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Google has put all its services together so they can be all used under the same account, meaning that if you have an account on any of their other services (such as Gmail) you can log in with just that data.
Once this questionnaire has been completed, you will be granted with a new Google account and you will be able to use all its benefits. Portals create a youtube account, create account youtube, login youtube, register youtube, sign up youtube, to register on YouTube, youtube account. If you want to create a YouTube account, for fun or for marketing purposes, there are a few best practices you can follow.
That’s the bulk of how your channel will look, and how people will learn about it, dealt with.
Live Streaming: You can live broadcast anything going on as long as you have verified your phone number, and are in ‘good standing’ with YouTube.
Pay attention to how they have an intro, they use popup YouTube Annotations during the video, and have an outro. In the past, you could only set up a separate channel with a separate YouTube account, meaning that you needed multiple email addresses and you had to suffer the hassle of logging in and out between the two.
YouTube will let you create separate channels under one account, but only when you use Google+.  Google has been linking its products together for quite a while now, so if you have a Google+ account, you automatically have a YouTube account and vice versa. Well in order to be able to set up multiple channels, you need to create separate Google+ pages.  I think this was done with businesses in mind as people can setup a Google+ page for their business and now link it to a dedicated YouTube channel. Your G+ page doesn’t have to be about your business though, it can be about anything!  It’s just a way to keep things separate from your personal Google+ profile (Profiles and Pages are different).
Now, I already have setup the Online Income Teacher YouTube Channel, but I want to setup another separate channel for another site that I am working on with other bloggers called Bizzebee. So before I even log into YouTube, I need to setup a Google+ page for Bizzebee, which you can now find here (feel free to subscribe).  I now have 2 pages setup on Google+, all of which are under one account! Simply add your YouTube Channel art and logo and begin uploading videos.  Here is our Bizzebee YouTube channel for you to take a look at (feel free to subscribe). Now, if you want to switch between channels, instead of having to log out and log back in, you can simply go to ‘Switch account’.   This also allows you to comment on your channels as your other accounts if you wanted to. This will take you to your Google+ manager page where you can add as many managers as you want.  Learn more. Managers will be able to access and act as administrators for both your Google+ page and YouTube channel.  They won’t be able to access your other pages and channels though, only the one that you add them too.
So there we have it!  You can now add multiple YouTube channels under one account, switch between them seamlessly and add managers to both your G+ page and channel. Have you got more than one YouTube channel?  How did you find setting them up?  Please let us know in the comments section below! People can say what they like about Google, but I quite like the idea of linking everything together. I have a YouTube channel with Adsense and I want to create another channel under the same Adsense account.

Madame Tussauds London recently announced it would turn YouTube stars Zoella and Alfie Deyes into wax figures. Smosh celebrities Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who boast over 20.3 million subscribers on the duo’s main channel, recently sat for Madame Tussauds’ artistic team and sculptors and provided guidance on styling.
In addition to their upcoming film and wax statues, Padilla and Hecox have their hands full with a brand-new web series. More details about the set and tour for Madame Tussauds’ Smosh figures will be announced at a later date. SUBSCRIBE Get Tubefilter's Top Stories, Breaking News, and Event updates delivered straight to your inbox. If you have a great news tip, are interested in advertising on Tubefilter, thinking about possible partnership opportunities, want to find out more about our upcoming events, would like to write a guest post, or just want to say "hello," be sure to drop us a line. YouTube is the largest website featuring videos and it gives you the option to upload and share your own unique clips. You will be able to name the video, add a description and labels, which will help people find your video while using the search bar. This publication can be public, private (only those with the link will be able to see it) or personal (only you will be able to see the video).
Failing to do so can lead you to making errors, not getting all the YouTube views you deserve, and never being famous!
Tips will be given on how to not only create the account, but make it successful enough to become YouTube famous! You start the process by being signed in, clicking on your profile image in the upper right hand corner, and choosing ‘Creator Studio’ from the drop down menu. To use a business name, click on ‘To use a business or other name, click here.’ text in the bottom left hand corner. Give your channel an honest description, give people a way to contact you if you’d like, and add links. Get to know those who are commenting on your videos as YouTube is as much social media as it is video marketing. You’ll do everything from choose your monetization options to make money on YouTube, to your watermark, to choosing your featured videos.
The first is for sounds, it has three tabs and all of them are going to help you create better videos.
Here you will see all your existing profiles on G+, including your new page that you just created.  Click on your new G+ page.
You will be told that you are linking your YouTube channel and your G+ page, which is what we want. I wanted to do this the other day – and have now just done it for a little test project I am working on.
Simple and straight to the point … I’ll be setting up all the channels i need now, thanks to this simple guide!

I want to know if I can link my current youtube channel to a page I create and then create another youtube channel to link it to my google plus profile.
The comedy creators’ wax representations will debut in July 2015 at the San Francisco museum. The show, titled Every [Blank Ever], will debut on May 12, 2015, and is the first series to arrive on the duo’s YouTube channel in almost ten years. You just need to press the button that says “Create Account” and fill in the questionnaire that you will be provided with.
If you’re looking to really create a Youtube account that takes off, I’d suggest that you take the time now to create an account specifically for YouTube. You’ll see how well videos are doing, when people stop watching, and where they’re watching from. There are two tab for music, one free and one ad supported from real musicians, and another for sound effects. That’s up in the top right hand corner, to the left of your profile image, with a button that simply says ‘Upload.’ You will see it on every screen in your Creator Studio.
I did not know I could do what you mentioned above, so I tried to add 2 new channels to my approved adsense account that is already linked to another channel ( so 3 channels total). The new series was announced at Defy Media’s Digital Content Newfronts presentation on May 5.
From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show. Below this, way down at the very bottom, is where you’re finally going to edit your videos. This’ll allow me to start afresh as I cannot delete my existing channel while it is linked to my profile. I did that incorrectly and google deemed them as duplicates and rejected those 2 applications. Let’s say that you do get Youtube famous, do you want everyone in the world assaulting your personal inbox where your mama contacts you? Moreover, I want to do this to get a new URL as I cannot change my existing channel’s URL.
So I followed the email solution and invited those 2 emails to be added to my approved email.
If you have a content schedule, which you should, put that in there as well so that your YouTube subscribers know when to come by to watch your videos.
Getting YouTube subscribers is one thing, getting them to come watch your videos is another!

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