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Find out how to improve your resume and interview pitch through instant feedback and put your best foot forward. 2.   CATEGORIZE- Once you have this array ready, just start categorizing your experiences into the above sections, you might want to add a separate section for one of the above combined sections if you have unique experiences under the same that can make your resume stand out! While categorizing, be sure that each section you are adding is worthy of being reflected on your resume and speaks volumes about YOU and your profile. 3.   BULLET- Once you have categorized your experiences, you will have your sections and related experiences in hand.
4.   FREEZE- Once you have your bullets ready, it’s time to FREEZE your resume that is, get it ready to be shortlisted. You may have seen many blogs or personal websites where you see their logo or blog button up for grabs. These Do-It-Yourself crafts will come as a treat to all the tea and coffee lovers out there. A recruiter is going to hire you based on your educational qualification(s) and experience, not on how beautiful your resume is.

To start with making our very own blog button, first we need to host our button image somewhere.
Once you sign in into your Photobucket account, your Home screen will look a little something like the above image. Using the 'Browse Files' button to locate your blog button image on your local hard drive and upload it to Photobucket. When this image is opened in full mode, you will see a number of different options on the right hand side. You don’t have to choose, you can have ALL you want, you don’t have to pick, and you can have everything that’s YOUR favourite on the list. You do this using bullet level feedback and an exhaustive library of samples for your reference. This will copy this link to your clipboard and a message confirmation of successful copy will be displayed as well. Once VMock approves your Resume and deems it worthy of being shortlisted, you are all set to float it around!

Image Links section gives a number of different options like Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML Code and IMG Code. Try out blog buttons for your site and don't forget to share with us what you come up with! Get your score up, incorporate feedback from the system, share it with your network and incorporate all the feedback, and then finally, FREEZE it!
There is NO right format, yes there is a standard, so the pizza has to have a base, and toppings, and sauces. For beginners who know little about image hosting, Photobucket offers a very simple and free solution. Similarly, resume has to have certain sections but to make it your best representation you have to “Create your Own” format!

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