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In the past few decades, marketing has evolved from mass marketing (product marketing) to trigger marketing to eventually transform into interactive marketing. Salesboom Campaign Management Solution brings a strategic and operational answer to the numerous challenges met by marketing departments in the creation of successful campaigns: prospect vision, marketing and business coherence, personalization of cross-channel messages, automation and piloting of the marketing and communication actions. Create, execute and track marketing campaigns quickly in real time to maximize the value of your leads and opportunities and more closed deals.
Convert marketing campaigns into money: Track not only how many new opportunities each campaign generates, but how many actual orders are placed as a result of the campaign you planned.
Better understand which marketing campaigns worked and which didn't and why they didn’t, allowing you to continuously improve your processes and enhance your lead capturing techniques. Segment customer data to deliver a true one-to-one platform for marketing your products and services which will increase your sales and your customers’ satisfaction.
Manage, track and analyze all marketing campaigns which include email, direct mail, events and multi-channel campaigns in a single application. Create target groups with purchased lists, or with lists mined from customer order, case, opportunity and transaction histories, to help you better target your audience with audience-specific promotions. Using built-in reports, analyze campaign statistics and ROI (Return of Investment), from the start of the marketing campaign to the final order transaction. Analyze conversion rates and ROI by lead source, and see how many leads were generated by each lead source in order to measure the lead source’s efficiency rate. Allow sales reps and managers to track the ROI for each campaign from a single, powerful database.
Free CRM Trial Set up and test drive a full featured Salesboom CRM edition in just minutes. The Sales Collaboration Panel is the next feature of Dynamics CRM 2015 I’ll discuss in my series. Imagine a world where your marketing team was able to tailor every engagement with a lead or client by gaining input from the sales team. A world where your sales team could conduct a quick search to identify how a lead was first engaged. Through the sales collaboration panel sellers are able to view exactly what campaigns, events, and activities marketing has planned or has executed in the past.
Sellers can search for a specific contact in the Marketing Contact list, open the sales collaboration panel and view exactly what marketing campaigns this contact is included in. Sellers can easily drill down to view the communications and activities involved in that campaign. Bombarding a client with information that is not relevant to them can be detrimental to your relationship, and can be a waste of marketing’s time and resources.
By simply selecting the check mark next to a specific activity in the Contacts Seller Portal, sellers can block their contact from being included. If, in the future, the client would like to receive communications the seller can simply unblock them using the same steps.

Probably one of the most powerful features of the Sales Collaboration Panel is the seller’s ability to view all their clients’ engagements with marketing materials. To view the Marketing Engagement panel select your contacts name in the Contacts Seller Portal. Sellers can look at past interactions and behavioral responses to all marketing communications. Not only is it important to be sure you are engaging the right customer with the right pitch, but timing is critical.
If you notice your client visited a specific product page you can now set up an alert to notify you when that client visits that page again. From the Marketing Engagement panel select a product page or landing page and select Alert Settings. For those of you who are new to Dynamics CRM, check out my CRM guidebook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization Essentials! Nicolae Tarla, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and Senior Consultant at Navantis is the author of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization Essentials. A panel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts provide reviews and opinions to aid professionals with the CRM selection process.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is now available and we’ve seen a huge influx of customers that are looking to upgrade as soon as possible because of all of the new and advanced features.
The marketing component of CRM has really been boosted and now features ways to streamline campaign creation, improve email content, offer real-time analytics and view social insights. Instead of relying on outside products to generate and send mass emails, you can now build high quality emails with graphics, images and professional layouts.
Deepen your lead management capabilities with webinar integration and improved lead scoring, including the ability to introduce multiple lead scoring models. The new Marketing Calendar will help you better visualize campaign deadlines and upcoming events. Keep your entire marketing team on track by designing approval processes and tracking the status of tasks and deadlines. Among these features, I would like to say that social media is playing vital role to find more about your business and its brand.
Business processes are defined in Salesboom Campaign Management Software what has for consequence to facilitate the organization and the execution of marketing campaigns (budget, business objectives, expenses etc.). Imagine if your sellers could go into their first meeting with a lead or even an existing client knowing exactly which whitepaper they downloaded, which marketing campaigns they’ve been exposed to or what events they’ve attended. Most customers are more than 57% through the decision making process before they engage your team.
Using the Sales Collaboration Panel sellers can now control what marketing communications their contact is receiving. Ultimately this feature allows marketing to get insight from their sales team and allows them to better target their campaigns so they see real results and customers are better served.

They can view which emails, website pages and landing pages the customer interacted with or visited. Sellers can now proactively respond when their customer is showing buying signals or interacting with marketing communications. You can reach out to the customer to answer questions or provide additional information in-real time. When you create a new alert you can enter the website page you would like to track and the alert frequency. The sales collaboration panel is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams by improving visibility and information access. In his role at Navantis, Nicolae uses his technical expertise to address all client concerns and provide optimal solution designs. Microsoft has taken the time to truly understand what your sales and marketing departments need and how CRM can help with today’s buying cycle.
Templates are built-in or you can create messages from scratch using an easy drag and drop process. Customers and prospects are turning to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like to find out more about your business and its brand. Through the sales collaboration panel, both teams can collaborate and share information on campaign details and successes. And Internal Process Automation is an important feature to keep your entire marketing on track for tracking the status of tasks and deadlines. How much more effective could your sales and marketing teams be with this information readily available? Businesses now more than ever must be paying attention to their customers and observing their behavior.
You can now identify exactly which product pages your customer is interested in all through CRM.
Nicolae’s extensive experience developed over his many years working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and his willingness to share his hands-on experience both inside and outside the office has made him an invaluable member of the Dynamics CRM community. Keeping an eye on what people are saying about you, good and bad, is vital to maintaining a positive brand identity and great customer service.
Studying the behavior can provide insight into future purchase decisions and provides opportunity for improved service. With CRM’s social listening feature you can easily analyze what people are saying and track conversations about products, brands, competitors and campaigns. With improved visibility into marketing activities sellers can be far more effective in their interactions.

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