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Namely, the Creative Profile and Creative Profile SDK that gives you access to all your image profiles, presets, brushes and colors have yet to find a home on Android.
Today we are announcing two remarkable offerings… Adobe Creative Suite 6 and the all new Adobe Creative Cloud.
Our customers helped us shape Creative Suite 6 and with it now in their hands, we will all experience things on the web and with mobile apps that we could never have thought possible.
It’s also important to realize we’re in the middle of a transformation in how content is built and delivered.
We hope you’ll join us Monday morning online as we unveil more details about these technologies.
We couldn’t be more excited about both these releases and can’t wait to see what you do with them. I see Adobe continues to punish its europeans users, Creative Cloud comes with a double price tag for european users compared to us users. What really bums me out here is that I upgraded to CS5.5 in January this year (from CS3) during a promotion Adobe ran, hoping to get a good price break on CS6 when it came out. Creative Suite 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud are scheduled to be available within 30 days and can be pre-ordered now. No fair, I just bought CS 5.5 student and teacher edition for college on Feb 2, and I still Have to take more Adobe classes next year. Looking very much forward to this upgrade ?? Will there be any student discounts available on the Creative Cloud? If I subscribe to Creative Suite and install the programs on my current computer, and later purchase a new computer which I’d rather use with CS6 will there be any issues?
However Adobe, I think the price tag of $3O is good, $50 is pushing it and $70 is not possible for me anyway. But the one question I have is, what will happen (not saying it will) if your servers go down for maintainence, or they simply crash? I want to buy an English version but your system keeps pushing me to Spanish because I do not have an English address on my credit card. I have been through your Customer Service, who were really helpful, but because they did not have an answer passed me through to Sales.
If it is impossible for me to use the Creative Cloud system at the moment I would be grateful if someone could tell me and I will carry on with my life and purchase the Photoshop update as normal. Adobe Story is not required to use Premiere Pro, although there are some great workflows between the two products. Adobe Story Plus, which has a more robust set of features, will be available as a standalone subscription, or as part of a Creative Cloud membership (which includes all of the apps in Master Collection CS6 and much more). Muse will be included as part of a Creative Cloud membership, or as a standalone subscription. With CS6, you can still purchase Master Collection (and other Creative Suite products) as perpetual licenses, either at the full price or with upgrade pricing if you own a previous qualifying product.
If you subscribe to Creative Cloud and install the CS6 on one computer, and then later want to install CS6 apps on a new computer, then yes you can do so. While a representative contacted me right away and asked me for some more detailed information, I have not heard a word from her since I provided that info. If I become a member of Creative Suite and decide to cancel and upgrade my software instead (I currently have CS3) to CS6, will I be allowed to?
I purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 in Feb 2012, costing a small fortune, in-fact taking out a loan to buy it. Also, if you don’t come out with a newer version of creative suite, lightroom, etc more often than the average of 2 years, this is much more expensive than simply upgrading with a disc.
You should be fine to download your CCM apps on a new computer if your current one crashes. You can install the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud on your primary computer and one backup computer, as long as they are not running at the same time.
You will be eligible to receive updates and upgrades to the components of Creative Cloud as long as your membership remains active. Any ongoing bug fixes, security patches, and other update releases that do not require full upgrades will be made available through the Adobe Application Manager just as in the regular versions of Adobe software. As senior vice president and general manager of the Digital Media business unit, David Wadhwani leads Adobe's development of solutions for content publishers, digital artists and storytellers, and application developers. I came across The 10 Most Common Myths About Creative Cloud at ProDesignTools that answers many of the most common questions.
Another question I get is why Adobe has chosen to offer freebies to Creative Cloud subscribers that aren’t available to standard license users.
Since the Creative Cloud is legal you don’t have to worry about cracking a pirated copy of Photoshop, and you get all the software updates for free! Well, you would have been paying for a CS6.5 upgrade in the next month or two anyway, so consider it an advance payment I guess.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For those who aren’t up to speed on what the big deal is here and why there is so much chatter going on, let me give you a brief rundown. Now initially when I heard this I got out my pitchfork and torch and was ready to signup and join the masses.
Now on the flip-side of this, if you’re a design or media firm or use multiple programs, this actually turns out to be a pretty good deal.
Photographers are passionate about their software and Photoshop by itself has been around a very long time and is engrained in a lot of people’s workflow.
However my experience with their customer service has been, well let’s just say not very rosy over the years. How we do business, consume media and even edit our images continues to change and evolve rapidly.
Just over three months after the major 2014 release of Creative Cloud, we’re delivering another milestone Creative Cloud release at Adobe MAX 2014.
It all starts with a Creative Profile—your creative identity within Creative Cloud—the heart of this Creative Cloud release.

