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After installation of FTP Server make sure that there are Inbound firewall rules in place to allow inbound FTP traffic. FTP Server (FTP Traffic-In): This rule allows inbound traffic on TCP port 21 for FTP Service. FTP Server Passive (FTP Passive Traffic-In): This rule allows inbound traffic on TCP ports greater than 1023 for FTP Service. FTP Server Secure (FTP SSL Traffic-In): This rule allows inbound traffic on TCP port 990 for FTP Service over SSL. Authentication: Select Basic because we want to use Windows built-in authentication method that requires users to provide valid Windows username and password to gain access to contents. Allow access to: Select Specified roles or user groups from the drop down list and then enter the name of group which holds all FTP Users (as we discussed in Local Users, local group and local security policies on Windows Server 2008). The FTP Server we setup above allows all clients to logon to the FTP Server and all FTPUsers are granted access of the ftproot folder (i.e. Each shared hosting customer will have it’s own directory created under the parent directory and each directory must be named after Windows Local User account name created for that particular customer. The FTP Site we recently created (Default FTP Site) allows each client session to start in the root directory of FTP Site i.e.

Alias: Enter LocalUser in this text box, remember to type with exact case it must be LocalUser with capital L and U.
We have successfully setup FTP Server and now it’s time to check if everything is working fine.
However without creating a FTP Site, the FTP Server doesn’t listen on port 21 and you can not connect to the FTP Server. I created %systemdrive%\HostingSpaces directory which will hold a sub-directories in it for each of client. Initially I have two customers respectively client1 and client2 and hence I created two¬†directories client1 and client2 in parent directory (%systemdrive%\HostingSpaces), also create two Windows Local User account client1 and client2 and add them to FTPUsers group as discussed in Local Users, local group and local security policies on Windows Server 2008. We can check FTP Server connectivity either using ftp command or using any FTP Client like FileZilla Client.
When prompted for remote file name enter name of the file to download and when prompted for Local file enter path where you want to download the file. Simply download the FileZilla Client and then install, after installation launch FileZilla. Create a FTP Root directory anywhere on the system as discussed in this article (Manually).2.

As we are going to configure a shared FTP Server to allow customers of a Shared Web server to manage contents of their websites and accounts, the directory structure must be planned accordingly. When prompted for remote file simply press enter to upload file with same name or enter new name for file on FTP Server. Create a folder named after the windows user created for FTP authentication in the folder created in previous step.3.
Directories must be organized in such a way so that we can easily manage and allow clients to access their respective directories only. Before installing FTP make sure Web Server (IIS) is installed, refer Install IIS on Windows Server 2008.
In this article we are going to see how to setup a shared FTP Server for allowing clients of a Shared Web Server to transfer contents of their websites.

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