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Continue to duplicate the layers and move the eyes around until you have all the steps in your animation. Your first frame in the animation is open, but you’ll need to eliminate the extra eyes in the Layer palette.
In this tutorial, I will use Fireworks CS6 to create an Animated GIF of a turkey with tail feathers that change color.
In the Tools panel I will click on the Stroke color box and choose black, then on the Fill color box and choose a brown swatch or type in the Hex number value field, #8C4600.In the Properties panel I will make the stroke width 2 pixels. Enter your email below to get great tips weekly onbecoming a great communicator and Presenter! Access dozens of sleek templates, 100+ free fonts and millions of images and icons right now. Animation is a great way of bringing stories to life and guiding your audience through a presentation. If animation is used at all in a presentation it’s often an afterthought, chucked in at the end of the creation process to jazz up the slide.
The power of animation can be explained with findings from the study of humans’ perceptual psychology.
With clever use of animation you can use them manipulate your audience’s attention using the principles of engaging, shifting and disengaging. One really easy way to bring animation into your presentations is to incorporate it into your graphs and tables. The problem with this is that if your audience can read the whole graph off the slide, they think they no longer need to listen to how you explain the data.
Bringing in elements of the graph gradually allows you to control the audience’s focus and pace your visuals along with your delivery. With just simple animations you’ve already started to bring more of a story to your slides! At BrightCarbon, we are all about creating compelling visual stories in presentations and animation is key to this process.
Now that we have set the scene and the audience is engaged with the two slides, we want to show that the slide with all the text is not effective.
First we have to duplicate the first slide and remove all the entrance effects from the shapes.

Now we align these shapes over the top of the existing slide and apply a fade in effect to all of them. With a bit of creative thinking it is easy to transform boring bullets into brilliant animated slides! Sandy is a communication consultant for BrightCarbon, a niche presentation agency with a focus on visual storytelling. Since I forgot to convert my file to RGB, I have to open mine in Photoshop first and convert it. After that, go back to the Layer palette and turn the first set of eyes off and the second on.
OK, so it’s not exactly world class animation, but it makes a nice sized animated icon. I'll make the width and height 400 x 400 pixels, and the resolution 72 pixels per inch. I'll then choose the Ellipse tool in the Tools panel, which can be found by clicking on the small arrow next to the Rectangle tool or other visible shape tool.
Despite this, animated slides are often thought of as tacky: too much exposure to the Boomerang effect has done a lot of damage!
But incorporating animation into your slides from the start can help to keep your audience’s attention, enable them to understand your message, and make your presentation much more fun to present.
Humans can focus their visual attention in three ways: engaging, shifting, and disengaging. Even basic animations add an element of structure that helps to guide your audience through your slides.
Now, usually when you have a graph on the screen it all builds in at once, giving your audience all the information straight away.
Without guidance an audience can come to the wrong conclusion about the data, or fail to understand how it relates to the story you’re trying to tell. The trick is to place the bars on layers that are behind a rectangle of the same colour as your background. Let’s split the story up into three parts, based on the attentional abilities above, and use animations to guide an audience through the story. I used three different coloured circles with 50% opacity to give the impression of a Venn diagram.

So it’s time to get that text-filled slide out of the audience’s minds so that we can focus on visuals. To get rid of the text-filled slide altogether we can add a pop away effect to the text box and a simple fade out to the rectangle shape so that they exit smoothly.
Always remember to pace the information on the slide and use your audience’s attentional abilities to your advantage. Since graduating from the University of Cambridge in 2015 with a BA in Linguistics, she spends her days turning boring slides on their heads by translating words into stunning visuals. I'll make changes to one, convert them both into symbols, create a second state, and preview the animation.
Place this hidden rectangle just below your horizontal axis and it will look like the bars are growing from the baseline. Using a few animations and the alignment grid, you can create a colour change using the fade in effect.
Desaturating the objects gives the impression that the text-filled slide is dull, which is exactly the story we are trying to tell here. For more on how to use animation in Visme check out this post on creating animated infographics. This tutorial uses Illustrator, Photoshop and finally ImageReady to make a simple animated gif. If it moves or changes in any way then we shift our attention to maintain focus on the object. Use the ‘Animate this object’ button to see how we can animate these in: I chose fly in effects. Finally, when something moves out of our sight we disengage: if something is out of sight, then it’s out of mind.

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