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Now I want to replace that with our sitemap provider and make it dynamic so I have added the following code.
So here you can see with MvcSiteMap provider we don’t have to write any code we just need to add menu syntax and rest it will do automatically.
This article explains how to create and save an xml file, and then how to bind it to a treeview, but I think it falls far short of what the title promises. After searching on internet I have found one great nuget package for mvpsite map provider which can be easily implemented via site map provider.

A viewer mailed me back asking if it was possible to create a SiteMap dynamically and add it to a TreeView.
Apologies if the title was misleading but the intention was to show how to create a SiteMap using LINQ and bind it to a TreeView. I have create a new MVC 3 web application called breadcrumb and now I am adding a reference of site map provider via nuget package like following. You can see that it has created breadcrumb dynamically without writing any action link code.

I do not know if I will cover fetching the url's dynamically, but it's going to be an interesting read!

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