Careers page will find an Updates tab (with news and useful information), as well as tabs dedicated to the specific interests of students and experienced professionals.  On the Wall tab, people post (usually) relevant questions about EY opportunities and (sometimes) get answers.

There are no job postings—the Facebook version of EY careers is focused on showing off the employer brand, and on creating engagement.  And it’s engagement approach is so successful that I actually wanted to look around, even though I’m about as far away from an interest in accounting as it’s possible to get.
Cynthia Giles has followed a serpentine career path from academia to publishing to marketing and design to information technology and corporate communications. Having spent quite a bit of time looking for work, and anywhere from two weeks to two years inside a wide variety of American companies—she has given much thought to what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to creating a great employment fit.
The Corporate Plan outlines the strategic direction of the council for the next three years.

A company's employees are the ambassadors of its branda€”and we want to make sure that our client's brands look great on them.

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