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For those of us who are visual thinkers and learners, trying to write out a linear marketing plan can feel like pulling teeth. I promised yesterday that I would share a couple of ways to create a visual marketing plan. Notice how I stacked the colors inside the center of my color wheel, with me in the center, then my client and then the problems that I solve.
You can see in my personal marketing mix, that I have incorporated all three marketing strategies: referrals, online tactics and offline tactics. This is not a marketing plan in a box, this is a creative approach to clarifying the perfect palette for your plan. Notice how around the edges I have added goals, plans and places where I know I need to stretch and grow. Same thing in the problem solving section, the blue circle, I took specific words from my clients about what problems they had when they started to work with me. If you are new to business and don’t know – make some guesses, ask your friends, be creative but start to really dig into the specific problems you can solve and how you solve them in a way no one else does. Here’s the image of the color wheel with all the different levels of colors, strategies and tactics to help you get started. The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means “circle”.  A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. I love the concept of adding the mandala to our vision of creative marketing plans – our marketing plan should represent our wholeness, plus when done well it works all by itself, rippling out into the world and extending far beyond our point of origination.
First up, we have eBoosts strategic methodology, also know as our strategic problem solving methodology.   In order to solve a problem we have to first have a problem, and we always formulate problems in the form of a question. Assumptions – Assumptions are things we feel or think.  An assumption for the example above might be “I feel like our sales team could be closing more deals”.
An important thing to know is that when we quantify Critical Unknowns and Assumptions they become data. Now that we collected all this information using our Strategic Methodology and Strategic Concept and have evaluated our current 3C Model to find areas where we can improve, we can finally formulate a sound Strategic Marketing Plan to help us achieve our goals and help balance out our 3C Triangle to ensure our business has a sustainable competitive advantage. The three hashmarks represents the initial hypothesis, which is the solution built off of 70% facts and 30% assumptions and critical unknowns. This publication is the product of over 25 years of research, management expertise and marketing insights.

How do you divide responsibilities when it comes to patient contact, and how does this impact sales potential? Assess your current marketing strategy to patientsDescribe the message you are attempting to send to patients. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Nine hundred and ninety-five of these marketing options aren’t the best choice for your business, but how do you know which marketing option to chose?
Most of the small business owners we talk to tell us horror stories of marketing based on intuition and hunches. Having a written strategy eliminates the I-think-that-sounds-like-it-might-work decision making method that so often causes headaches and ulcers when you later realize you have wasted marketing money. Out of all the things we could do with our marketing efforts, WHY is this the best action to take next? HOW are we going to accomplish the ONE thing (and how many resources to we apply to the HOW? For this reason, our first step is to sit down and take you through our Fog Cutting Exercise. Your Business Owner LifeFrame, providing your peace of mind that you have the big picture clearly in view. The clear growth goals and marketing objectives that need to be in place to help you fulfill your purpose. Here is the sample table of contents from a small business marketing plan we recently created for Heartbeat International.
Your small business marketing plan will be thorough in scope and detail, but not filled with needless marketing gobbily-gook language. Of course, Moon & Owl is available to help you accomplish any marketing action in your small business marketing plan as well as ongoing wisdom, but you will be empowered to clearly make that choice on your own.
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That’s why I personally love mindmaps as a tool for visual brainstorming and a way for my scattered mind to begin to organize thoughts.

Here is one way to do that, tomorrow I will talk about how to create a collage of images to graphically represent your marketing and bring it to life even more through the power of imagery.
There have to be enough people out there who are hungry for what you have to offer and you have to be super clear about what particular problems you can solve for them. Notice that in my particular business, the majority of my marketing is happening on the internet through my website, my blog, virtual programs and social media.
One simple exercise is to ask an employee to call the offices of local eye care providers to determine how busy they are; the longer you have to wait for an appointment, the busier the practice. For example, do you provide a cash incentive for staff members who referred patients for laser vision correction surgery?
It is human nature to focus on maximizingstrengths while paying less attention to weaknesses. But for my marketing plan, even that didn’t feel as much fun as the mandala* I created below, based on the color wheel mix and match marketing plan I have been developing over the past few posts. It’s how most entrepreneurs build our business, it starts with what we are most passionate about.
This works best for my business model but your color wheel mix has to be unique to your business.
I am currently working on a new business plan so I asked my clients to share three words that describe me, these are few of my favorites.
For the purposeof this analysis, however, facing up to your weaknesses and redoublingyour efforts to address them is what gives your practicestrength and life.Now, try to imagine what your future position will be if youchange nothing about your marketing practices. This may likely bethe single most important part of the planning process, because itforces you to anticipate the changes that are coming that willinevitably impact you.In the next post we will as the question Where do you want to go?
They couldn’t even see what was possible for them or how to get unstuck and motivated to take action. Having them share this information was way more powerful than any guesses that I might make.

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