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It’s a 12-month planning calendar (on 1 piece of paper) that organizes your marketing activity by month and category. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. In every book about Content Strategy, the recommended process will have an audit as one of the first steps; this is much the same as for Search Engine Optimisation.
But I wouldn’t ever embark on an SEO audit without some sort of robotic assistance, so in this case, it’s vital. You’ll want to eliminate files that are not webpages – images, JavaScript, CSS and other such files are normally contained within earmarked directories or a subdomain. From here, you should then be able to filter either URL strings or titles into different categories, putting them onto their own sheet.
Through doing this, you will almost certainly be able to spot any bad signs of content duplication. Once you’ve got a ‘top level’ category listing, you can start ‘subcategorising’ – which is basically stating the topic covered of each piece of content.
You should give subcategories your best own definition, rather than always using what’s already there, since you’re going to be making a recommendation on how these should be reshaped later anyway. While doing this, it’s good to assign everything a Unique ID and also note the ‘Content Type’ or format. The URL, Page Title and Meta Description would all have been covered by the Xenu crawl, so you wouldn’t need to fill them out.
Once you’ve done this, you should be able to make a few graphs to explain counts in Topic Covered and Content Type. Now you have a feel for how much content sits in which sections, as well as the topics covered, you can begin to look at quality and engagement. You’ll have quite a few sheets of data here, but you really need them all in the same tables. With these extra columns, you can make quantitated judgements on what’s most important, and what you should focus on reformatting or marking for deletion.
Note: You could take this further by scraping using XPATH – including bringing in author names, date published or other data.
Notes – you may see inconsistencies such as no images or poor formatting which need to be picked up on. Keywords – It’s worth assigning particular relevant keywords to specific rows if you have done a keyword analysis already (I would recommend you do). You may also want to make notes on pages (or create a column) that could be marked for implementation. From here, I would hide all columns apart from the below, else you’ll have a rather distracting and hard to navigate worksheet. Since you’ve got rid of the deadweight, you should now start looking through each URL to assess content quality, and take notes.
You might notice there are consistent patterns running through content types or even all content. Doing an audit on this scale might seem gruelling, but you’ll need to assess a good sample of any site for content subject matter, quality and engagement if you’re looking to improve both SEO and content.
April 11, 2013 by Melissa HarrisonFiled Under: Branding, Marketing, Small BusinessDoes  your small business have a brand identity? Take notice of which social media posts are getting the most attention, what pages users visit the most on your website, and what the overall perception is of your brand.

A business that successfully harnesses the power of a strong, cohesive brand identity will reap the rewards for years to come. Whether it’s eyeglasses, dry cleaning, printing , or learning to speak Russian, any thing that promises that it can be accomplished in an hour usually comes with some fine print listing a variety of stipulations. The fine print is it will only work if you follow the rules.  Here are 5 steps to creating a marketing plan in less than an hour. Describe your company’s unique selling proposition, what is unique about your product, why is it so special? Formulating a marketing plan is doable as long as you have your target., remain motivated, brainstorm new ideas  and don’t get stuck on doing things one way. This entry was posted in Marketing, Marketing Plan and tagged Marketing, Marketing Plan on August 28, 2014 by Nikki Woods.
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Thanks for being a member with us, we’ll keep working to send you good information you can use in your business. Granted, there are some specific technical aspects of SEO – particularly regarding server-side issues – that aren't related to content, but SEO audits will also cover onpage issues that need to be forwarded to product or editorial teams.
I like the SeoMoz crawler (some people prefer Screaming Frog) for spotting things like duplicate content, but since content audits should be able to spot this anyway, I have a preference for Xenu Link Sleuth.
You don’t need to crawl them so put their directories on the exclusion list, and then begin the crawl.
If you can’t (for instance in sites with particularly poor SEO), you will have to do this during the qualitative audit phase. Any sections that don’t seem particularly prominent within an Information Architecture, yet have more than their fair share of allotted pages are worth investigating. For pageviews, I normally place a UK advanced segment (if using Google Analytics) to get a more accurate number.
You could possibly do this by URL strings, but I would take a good look at the content at this stage, because content could have been miscategorised in the past – particularly on larger older sites. Make one count table per category by using the COUNTIF function on the Topic Covered and Content Type columns. However, our audit document is already getting rather large, and for the purpose of this post, I don’t want to go into scraping as well! It means when you come to restructuring or editing the content, all the information will be in one sheet. It’s possible for one person to run through all of the above on a site of 5,000 pages, but it would likely take them five uninterrupted days, and by the end of it they might be getting a little jaded.
I would normally assume an auditor to be able to get through around 1,000 pages per day – so a 5,000 page site may take a whole week! It’s the personality, visual elements and feel of your brand all wrapped up into into a cohesive plan and strategy.
Make sure everyone on your team understands your brand personality by taking the time to have a training meeting. Use surveys and gather feedback on social media to tap into the pulse of what your customers think and feel about your current brand. Don’t wait until your next business plan update is due before you look into what others think of your small business brand. Be consistent once your strategy has been set, don’t be afraid to adapt to change and understand your audience so those changes make sense.

Named one of the "Top Young Entrepreneurs" by Minnesota Business Magazine and a “Mover & Shaker” by the Star Tribune, Melissa has more than 13 years of experience in content management and strategy, branding and design, working with organizations to build strategic content marketing strategies. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Measurable goals allow you to mark your progress and recognize when you’re close to reaching them.
This is how it feels to live in our nanosecond culture, where everything is changing at an accelerated pace. As these disciplines merge, it is useful to get these groups working together, and it saves time to do onpage SEO and content auditing in one go. The real reason in this preference is speed – you can normally get an up to date crawl report within an hour or two – particularly when you exclude certain directories from the crawl. You will also easily be able to see pagination through checking for parameters such as: ?page= which are always worth checking out. This could be due to a problem in the Information Architecture, but it’s more likely that users simply aren’t engaging with that content. If this happens, you may as well forget about marking content for ‘Reformat’, since this will be required for everything. If this is too long, try focusing on the most highly engaged content by pageviews and most linked to – since these will almost certainly be the most important. Share the brand strategy you have come up with – include examples, practice sessions, and hard copies of the strategy. Either you’re marketing the brand all wrong or there is a perception out there that is going to be hard to change. Melissa was listed as one of the “Top 36 Content Marketers Who Rock” by Content Marketing Institute and is a four-time recipient of the Hermes Creative Award.
Outline business opportunities, assess factors that can affect your plan and your predictions.
It’s much better to make some assumptions on the content through URLs, Pate Titles or Meta Descriptions – you can always review in the second stage of the audit. If something is viewed very little, but is easy to find, it might be time to mark it for deletion. But still, through this process you will gain an in depth understanding of how the current content is structured, a vital step in making required improvements to the Information Architecture. Set goals and calendars for every communication channel you will use—website, newsletter, mobile—your brand should come across clearly on all of these. Either way, you need to do something; remove the parts of the strategy that are not working. New technology will come, your customers’ needs will change and your ability to roll with the punches will be a key selling point. Of course, at this stage you may also notice duplication, so you should create another column and add the ID number of the duplicate if something matches the content you are assessing.
Narrow your focus to what aligns best with your identity and is most attractive to your target market. Concentrate on your goals and target. This makes your strategic marketing communications plan even more valuable to rise above the noise to put your organization in the spotlight!

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