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Moviestorm is a new free application, available for Windows or Mac, designed for creating machinima-style animated movies and distributing them on social networking sites. Moviestorm is designed to take users through the entire movie-making process, from set-building, character creation and script-writing to titles, credits and editing in under fifteen minutes, ending up with a digital animated movie that can be uploaded to YouTube or Moviestorm’s own site with one click. Upload movies directly to YouTube , the Moviestorm website and produce files suitable for other video-sharing sites. The base Moviestorm software is free and includes everything required to make a simple movie.
I WROTE A BOOK CALL :THE ROSE THAT WAS LEFT OUT, AND OTHERS, I LOOKING FOR A SOFTWARE TO HELP ME MAKE A MINATURE MOVIE OF ANIMATION. I am downloading this now and I am planning for my video to be uploaded onto you tube and hopefully it will be a hit!!! Hey, if someone that has downloaded it tell me if they are having trouble with viruses on it or if it will cause my computer to crash.
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Skit!, an animated video app in the same general category as Bitstrips, the cartoon-making app which recently scored $3 million in Series A funding, is coming to Android. We first spotted the app in TechCrunch Disrupt NY’s Startup Alley last year, shortly after its launch.

Included in the app are hundreds of free stickers, props and characters, so you have a lot of room to create without being nickel-and-dimed along the way.
After your video is shared, others can edit the story anyway they choose, which is different from most video creation apps.
Create short, beautiful videos starring your friends, family, or the latest viral photos - it's easy! Easy Studio could be a good app for children to use to try their hands at developing short stories on their iPads. Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA.
The company plans to make money by selling content packs, providing more costumes, sets, props and animations. Regardless, I’d guess the video can be converted, hopefully without significant video quality loss. Through many settings user may decide whether animation should be fluent, jumpy, long, good quality, lower quality and much more. Like Bitstrips, Skit! is also focused on letting users create characters, and share stories to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
The company at the time explained that while the app itself aims to be a fund way to produce fun, little animated movies, the business would involve sponsored product placements.

Its mini movies can be used for mobile animated cards (like a mobile version of Jib Jab, for example), or just for fun. This new release includes a set of backgrounds, card templates and other items designed for Valentine’s Day, too. But it’s not about making comic strips – instead, it lets you build stories using your own photos which you enhance with drawings, animated text, visual fx, voiceovers, and photos that move. Last fall, the company made further moves on that front, with a tie-up to Pacific Rim, which let you add characters from the movie into your own creations. After all of the scenes have been created the child taps the play button to see how the video looks. A child using Easy Studio for the first time can follow one of the six story templates to get a feel for how the creation process works.

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