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So naturally, the music I pick for my group fitness classes depends on the type of class that I am teaching. One thing that I can’t stand, is music that is recreated by other artists that sound like chipmunks, I won’t mention the companies that offer this kind of music! I often use this site for all my music, its called Instructor Music, I personally think they have the best choices! Once Its time to create a new routine for certain classes, let’s use step aerobics for example. The opinions of this post are 100% my thoughts, and just want to share the love of where I find my music for my classes! People in my fitness class would probably hate me, because when I get hooked on a song, I will re-play it 50x over LOL!

Yeah same here, music is EVERYTHING when I work out to the point where if it goes off in the middle of my work out I have to stop. I just loved getting to blast my favorite songs over the speakers and find the perfect drill to go along with the beat.
I do think there is a a type of class or place that you can use music like that, but I simply don’t find it motivating. You can customize playlist(s) name and description for users to know type of videos contained in specific Youtube video playlist.Make playlists on Youtube to organize videos1.
I like my aerobic music for my classes to be the original artists but changed into certain BPM and fun remixes!! In the pop-up box, enter details like: playlist title, playlist description and playlist tags.

Once you have entered this information about your new playlist, click Create Playlist button.4. In the pop-up box, browser video title and click Add button next to video(s) that you want to add to your new video playlist. Your playlist is ready and now you need to enable option to display newly created playlist on your Youtube video channel.5.

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