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Toolkits Photo enhancement and photo manipulation are, essentially, two different disciplines in Photoshop. We have previously looked at photo manipulation tutorials for Photoshop, so today we are bringing you a collection of photo enhancement tutorials, most of which will change the look of your image slightly, very dramatically or somewhere in between.
Learn how to retouch a photo to create a cool cinematic movie effect with high contrast and blueish tones. Learn how to use the Lens Blur Filter in Photoshop to add depth of field selectively in an image.
Note: When you are instructed to switch back to the Layers from the Channels, do ensure you have clicked on the RGB channel before doing so, or you will only see the Alpha 1 channel. Lomo-effect images typically feature unique coloring, high contrast, soft focus and dark vignettes.
Discover how easy it is to give an antique look to a photo in Photoshop, using adjustment layers and textures. A photo effect based on the work of Andrzej Dragan whose portraits have a very high contrast and color style all their own. In this tutorial you will learn the process for utilizing the HDR Toning feature of Photoshop introduced in CS5, in combination with a few lighting effects.
This is a quick tutorial to show you how to achieve the 'Nashville' Instagram effect in Photoshop.
This guide will show you how to add a really cool Instagram-inspired effect to your photos using Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to recreate the Poprocket Instagram effect in Photoshop, adding a colorful retro look to your images. Follow this step by step guide to give your photos a cool vintage Polaroid style effect in Photoshop. This is a beginners-intermediate tutorial which can be followed by Adobe Elements users as well as Photoshop users. Follow this quick Photoshop tutorial to easily add a retro effect to your images in 3 simple steps.

Split Frequency Healing is a technique you can use in Photoshop that will allow you to retouch photos without affecting the photo's respective tone or texture. In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to add complex colorizing effects to images using custom gradients. Learn how to quickly add an infrared glow effect to an image using Smart Filters and adjustment layers.
Learn how to add folds and creases to a photo as if it had been folded and unfolded like a map. Learn how to achieve a subtle effect by adding a color tint to the highlights and a different color tint to the shadows of your image.
Learn how to easily create an old-fashioned, hand-tinted photo effect in just a few minutes. A really cool photo treatment that will give an edgy, surreal look and feel to a regular photo. Learn how to give a photo a gritty, overprocessed look to it with extreme levels of contrast and sharpening, noise and washed out colors. This Photoshop tutorial will show you the techniques used to give an already good photo a stronger impact. In the Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to add some action and a sense of motion to a photo with a zoom blur effect. This tutorial will walk you through the simple steps used to turn a regular photograph into an interesting digital painting illustration.
Create a polaroid montage from one image using Photoshop's built-in effects and a free action.
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Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. The concept of enhancing an image is to improve or change the quality without adding or deleting anything.

The majority of these tutorials use non-destructive methods of enhancement, such as adjustment layers, but always remember to work on a copy of your image so that you retain the original. This effect works particularly well with wedding or other portraits to add a romantic, magical look. This effect works best on images where maintaining rich colors and strong contrast is more important then keeping any fine details. You will learn how to retouch a model's face and subtly manipulate her hair, and add attractive lighting and 3D effects.
This tutorial will teach you how to turn a normal highway photo into an intense action scene. It is always important that you start with a good quality image to apply filters and adjustment layers.
Do you have your own methods, do you use actions or tutorials and are there any tutorials that offer great techniques that we have missed from this list?
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We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. While these problems don't affect digital cameras, we can recreate the cool effects in Photoshop to achieve that cool lo-fi retro effect, and here you can learn how. Repairing poor quality images involves different techniques altogether, and rarely works perfectly.

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