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These meme generating websites provide you many featured, popular and trending templates which you can use to create meme online.
The websites I have reviewed here are: Meme Creator, imgflip, Meme Crunch, Troll MEME Generator, and MemeCenter.
Once created, you can check the private option and hit the generate button to download meme as JPG file with a watermark to the bottom left corner of the image. Meme Crunch is a free meme generator website that offers you multiple templates which you can use to create meme online. In addition, this website provides multiple rage faces and enables you to add them to your image while creating meme. MemeCenter is a free meme generator website that lets you quickly create meme, either with the help of popular templates or by uploading the desired image from the computer. If you love creating meme, which is quite trendy these on social networks, then try you hands on these free meme generator websites to create and share custom meme online. Today, the Themer app got updated and graduated from being a private beta app to now a public beta app.
According to Wikipedia, the term Internet meme is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. Zipmeme allows you to upload an image from your computer in PNG, JPG or JPEG to use it as your characters, or you can browse their popular characters and recaption them. Some of these meme creator allows you to upload the image from your computer to create custom meme. If that is a big problem for you, you can instead go with free meme creating software that you can download on your PC.
This website comes with simple and handy interface that provides multiple popular meme templates and at the same time lets you upload any desired image of your choice from the computer.
It provides you two text input fields (Top and Bottom), where you can type in the desired text.
Later on, this free meme generator website lets you assign a title to your meme and provides options to share on various social networking sites, like: Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter.

This website offers you famous meme templates and also allows you to upload your own image from the computer to create custom meme online.
It lets you add additional text box with the help of “A” button located to the topmost left corner of the interface. When done with all the edits, you can now save your meme to computer as JPEG file and share on various social networking sites with ease. Keeping meme lovers in mind, I’ve decided to review some free meme generators to create meme online.
It provides plus and minus button which you can use to increase or decrease the size of the text displayed on meme. Once done with all the selections, you can create meme online and download the image via context menu option as PNG file.
Hopefully we’ll see some more themes added soon, instead of the handful that are available now. Usually, images boards are where most Internet memes are born and the following meme generators to be introduced will mainly enables you to create image memes.
Different from others, which only allows you using two lines of captions above or below the characters, you have different styles, positions for your captions. Besides,you can view what other’s have created and recaption them with your own humor.
For example, you can upload an image from you computer, or specify a YouTube url to make one and if you would like to make an animated meme, you can use its GIFMAKER.
It provides you two text input fields (Top and Bottom) and allows you to add another text box as well.
It lets you type the name of the character and upload your image, then hit create to edit further. Mostly just some under-the-hood changes which are primarily related to the upcoming offline download support for the app. This app offers built-in assistant, offering information and suggestions based on your conversations.

The app got a few new meme’s added like Marriage Advice Grandad, Sumbag Cable Company, Ike Turner, So It Begins, Bad Advice Cat, Conspiracy Cat and a few others. Then you can adjust the background and appearance of your images using their tools and after that, you can caption it.
Adding in the action overflow button makes it an even better app than before, but I might still stick with Pocket for now. When making a meme, you can just choose a character that is already popular and recaption it with your own words, or you can use your own image and caption it.To make a meme go viral, you will need some creativity and humor. This free meme generator website lets you share your meme on various social networks, like: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+, etc. It also provides a drawing tool for freehand drawing. In addition, this free meme generator website lets you add scumbag hat to your character while creating meme. Once done with custom meme, you can opt to save the meme to computer as JPEG image file or opt to post on MemeCenter for which you are required to create an account.
Now check out the following online meme generators and have a try, may be the next thing to go viral will be from you. It provides you Recreate meme option, which you can use to edit the meme, in case you need to modify or make corrections in meme.
It generates the final meme with a watermark located to the bottom right corner of the image. It does not provide any option to download meme directly, so if you want to download, you would have to right click on the meme and save that as image on your PC.

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