In June we brought the power of Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to devices with a complementary set of imaging and illustration mobile apps. Adobe Illustrator Draw—An all-new app that reinvents the best of Adobe Ideas, letting you work with familiar tools and features in a modern, streamlined interface. Adobe Illustrator Line—A major update to the app we first shipped in June; Line sketches can now be sent to Illustrator CC, enabling you to edit original vector paths, and more. Adobe Photoshop Sketch—Draw with new expressive brushes as well as custom brushes, and send sketch artwork to Photoshop as a PSD file, opening the door to deeper integration between Sketch and Photoshop CC. Lightroom mobile—Builds on the amazing image management and editing capabilities… view comments and favorites in Lightroom mobile that clients, friends, or family leave on the photos you’ve shared online in Lightroom on the web.
Adobe Premiere Clip—Our first video-editing app brings the power of Adobe Premiere Pro CC to mobile. Adobe Color CC (formerly Adobe Kuler)—Create color themes on your iPhone from the photos that inspired them.
Adobe Shape CC—Turn shapes and objects from high-contrast photos on your iPhone into editable vectors for use in Illustrator CC and Illustrator Draw.
Creative Cloud Market—A collection of high-quality, curated content that’s free to Creative Cloud members. Creative Cloud Libraries—A powerful asset management service, connected to your Creative Profile, that facilitates a seamless workflow between our desktop and mobile apps. Creative Cloud Extract—Simplifies the comp-to-code workflow by making it a snap to extract design information (like CSS, colors, gradients, measurements, and fonts) from a PSD file. The Behance community has grown by leaps and bounds since joining the Adobe family, and now has over 4 million members with more than 20,000 new portfolio projects and “works in progress” published every day.
We are working to add Android capabilities to our Creative SDK, and Android versions of some of our apps.
Even more sad is the fact that apple killed flash for no good reason and adobe is totally cool with it – going so far as to support apple products first.
I’ll be buying an iPhone so I can work more efficiently even though I feel kinda bullied into it.
If you didn’t have essentially a monopoly on creative software, I would be switching from adobe instead. The latest update to be released to Adobe Creative Cloud members today includes top-requested enhancements for creating scroll motion effects that work on desktop and mobile devices on Adobe Muse CC. With over half a million websites created with Adobe Muse, there are a lot of great ideas for inspiration to get started.
The Mercury performance work we started a couple years ago has now made its way to our imaging, video and illustration tools. Our tools are taking a practical approach to creating responsive content, so your web sites or apps look great regardless of the device or orientation they’re viewed in. With over 500 million smartphones selling each year, 400 million tablets expected to sell by 2014, nearly 1 billion people on Facebook and over 40 billion apps expected to be downloaded this year – the creative process is undergoing a significant shift. Members can download and install all of our CS6 tools and can use them even when disconnected from the internet.
Members content can be automatically synchronized across of their PCs, mobile devices and the cloud. Members are able to host up to five websites for free and will be able to create and deploy digital brochures and catalogues to the iPad and iPhone.
Does this service include software updates as they become available (for instance, CS7 someday would come out and would be included in the price of this service?) Or is it just that updates are available for purchase faster?
I am now finding out with the pricing structure Abode announced today, that I now have to spend an additional $185.00 (US) over what the upgrade would have cost me if I had simply waited and upgraded to CS6 from CS3. I’ve passed on your comments to our customer support team, who will be contacting you at the email address you provided to discuss your options further. A person with an American accent answered and stated that they were only the telephone answering service, all the sales team were busy and they would ring me back. If you prefer perpetual software to subscription, then you can continue to upgrade from version to version as they are released. 23) with a price concern I have with the upgrade to CS6 and you answered with a response that someone from Adobe’s customer support team would contact me to address my situation. I’ve informed our customer support team and they will be in touch with you today via email. I have been using Adobe products since 1986 and was so excited when it came out for the windows platform in 1983. I purchased the upgrade from CS3 to CS5.5 standard back in November 2011 after they made the big speech about the new pricing structure. Our support team will be in touch via email at the address you provided to review your options with you.
We’ve sent your inquiry to the customer support team and they will be in touch with you to discuss your options. You will have access to both the Mac OS and Windows versions, so if you have a Mac at home and a PC at work, for instance, you can install your applications on both. He oversees the full range of the creative products from core content creation for photography, imaging and video to interactive media to efficiently and richly target the increasing number of mobile devices and Internet-connected televisions.
By far, the most asked concern seems to be about having a constant Internet connection in order to use the Creative Suite applications.
Adobe wasn’t the first company to offer software on a subscription basis, but it was probably the first (and certainly the largest) in the design industry to do so. I have been curious about doing it because I wanted to find out more about Muse since it’s only available via CreativeCloud.
