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Included in Spotify's new darker, slimmed down redesign is a much needed My Music section, which consolidates all of your starred music, local files, and playlists into a personal collection of songs, albums, and artists, similar to how iTunes organizes your music. Step 5: Transfer Over the Rest of Your Music with iTunes PlaylistsAs for songs that Spotify doesn't have the rights to, or just doesn't have in their library, there's another trick we can do. I tried the above steps as I wanted some artists unavailable on Spotify transferred over from iTunes. If you are planning to organize a party at home and your plans do not include hiring a DJ, then you need to do some pre-party work to make sure that the music doesn’t disappoint. YTPlaylist is a brilliant YouTube playlist creator, and can be effectively utilized to create an awesome party music playlist that auto-plays music videos on YouTube.
FlavorTunes can help you build an online music jukebox that includes songs preferred by your guests. As you can see in the screenshot above, the songs in the jukebox are sourced from Grooveshark, the popular music streaming site. When it’s time to turn the speakers up and bust out some tunes, nothing beats having a well-selected series of tracks ready to go. To get started, open the Music app and tap on the tab at the bottom of the screen that says Playlist. Tap Edit and then select the three-line icon to the right of each song to move the tunes up and down the list. Genius asks you to select one song, which it will then use as a basis to pull together a collection of similar and complementary tunes. Music Player for Reddit is a fantastic web app which lets you create playlists of music subreddits and play tracks.
In the screenshot above, you can see the elegant interface of this Music Player for Reddit.
You can read the description of any song, author name, and comments posted by users right from its interface. Your can Remotely control the player to play, pause, and move to next track with the help of your smartphone. This is the left-most section of this player where all the music subreddits can be browsed and selected to generate a playlist.
Those who like to listen to and explore music on Reddit, this Music Player for Reddit comes as a boon.

Now head over to Local Files, where you should find all of the music in your iTunes library. The majority of these songs will show up greyed out (below), with no hyperlinks to the artist or album.
The Playlists showed up in Spotify but there were no songs in them, greyed-out or otherwise. I am not seeing any of the menus shown above in Spotify, and I can't drag playlists over from iTunes.
That means you could use it to ask your guests the songs they’d like to be played during the party, and create the perfect party music playlist which contains favorite songs of all the attendees. The contest can run for a few days and the final playlist will have the songs with the highest number of votes. To start with, you can send personalized email invitations to your guests who can then request songs they want to be played in the party. Since Grooveshark can play almost every song on earth, you can be rest assured that none of your guests won’t be disappointed. That’s because it makes use of text messages from a mobile phone to add songs to the playlist. They have a browser bookmarklet which you need to use to play the songs that get queued up. It is another neat site to quickly create playlists from YouTube videos, and the good thing about this site – in the context of this article – is that on its sidebar there’s a recommended party videos section which is just what you need when you haven’t had time to prepare a party music playlist, and need something quickly to rock the party. The Music app on your iPhone enables you to create playlists that meet your specific mood or needs. This will show in your list of playlists so that you can easily identify it when you later come to play your songs. Tap one of the series of red icons to the left of each name and the word Remove will appear.
Instead of hitting New Playlist when you tap on the Playlists tab, go to Genius Playlist instead. List of hundreds of music subreddits, like hiphopheads, punk, hiphop, soul, indie_rock, etc., is available on its interface and you can select desired subreddits to create a playlist. You can easily discover new music, access permalink of any track, generate the user-curated playlist and play it.

Here you can explore Hot, Top, and New tracks (based on your selected subreddits) submitted by users. You will also be able to see the title, description, and comments of users in this section.
I wish it had provided the options to create multiple playlists and save them for later use. You can do this by selecting all of the music you want to download and clicking on the cloud icon. I opened iTunes window next to Spotify window and dragged-&-dropped the playlists from iTunes into the Spotify empty playlists. So if you are having a party then it makes sense to gather all of the songs you want in one place, so that, come the big day, you won’t be messing around trying to skip through the inappropriate and embarrassing tunes. You can compile them, edit them, remove songs and even delete entire playlists if you are not happy, but the point is that you can categorise and organise your music to suit the vibe of your party. After this, you can browse hot, new, popular, and top tracks and play any track using the player. No matter if the music is available on SoundCloud, YouTube, etc., this player lets you stream music directly on its interface. The greyed-out songs then appeared and I was then able to right-click each playlist and select Available Offline (the 'sliding' button within the playlist song list would not slide) and hey-presto, they all worked!
You’ll be provided with a number which you can text a song to, and that song gets added in real-time.
It will open a pop up with a QR code which you can scan with your smartphone and get the link to remotely control the player. In fact, everyone – whether or not they have a party music playlist in their collection already – should take a look at these sites.

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