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It was around 8:20 on Friday night when one of the Music Video Race organizers reached into a little red dixie cup and pulled out an orange ping pong ball with my name on it. The event kicked off in The Secret Alley, where I also happen to have an artist’s studio. We met back in the Secret Alley the next day and Dave had brought his two assistants with him… and a shit ton of lights and gear. The next day was pretty stress free for Christine and I, but I imagine it was hell for Dave.
3,661You don't need a lot of fancy gear to make great promo videos for your DJing - most smartphones have decent video cameras nowadays, for instance.
Get access to all our free DJ training!Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members to get access to an exclusive area of all our free training articles & resources plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. There's supposed to be a video accompanying this article like the others, so you'll see what I mean. When I made the videos for these articles, I had a small inexpensive clip-on microphone that I spoke into. I'm not saying that you or others "must" make videos, but if you're going to do it, put the effort in.
Next time I'd probably suggest your cameraperson goes around, gets closer shots of people hanging and dancing like you had near the end, and thus shuffle around between the room views, shots of you spinning, and the closeups. For editing you can use something simple like iMovie or Final Cut Pro (if you have a Mac) or Adobe Premiere (available on both Mac and Windows). As for Go Pro, they have small sensors and are not great in the dark, you may have to use some lighting to get decent pictures out of it, but give it a try! Stop complaining about Club owners not paying enough and for God sake STOP whining about why you're not Famous yet! One of the most effective marketing tools a band can have, especially in the digital age, is a good production Music Video.
In the past, this type of video required a huge amount of funds, either from Record companies or a backer with some very deep pockets. At first look, it seems amazing that you can get a great video using an IPhone 4, but it really comes down to good planning and some very basic concepts. So let’s start out by taking a look at the finished product, and then you can read on and listen to the interview to find out more about how it was created and how you can use these techniques to create your own Music Video. Create a “Shot List”- Once you have your story, you start to identify the kind of shots you are going to need, the types of locations you will need to shoot in and the angles you want to shoot. For the most part choose your locations that will give you the look you want (or a look you can create) using public places.
Bikini Girls and Passers By – Before you can use anybody’s image on film or tape and broadcast it on the internet or TV, you must get a physical release signed by them giving you specific permission to use their likeness in your video.
Keeping it in Sync – Since this IS a music video, it is important to keep the actions of the band and the other participates in the video in Sync with the music. Simulating a Multi Camera Shoot – What gives most professional videos that specific look, is the fact that they are using multiple cameras to capture different angles or aspects of the scene. NOTE: The more video you have, the less the chances you will run short in the editing process.
The Camera – With the advent of new camera technology the playing field is becoming more level between consumer and professional level equipment. For the JPBlues Shoot, Trent Whitmire used a straight digital camera (Canon Rebel T4i), not a conventional video camera. A FADE is a transition between scenes where one scene slowly fades out as the next scene fades in, most times over the course of 1-3 seconds. The rest of the transitions that most video editing software comes with should not be used! Feel the Beat – In a music video it is important to bear in mind that all the video cuts and fades should be made to the beat of the music.
As you are editing go back to the beginning every few edits and review your video from the beginning.
A few seconds later, another organizer reached into a blue dixie cup and picked out Dave‘s name. We started our shooting with several scenes of me just lip syncing to the song, Rumspringa. The first of which involved me being bounced around inside a cardboard box rig filled with Styrofoam. It was already pretty late by that time, but even with rushing this whole scene turned out pretty nice. The basic story idea was to create a surreal adventure where I nearly receive my Nanoloop carts, but they keep escaping. It's your imagination that counts.Today’s topic has special relevance to me, mainly because this is the actual reason why I started this series - always save the best till last, eh?
I’ll see a video from a festival or club, and the sound is blasting, all distorted, and you can’t tell what is going on. Previously Canon S95 and S100 compacts but they had the dreaded lens error and don't work aymore. You'll also get weekly news and offer emails and exclusive access to members-only DJ training. Now, I’m not talking about taping some live gig somewhere in bad light with lousy (or questionable Sound). Making a Music Video was a very expensive project, and it was reserved for only those who could afford it. But it doesn’t hurt to have a 3 time Emmy Award winning editor, director Alen Petkovic shoot the video for you, but the bottom line is, this goes to show you that you CAN create a good production music video with the technology that is in your hand right now. You need to start out with an idea, lay it out on paper in the form of a storyboard (for a storyboard template CLICK HERE). Organize them in such a way that you have some sort of visual idea laid out that you can refer to later on when you get into the editing the video. Here is a very important concept that most amateur videographers don’t take the time to grasp.
That goes for girlfriends, fans, groupies or the occasional stranger that passes by your camera while you are shooting. You should arrange the shot list by location, so you don’t miss any shots that you had planned in your shooting schedule. You should have some way to play the prerecorded music track loud enough so everyone that is on camera can hear it, as well as having that music picked up on the video camera’s microphone. Outside shoots or inside shoots, you have to at least have a basic knowledge of proper lighting techniques for shooting video.