As for the service itself, I suspect that Muse and some of the other web apps are gearing up to replace Dreamweaver and Flash in the next few years—so it’s probably worth getting on board now. Basically Adobe is going to a subscription based service for all of their software excluding Adobe Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. However I decided to let the jets cool, give it some time and check out what some of the folks in the industry were saying. You now have access to everything Adobe puts out such as Photoshop, Premiere, Dreamweaver, InDesign,etc.

I think their software is brilliant and they have some incredibly talented people working for them. Even the old fashioned holding of the disc in our hand of the software we purchased is now history.
A quick run-down of the new and updated Creative Cloud apps, features and services that are available today. Your Creative Profile connects you to your work, to the assets you create with, and to the communities you care about—wherever you are. Not only do these apps break down the silos between desktop and mobile, but they’re fun and easy to use, and provide countless new ways to express your creativity. It works on iPhone and iPad and integrates with Premiere Pro CC on the desktop for professional editing and finishing. Save favorite colors, brushes, text styles, graphics, vector images, and content from Creative Cloud Market into one of your Libraries, and those creative assets will be available to you as you work across Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and our mobile apps.
Extract works right inside of Photoshop CC and Dreamweaver CC, or can be accessed in Creative Cloud Assets where your files are stored. The new Creative Talent Search from Behance connects creatives across the globe with job opportunities from top companies and major brands. And you can see it all, just as it unfolded, from center stage in the Adobe MAX 2014 Day 1 launch keynote, now available on demand. Visit the Adobe Muse Site of the Day to see some of the more engaging sites Adobe Muse users are creating.
While Adobe has released a number of great apps on Android already, the latest advances in their suite of multimedia editing tools under the Creative Cloud banner have largely been confined to iOS. After all, they pay just as much for their Creative Cloud subscriptions as iOS users and aren’t getting nearly the same level of support.
And we believe the Creative Cloud will help our customers go from idea to finished work more efficiently and with better results.
Members also get access to Muse (our new HTML5 tool for designers) and Edge Preview (our new HTML5 tool for interaction designers).
The files are accessible from anywhere, on any device and easily shared with colleagues or clients.
Members will be guaranteed to always have access to the most up-to-date products and services all included as part of their membership.
I have faithfully paid for upgrades and licenses for every version I have used on multiple computers Mac’s and PCs.
I think an InDesign update may have been released but I haven’t been notified and see no way in InDesign to check for updates. Wadhwani is also responsible for end-to-end media solutions for digital publishing and video distribution and monetization. Everything else goes to either a $20 a month for one program or $50 a month for access to all their software, including Lightroom in that. Adobe’s Tom Hogarty had some interesting things to say and Scott Kelby spent an entire hour trying to defend himself from crazy ranting photographers accusing him of coconspiring with Adobe or something to that effect. With their Creative Cloud Photoshop goes from being $199 every couple of years or so for your upgrade, to $440.
I really think they may have to do some sort of bundle or arrangement with this as the backlash has been pretty huge.
With this release, our Creative Cloud team is setting out to transform the way you work across desktops and devices. Your files, photos, colors, brushes, shapes, fonts, text styles, graphics, and assets from Creative Cloud Market will be at your fingertips because your Creative Profile moves with you. Watch the new mobile apps in action and see how they connect with the desktop apps and services through your Creative Profile—your creative identity within Creative Cloud.
A “Team” subscription will be available later for $69.99 per month and per user that will give access to more storage and allow IT management.
They also benefit from deep integration with our touch tools like Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas.
But to answer your second question, if you do not renew your subscription, the service will terminate.
Now because I bought CS5 a month to early they are not going to honor a upgrade to the new version CS6. I do like the fact that you have access to both Mac and PC versions with cloud but I just need some questions answered. Wadhwani is a member of the Fine Arts Museums’ Board of Trustees and sits on the Brown University Advisory Committee on Computing and IT. In fact, you only have to be connected once per month for the software to ping the Adobe license server in order to verify your subscription.
Also Adobe is including Lightroom with this even though it’s still allowing non-subscription purchases of it.
It works across apps and across devices, giving you access to what you need, when you need it, and in the right context.
The how-tos are viewable in your browser, on your iPad, and some are available inside your Creative Cloud desktop apps. Later this year, Creative Cloud will have its own community where members will have the opportunity to share projects, seek help and exchange tips and tricks.Additionally Creative Cloud will include access to two new  HTML5 products, Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge preview that are not included in CS6.
The new Creative Suite 6  features new versions of 13 products including Photoshop and Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Pro and more. For all users of Photoshop CS3-CS6 you can subscribe for the first year for $9.99 for just Photoshop. Acrobat and Flash Builder do not get updates, and Adobe combined its Web Suite and Design Suite in one “Design and Web Premium” ($1899) that includes Acrobat X Pro, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Pro, InDesign, Illustrator and Photshop Extended. But just the fact that with $30 (student) a month I get the whole master collection, cloud storage, services and more is awesome!

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