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According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), there are more than 22,000 promotional item distributors and 4,800 manufacturers.
Now that you’re sold on the importance of promotional items in marketing, here are some guidelines for choosing the right promotional product for your business or brand.
Almost any product under the sun can be turned into a promotional item, but make sure the item you choose is connected in some way with your brand. While it may be tempting to order 5000 pencils or plastic cups emblazoned with your logo for next to nothing, think twice before placing that order. Promotional items should have a great design and colors, but should also be unique and interesting. Along with being functional, tied to your brand, high quality and eye-catching, your promotional item needs to have maximum exposure.
About the Author: when Steven Payne isn’t reviewing in-pack promotional items, he is actively engaged in the marketing and advertising blogosphere keeping his readers up to date and informed! Creative Design Shoe Shaped Foldable Shopping Bag Factory Direct #698521603 Creative Design Shoe Shaped Foldable Shopping Bag China Suppliers, Wholesale Price Factory Direct Accept Mixed Orders of Customized Products, Custom-made Logo Imprinted. We absolutely love our bags and the price was so good that we have been able to give them away as little publicity items. Styles of Art Using Art PrintsOne board used the modern art posters set, then I used Shorewood prints for various art styles on the other boards.
A few years ago my kids were making these marvelous paintings during the last week of school. I teach high school and I have a lot of examples from past years from students that I put up to show some of the projects we will be doing. Flyer Design : A flyer is often described as best advertising tool (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution.
Earth Day is approaching (it’s April 22 every year), and you know what that means: It’s time to green up your marketing.
By participating in Earth Day, you’ll be joining with more than a billion people in 190 countries that are taking action to make the world a better place.
Get your employees, customers and the local community fired up for your company’s Earth Day contest by announcing it with promotional products.
No, we don’t mean unloading a pallet of philodendrons in the break room (though that’s not a bad idea) – we’re talking about greening up the kitchen.
Would a team of your employees enjoy reading to a class of young students (bonus points if the book is about Earth Day!) or helping them plant saplings near the playground?
Earth Day is a great time to connect with like-minded local businesses to promote green initiatives.

Inspire your customers on Earth Day by sending them a mailer with a promotional seed kit or seeded bookmark. Become a rockstar in the community by turning your business into a drop-off location for items people wish to donate or recycle. Don’t just sit on the sidelines this Earth Day – plan a promotion to get your business involved.
Millions of promotional items, also known as “swag”, are given out every year.  Promotional items first appeared in the early-18th century, when George Washington used small bronze pins to promote his re-election campaign in 1789.
If you’re a tech company, think branded card readers, USB  mug warmers or smart phone cases. To successfully market your brand, your promotional item has to be of some use to your consumer.
Choose smaller (or smaller quantity) high-quality items in lieu of larger (or larger quantity) low-quality items.  If you give away cheap or poorly-made promotional items, people may associate the quality of the items with the quality of your business – a huge negative from a branding perspective. We have seen repeat customers carrying them and some have commented that they will carry them around town! I asked the kids if any of them would be willing to leave their paintings at school over the summer so I could display them for the start of school. I also include some of my personal examples to show the art 1's that I too can do the work.
We often see this form of advertisement when we are out on the street passing through strangers carrying piles of printed papers with ads on them. Whether your business is deeply rooted in the eco-friendly movement, or this is your first year to do any kind of Earth Day promotion, we have 10 clever ways your company can get involved this Earth Day. Check out what kind of Earth Day festivities are happening in your community, and get involved in the action by handing out promotional items in the color du jour: green. You’ll get some major exposure for your business on banners, t-shirts, and registration bags, and you might be able to set up a booth on-site to promote your brand and hand out promotional products. You’ll be helping them reduce their eco-footprint (no more brown bags) and save money on lunches out, and you’re providing them with a useful gift that’s relevant not just on Earth Day, but every day.
By collaborating with another business (or two or three) on promo items for Earth Day, you’ll be maximizing your marketing budget while reaching new audiences with your marketing message. Get creative – use the mailers to announce a new product or promotion, a green initiative your company is putting into play, or include tips for living a greener lifestyle. On Earth Day, nearly everyone wants to chip in and do something for the planet, so be prepared to handle the scope of the project. Participating in Earth Day – even if you just pick one of the ideas we listed above – demonstrates that your company cares about more than just the bottom line.

Magnet clips, pizza cutters or tape measures might be the perfect fit for a real estate business. Ink pens tend to stick around in offices, and refrigerator magnets with helpful information in addition to your branding (such as a directory of local numbers associated with your industry.) If you have the budget, think about a bigger item that’s used frequently, like an umbrella or high-quality tote.
You can do something good for the planet and create some good will, all while promoting your company on the greenest day of the year. You’ll slash expenses in the long run, and staffers will have an eco-friendly way to sip their morning java. Stay true to the theme of the day by having employees in green custom t-shirts doling out the promos.
Make sure to take some leave-behinds promoting your brand – think recycled pencils or eco-friendly custom notebooks. Recruit volunteers and get employees involved in organizing recyclable goods and donations. You’re showing that your business is an active member in the world community, in tune with what’s going on, and intent on making a difference. Compared to other forms of advertising, 20 percent said they made a purchase after receiving a promotional item whereas only 4 percent said they purchased after viewing an ad online!
Eye-catching and unique promotional products are more likely to stick around and be shown off, which increases the prominence of your brand – and the likelihood other customers will see it. Fragile or glass items can break easily, and seasonal items may only be used a short amount of time.  Also stay away from extremely personal promotional items.
Make it fun – hand out a cool promo item to everyone who drops off a donation, or hold a raffle with bigger promotional prizes. Choosing a product that reflects your industry can help your customers connect with your brand. The goal of using promotional items to market your brand is so that each piece can be seen — and that won’t happen if your promotional item is tucked away in a cabinet or drawer!
I had Horses, People at Play, People at Work, Urban, Math Connections and others (total of 8 bulletin boards). And depending on the type of contest, you might score a cool new logo or piece of art for your office.
You have lots of options, too, such as handing out golf tees individually, or tucked inside an imprinted pouch or box.

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