This is not to say there is not a defined difference, but that difference is becoming harder to see, especially with delivery formats like Youtube and Vimeo on computer screens and mobile devices.
It is a semi-pro digital still camera with great optics, interchangeable lenses and professional features that give you great control over how the camera treats light. A video editor is an artist in his own right, part technician and part conductor of an orchestra of sight and sound.
The one thing I hate about most of the software programs out there is all the useless wipes and transitions that they come with. This is generally used to create excitement and movement in edited program and is most likely the most used transition in any broadcast editing. The principles apply to any editing software, but it’s good information to get you started on your own project.
The next 48 hours were a crazy blur of costuming, shooting, and editing… and soon I’ll be able to show you guys the result! While we were shooting this, Christine was in the warehouse creating a cardboard version of a Nanoloop cart. Thing is, we’ve all seen plenty of promotional videos for DJs out on the internet for years, and in my book a lot of them are just terrible. That's in a nightclub setting, if you're in a daytime party, like a pool party, it'll be fine. What I am talking about that MTV style video, you know what I mean, the concept video where the band illustrates a visual journey along with a prerecorded studio quality soundtrack. But just as we have seen, technology has change in the way records are made in the recording industry, with the advent of the some really impressive tools in the home recording market. What was impressive is they were able to create a broadcast quality Music Video using cell phones. The videographer chosen to produce the project was Trent Whitmire, a long time friend of the bass player who loves to shoot and edit video. Use stick figures if you have to, but the important part is to get an idea as to what you want the video to look like, from start to finish.
To Illustrate, During the B-Roll shooting the band and Trent Whitmire decided to take some shots in an open lot that apparently was on private property. By getting a release you can save yourself some grief down the line should someone take offense as to how they are portrayed or how they look on your video or if someone just decides they don’t like you anymore.
The shot list gives you an organized list of what kind of shoots you need, what locations you need to find and helps you stay on track and insures you will have what you need when you start editing. This helps later on in the editing process to sync up what is going on in the video with the prerecorded music.
This is a subject that could fill a book but rather than go into a long description Below is a video that does a great job in giving you the basics of video lighting.
If you are going for a Blueray DVD delivery, yes you will see a difference, but for the most part, your band video will be delivered via the internet. Though this is more expensive then most home cameras, bear in mind, that even some the more inexpensive digital cameras and new video cameras can shoot really good HD video. As a rule you would use this to soften the video content, give it more of an emotional feel. Don’t take my word for it, always refer to the professionals, and watch and be aware of what is in use and how things are edited for TV, Professional Music Videos, Movies, etc.
Most video editors will tell you, that if something doesn’t look or feel right when you are editing, it is only going to get worse as you move deeper into the project.
The software used in this particular video is Final Cut  on a Mac. At the bottom of the Article I have some links to software and books to help you with shooting and editing your video. You can come see it at the Music Video Race Premiere Party next Sunday, or wait to see it online in August. I explained what the song was based on, a Mormon missionary I met in the Mission who had fallen deep into sex and drugs during their trip to SF. We finished around midnight then headed back to the Alley to pick up one shot we missed earlier in the day.
I have a Nokton f0.95 25mm which is great for bokeh and focus change, but as it's fully manual no one else seems to have a steady enough hand or understand how to use it so these days I don't take it.
Join now to comment, and to get access to exclusive site content including our friendly forum, plus weekly news and offer emails. We also are seeing the same changes happening in the video industry where HD Technology, cameras and software have put some impressive tools in the hands of the grass roots videographers. I cannot stress enough how important a person who is familiar with good shooting and editing techniques can be to a video project. Not that this will be written in stone, but having a good idea on the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it is one of the single most important steps. The on locations shoots were done on a Sunday afternoon so there was little traffic and minimal people walking around the locations. This is not to say you should not always be ready for an unexpected opportunity to shoot something you didn’t anticipate.
The singer will sing along with the prerecorded tracks, if there is a performance section, the musicians will also play along with the track so everything looks right. With each shot the band performed along with the soundtrack pumped through the studio live room monitors. With the JPBlues Video we used some basic stage lights (off camera) and had some standard photography lights which we changed the bulbs to 45 watt and place an amber Gel in front of them so they didn’t completely blow out the iris of the camera.
The quality of what is available in the consumer market far exceeds the capability of what delivery format can recreate. This is where your story is either told with grace, intelligence and beauty or falls into oblivion of bad video hell. If you study how these professionals edit, it will help you in the long run in creating a video project that you will be proud of. This started of the conversation of what this could mean for our video, during which Michel Gondry’s name came up 15 or more times.
You don’t need a high-end camera, or an editing studio, or a film degree to make interesting and even exciting promotional videos for yourself. Even if it’s not DJing, it can still put your face and name out there, thus making you recognisableTutorials - If you have the skills or trickery you think you want to share, record it. Even when the budget is small, sometimes you can find someone who impresses you with their passion and love of what they do, it’s worth the money to hire them rather than trying to struggle through the learning curve.
It is important to note that you have to be realistic and stay within the capabilities of your technology. Fortunately when they explained why they were there, the owner gave them permission to use the location.

In one scene in the video, JPBlues is seen walking along a Rail Road Track with a freight train passing. It is VERY important that if you have a solo section, especially with guitar players, that the musician remembers what he did during that solo and re-enact it as close as possible. This gave us that stark spotlights in the background look, as well as blacked out everything behind them.
Even the straight digital cameras that have traditionally been regulated to still pictures have brought high quality HD video into their list of features.
If you would like to see some more inexpensive options I have provided some links to other camera options at the end of the article. Remember this is where you video comes to life, it takes time and patience, but it’s well worth it in the end. We can’t share it online until August, but if you live in SF you should come to the big MVR show at the Independent. When you use your editing software you can lay in the sound only, or intermix it with the sounds picked up by your camera’s mic. I want you to start counting when a scene changes and start back at one each time you see the scene change again.
But, not every property owner will be that forgiving, so always ask first if you are going to use any private property. This was a spur of the moment opportunity that was grasped by Trent and it added an interesting element to the final product. When editing it can be a real nightmare if the soloist (or any other musician) does not look like he is playing the right notes(or beats), it may seem trivial during the shoot, but believe me it can kill a really good video in the end, or at the very least make you very unpopular with the video editor. Once as a wide shot of the whole band, again with  the camera concentrated on the individual members and lastly the final two shots were concentrated on close-ups of the guitar and Vocal singing. You only saw the band that was up lighted (lights from below shooting up) by the stage lights.
The fact that some of these cameras come with some impressive optics and lens options along with other features can make them well suited for shooting great video, make them a good choice.
It takes practice and it takes some basic fundamental knowledge to master this fine art form.
You would use different lengths of fade to bring certain emotions to the beat of the music. We’ll all be showing our videos, hearing who won each division, and there will be live music. It’s up to you, but in the end we’re all music people, and it won’t reflect well on you if your sound is terrible.Don’t forget brandingIf you’re recording, editing, and making a super-awesome video for your promotional needs, then why aren’t you sliding in your branding? Now you have to pay attention, because we are so used to seeing the changing scenes we almost don’t notice them, but do this for a while and you will start to realize this very important concept that will make all the difference when you start to build your shot list and finally when you get into the editing of your video.
The planning is a good way to keep things running smoothly, but remember with any creative endeavor, it is a fluid process. During each different shoot (see above on Multiple camera shoots) we changed the stage lighting to best work with each version of the shoot. The first we already gave you in the form of no more than 3-5 seconds of a scene on screen at any given moment before you move onto something else. The longer the fade the softer and more emotional the feel gets, the shorter the more energy you put back into the edit.
It’s utterly boring, and videos like this have been uploaded in bulk from DJs around the world.
In my experiences putting in text or even imagery has been nothing more than just making PNG files of the items and layering them on top of the video with your editing program. It’s simply taking 10-20 snippets of tunes you’re rocking, putting them into an order, and have the visual be your branding with the names of the songs as they play. Allow that process to bring some interesting new aspects to the project you may not have seen in pre-production. When you create your shot list you have take into consideration that you will need an ample amount video to accommodate enough different 3-5 second shots to fill the full length of your video.
If you want someone to get excited use a cut, if you want them to cry, or get emotional, use a fade.
A single shot of you playing music for five or ten minutes won’t do much to excite your viewer.
It’s media that highlights you, entertains, informs, and thus should have in there some means for viewers to recognise and remember you. And those shots should be arranged in such a way that you advance the idea and concept of your video. The same technique was used on the outside shoots as well, where multiple passes of each person in the band were taken to give lots of aspects, angles and options. You could even just make them five-minute memoirs of recent events, or just collages of clips for entertainment. But if you master the part of the process, you video will come together easier and quicker, and the final product will look more professional. One great video of you performing can only go so far compared to a plethora of video content covering many avenues.One of the best examples of this is Armin Van Buuren.
There is nothing that screams amateur or is more boring,  than a static video that stays in one place for a large segment of the video. That might have flown in the past, but with the easy access to editing software, you have no excuse. You’ll find live DJ performances, interviews of him and from him, music videos of his releases, previews of upcoming releases, his podcasts, and even Top 10 charts that are nothing more than a visual of his logo with song titles appearing. I use an old copy of Sony Vegas, and it wasn’t very hard to get the basics of editing down.
A DAW is way more complex in my book.Use multiple cameras or do multiple shotsDave Young’s video could have been improved if he tried a few camera angles. Had things change up in the video as opposed to just looking at straight-on, then it might have been more enticing.
If you have access to extra cameras, set them up to record multiple videos at different angles. Do the straight-on, then maybe an angled one from a lower viewpoint, or even set one up above the gear so it looks like you’re looking down at the DJ set-up.
Walk around town, shoot yourself playing at a club, drive somewhere with the camera on the dashboard, record a pretty girl (or boy) dancing etc.

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